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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: atanks: 3.5-r1 -> 4.302:32
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teK_home come that I get a unknown block (while mounting /) after adding another HDD? I'm using: image=/boot/32.8-gr label=32.8-gr root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/c19d6105-6b8f-4c26-9d31-fd231d0bde68 read-only in my lilo.conf05:42
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entewhy do you use lilo? just wondering... I replaced grub with extlinux recently and I'm happy with it07:00
pitilloente: both are provided in the official iso and documented in the handbook, just use the one which fill your needs07:02
entepitillo: I'm interested in the reasons why one prefers lilo07:04
tadzikwhy not?07:04
tadzikit's like a coin flip for me07:04
pitilloente: I don't understand the point of that question, do you mean why lilo is provided in core and not grub? or just why people uses lilo?07:07
entepitillo: the latter. you have to reinstall it every time you install another kernel, so I wonder what the advantages are07:08
pitilloente: lilo is older than grub, and it only boot up an os... if people is more confortable configuring and rerunning lilo, why must they change to grub? I think it's a good point to have alternatives, just select the best for you, the easier to setup07:10
enteI didn't say they should use grub07:11
pitilloI just use grub sometimes on desktops, and lilo on static servers.... if I upgrade the kernel, I setup again lilo and re-run it... I think that if you know what are you doing, rerunning lilo mustn't be a problem07:11
enteI'm just wondering if there are advantages lilo has. that's all07:12
enteI'm not the person who says "lilo is ooooooold, use grub" and not the person who says "grub is bloooooooat, use lilo" either07:12
pitilloreally I'm not sure about that, may be someone can give some clue about07:13
tadzikente: make install in /usr/src/linux runs lilo anyway07:13
tadzikso, as for me, it makes absolutely no difference07:18
enteneat, didn't know that07:19
tadzikalso, when running 'make install' without lilo, it complains about the lack of it :)07:20
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teK_ente: lilo needs not to be made compatible with new filesystems07:26
teK_is grub able to boot from btrfs?07:26
enteI'm not a grub user :)07:26
teK_downside: i have to run lilo each time i change  /etc/lilo.conf..07:27
teK_so it's just a matter of taste, I think. THOUGH I head grub2 can boot from .iso files which is rather cool07:27
tadziksounds like fun. I have grub2 on a debian box, and there's no single grub.conf, rather loads of silly scripts generating scripts. Grub "feature", or debian-specific crap?07:29
teK_think this is the debian way of life07:30
teK_it's just /boot/grub/menu.lst on Gentoo07:31
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tadzikwith grub2?07:31
teK_no. grub (GNU GRUB 0.97)07:32
enteI guess I just started a flamewar :)07:35
tadzikwell, I was thinking about grub207:35
teK_nobody's flaming07:35
enteright.. :\07:36
teK_tbh: I prefer lilo's syntax. That's all. But it won't fucking work with my current setup + root provided  as by-uuid07:36
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Rotwangany idea what may cause it?09:13
Rotwangnetstat gives info that nothing is listening on that pport09:27
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cobra-the-jokerHey there every one09:33
cobra-the-jokerhey tadzik09:34
cobra-the-jokertadzik , is crux good for a desktop ?09:35
tadzikwell, I'm having fun with it09:35
cobra-the-jokerso ....for what it was designed ?09:36
cobra-the-jokeractually .. i cant open the site from here... so i cant grab information from there ^_^09:36
tadzikI'd say "for using"09:38
tadzikI don't think if it's really "server-oriented" or anything09:38
tadzikask some creators though09:38
cobra-the-jokerso its a universal usage distro09:38
cobra-the-jokeri think i should try it then :D09:39
tadzikwelcome :)09:42
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teK_Rotwang: what were you trying?11:44
RotwangteK_: im playing with dimdim videoconferencing web app11:45
Rotwangcant make it work11:46
Rotwangbtw it's shocking for me that there is no good real videoconferencing solution11:46
teK_so this is a kind of a daemon your'retrying to connect to?11:46
teK_$T$H$E$R$E $A$R$E11:47
teK_.. is no webconferencing tool afaik11:47
RotwangteK_: dimdim is a web app it uses nginx11:54
Rotwangand bunch of other java, python stuff11:54
teK_sounds ugly. what's the command starting nginx?11:55
teK_have you tried increasing verbosity?11:55
teK_what about strace(1)?11:55
Rotwangfor now ive given up on dimdim, but ive found muji \o/12:22
Rotwangi have no idea how to checkout it:
Rotwang$ git clone git:// doesnt work12:32
tadzikwhat do you mean "doesn't work"?12:36
tadzikworks fine for me12:37
Rotwangive got it blocked most likely12:43
teK_Rotwang: git git://
teK_forget it.12:49
Rotwangrsync is blocked as well at my workplace14:23
Rotwangwhich sucks14:23
tadzikwhat tastes well with this rotten cheeses?14:24
sinistreI suggest changing the rotten cheese, rather than the complementaries. :>14:28
sinistreeh, "accessoaries", I guess.14:28
tadzikwell, I'd like to add something to my sandwiches14:30
sinistreI think most things would beat rotten cheese. :)14:31
sinistreEven disgusting stuff like honey14:31
tadzikrotten cheese's good :)14:32
sinistresounds *really* unhealthy..14:32
tadzikoh, or did I mean blue cheese?14:32
sinistreah. that would explain it.14:33
tadzikthat's blue cheese definitely14:33
sinistresomething like rocheford (spelling?)14:33
tadzikmeans the same as rotten in Polish14:33
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tadzikyeah, sth like this14:33
tadziknot available14:33
sinistrepears and gingerbread is what usually goes here. :p14:34
sinistre(not necessarily at the same time)14:35
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