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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: nfs-utils: update to 1.2.203:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.4403:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission: update to 1.9003:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission-gtk: update to 1.9003:23
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bdfyIs there anybody upgraded to CRUX 2.6?05:53
bdfyI don't understand: bsd tar is neded
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teK_bdfy: I remembere having a similar/same problem. What were you trying to do?07:16
bdfypkgmk using bsdtar07:20
bdfyi type bsdtar07:20
bdfyAnd I having to, but I foggoteh07:21
bdfyI forgotten07:21
teK_bsdtar needs liblzma which is not present07:23
bdfythereisno liblzma.la07:27
teK_I don't know what the official position on this issue is but I'd grav build it, copy to /usr/lib and then rebuild xzutils from ports07:30
bdfyI shot this problem by anoter way, last time, but I am forgotten07:31
bdfyI've rebuild /usr/ports/core/libarchive07:43
bdfynow It's ok07:43
teK_I'd be surprised if there's no statement in the upgrade notes07:45
jueteK_: upgrade via ports isn't a supported way, you will run into other problems07:51
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teK_oh. of course :)07:52
juelike missing usb-compat or new dep libdevmapper for lilo07:52
juebut looking what setup-helper is doing helps a lot ;)07:55
teK_standing on the shoulders of titans :>07:55
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Rotwangwhats with new kde in crux?09:27
Rotwangalancio released new ports?09:27
thrice`yep, kde4.git09:27
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tadzikhow nice09:33
thrice`dont' give in to t3h shininess :)09:41
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thrice`rehabdoll, I see new 64-bit iso possibly?  maybe a 's/grub/grub2' would be nice :>12:39
Zabaugh, grub212:39
Zabajust use linux to boot linux, while you're at it.12:39
thrice`try grub1 on 64-bit :>12:40
Zabausing it all the time.  Why?12:40
thrice`on 64-bit you are?12:40
Zabanot on my crux box, though12:41
thrice`it doesn't build on 64-bit12:41
Zabamy crux box is 32bit and uses extlinux12:41
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Zabathrice`, I use grub1 on my 64bit box, which isn't running crux, yes12:43
Zababut I'm pondering using, say, extlinux instead, when grub2 strikes with its full force.12:44
ZabaI don't need two OSes installed.12:44
Rotwangit is pretty much empty12:45
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RotwangI mean whole tree not just readme [;12:45
Rotwangor not12:46
Rotwangjust forget my two previous lines [;12:46
thrice`ok [;12:46
* Rotwang installs12:48
Rotwang<3 kwin12:48
Rotwangare gnome ports up to date?12:51
tadzikare you just installing every DE possible? (:12:55
ZabaI did brief testing of kde 4 in a VM, it seemed very overloaded with stuff, at least by default.12:57
sinistreanything to jog that gcc, it's starting to look fat. :p12:57
ZabaI'm generally not a fan of DEs, so my opinion's biased, but nevertheless.12:58
* sinistre waits for the kde people to get everything together. (Koffice2, various applications starting to make full use of akonadi/nepomuk etc.)13:00
tadzikRotwang: mind poking me if you succeed to compile this whole kde4?13:01
Rotwangive compiled kde4 from svn a few times13:01
tadzikjust installed it on my debian, it's cute really13:01
tadzikmight not be as useful as awesome, yet it looks cute :)13:02
sinistrekrunner ftw. :p13:02
tadzikthere was this launchy, or how is it called13:03
tadzikthis eye-candy dmenu :>13:03
sinistre"krunner", it can do a lot of tricks.13:03
ZabaI tried kubuntu 9.10 and ubuntu 9.10 in VMs a while back, to compare kde and gnome13:03
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Zabaas I mentioned above, I'm not really a fan of DEs, so my opinion is indeed biased, but at least it's equally biased for both :>13:03
Zabathe default look of gnome was much more appealing to me, while kde seemed to have too much stuff, they couldn't resist from putting an abstract vector image in background of about everything13:04
Zabakde3 -> kde4 was a pretty major change, as I've heard, that must've made it look as if they've been taking steps back in usability.13:05
sinistremy biggest gripe so far, is that they have a tendency to move stuff around. Other than that, I'm pretty happy. At least it lets me do stuff, rather than refusing with the motivation that I might "get confused". :>13:06
Zabaone of my criterias was 'how hard is it to make the box shut down in the most obvious way' and gnome seemed to win13:06
ZabaI counted mouse clicks and mouse movement in general, because the keyboard way, whatever it might've been, is not 'obvious' ;>13:07
sinistrehah, shutting down is three clicks. ("Menu/shutdown/Are you sure") A real brainer.13:08
Zabathe setup in kubuntu 9.10 had some tabs in the kde menu and you had to switch to an appropriate one first13:08
sinistrenot a click, and it looks like a fricking "power off" button13:09
Zabait's a click unless you configure it to switch them by mouse over13:09
sinistreit is a mouse over. :>13:10
Zabaand anyway, still, the question is, "why"13:10
Zabawhy separate tabs and such13:10
sinistrewhy not. it's a heck of a lot better than the mess you get when you try to find "other applications" in gnome..13:11
sinistrea screen with 50 icons on it is not a good idea.13:12
Zabamy personal opinion on this matter is, "why a damned GUI at all, when I want to shut down I type shutdown -h now and that expresses my intent better than a thousand mouse clicks"13:12
Zababut since we're comparing DEs... :>13:12
* tadzik has just discovered expose in kde413:13
sinistrecongrats tadzik13:13
Zabasinistre, I only need to discover once.  No need to try to make things "easy" for me for subsequent times.13:13
Zabaanyway, I got to sleep13:13
sinistrewell nighty then.13:13
tadziksinistre: are you using kde4?13:14
tadzikhow do I configure keybindings for workspace switching?13:15
tadzikcan't find it anywhere13:15
sinistretadzik: the easiest way is if you go via the pager13:16
sinistreright click on it, and pick "configure virtual desktops"13:17
tadzikah, there it is13:17
tadzikthere are two "configure" in here13:17
tadzikdarn, I still don't have it13:18
tadzikConfigure Desktops…13:18
tadzikand there I have only number and names o'them13:18
sinistrethere's a tab called "switching"...13:18
tadzikno there isn't. Pager, on the panel?13:18
sinistremaybe they've moved it.. what version are you using?13:19
sinistreah, that might be it, I'm on 4.4, and they have moved some stuff around, very annoying.13:20
sinistretadzik: found it?13:23
sinistretadzik: you could use the configure desktop thingy, and search for "multiple desktops".13:23
tadzikplaying world of goo13:23
tadzikmaybe I'll look at it later13:24
sinistreI found the screen you're looking for under "desktop"/"Multiple desktops"13:24
tadzikI'll take a look in a sec13:25
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pazoso this gnome porting made me want to die but now I think I have a good strategy for automating this gnome stuff13:52
teK_< pazo> so this gnome porting made me want to die <- epic ;-)13:53
teK_so we'll see an up to date gnome port in the future? :)13:53
jaegermaro and I were just talking about gnome recently but I haven't had any time to work on it in a long while... maybe you've had better luck13:54
pazonot sure but I think this would make it a lot easier13:54
siphint: try openbox :-P13:55
thrice`+1 ;)13:55
teK_sip: be polite! (using fluxbox myself) :>13:55
sinistredon't look down on fvwm :D13:56
sipsome guy swears by xterm13:56
teK_I see.. I chose the right distro.13:56
joacimI use xterm :/13:56
teK_sip: maximized xterm i.e. framebuffer?13:56
pazojaeger: I noticed that gnome jhbuild always is up-to-date: They are using .modules files for each release13:56
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sinistregot plain old console on the lappy. :>13:56
pazoWe could write a script to parse the XML and make ports that way13:57
sipteK_:  I was cheating, I'm on osx atm :-S14:05
jaegerpazo: it's always up-to-date but I've not been able to build gnome with jhbuild on crux in a long time14:07
teK_sip: shame on you14:08
sinistresome transition; from the CDE lookalike to osx. :P14:08
siphehe. On a slightly unrelated note, I kind of miss the xfce 3.x days -
sinistreI was refering to that image. ;)14:10
sinistre<- treach, btw. Long time no see.14:10
sipoh, hello there.14:11
rehabdolllmao, now i understand why dcron was so fucked up14:31
rehabdollim running two instances of the fucker :D14:31
rehabdollim such a retard sometimes14:32
tadzikoh, by the way. Any idea why acpid runs properly only after restarting?14:32
tadzikI have it in rc.conf, though events run as they should only after /etc/rc.d/acpid restart14:33
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rehabdollacpid doesnt always play nice with other apps14:36
rehabdolltry changing the start-order14:36
tadzikhmm, it's the last one now14:36
thrice`if you use hal, I think it should start before hal14:36
tadzikno hal14:37
rehabdolli start acpid after hal14:37
tadzikSERVICES=(lo iptables homenet alsa dnsmasq acpid)14:37
thrice`I think acpid v2 players nicer in that sense14:37
thrice`oh, hm14:37
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rehabdollbut im using some patched version iirc14:37
thrice`yeah, we (read, teK_ ? :) ) should convert14:37
thrice`rehabdoll,  ?14:38
rehabdollyeah, thats the one14:38
teK_hu what14:38
thrice`oh, not teK_, sorry14:39
tadzikyay, updates!14:39
pazojaeger: Thank you.14:41
pazoFor destroying my dreams.14:43
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jaegerwell, that was a bit harsh14:56
teK_< pazo> so this gnome porting made me want to die but now I think I have a good strategy for automating this gnome stuff  <- very clear14:57
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tilmansinistre: hej hej :]15:15
sinistrehej själv. :)15:21
tilmani'm in the restaurant15:23
tilmanwaitress serves (beer/food)15:23
tilmani say "tack"15:23
tilmanshe says "tack"15:23
rehabdollits a swedish disease15:23
sinistreI think you could translate that as "thank you for being a customer"15:23
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sinistrerehabdoll: I guess we're not that that different fromt the japanese. :P15:24
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sinistretilman: btw, is there some sort of documentation on this new fancy nyxmms stuff?15:26
sinistre(I did look at the help, but it's a bit.. short)15:28
tilmansinistre: there's a man page, and there's --help15:28
tilman(22:28) <     nano-> tilman:
tilmannano says "you should improve that as you learn" :D15:29
sinistreok, thanks for the link, it's a bit more comprehensive than the help15:29
tadzikuh oh15:35
tadzikdoes this xmms2 compile for you?15:35
sinistreno idea, I can't use crux atm, since my  laptop hangs if it gets too hot.15:36
sinistreie, compiles any decently sized packages etc.15:36
tilmantadzik: it sure compiles for me :]15:37
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tadzikhmm, trying with -j115:37
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tadzikstill crap15:38
tadzikwith ruby15:38
tadzikdo you have ruby installed?15:38
tilmancan you be any less specific?15:39
tadzikinstalled when I removed ruby15:40
tilmanwhat versino of ruby?15:46
tilmanwhat versino of ruby?15:46
* tilman updates15:47
thrice`ruby 1.9 needs a patch15:47
thrice`mm, sorry, xmms2 needs a patch for ruby 1.915:48
sinistrehaha, emergency patch for ruby to assure xmms2 compatibility. :P15:48
tadzikany nice xmms2 clients in our ports?15:54
tadziklxmusic, ok15:54
tilmanwere you trying to build contrib/xmms2?15:56
sinistreparty like in 1995. :D15:56
tilmanor the recently released DrNo?15:56
tilmanRotwang: new xmms2 release ;-)15:56
Rotwangnice [:15:56
tilman(DrNo builds for me with ruby 1.9.1-p378-1)15:57
thrice`no, 0.6 iirc15:58
tadziktilman: contrib, yeah15:59
thrice`I only see 0.6 still o_O16:00
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teK_Rotwang: there's a new pidgin release fixing some security flaw16:54
Rotwangi know16:59
Rotwangdidnt have time to update16:59
Rotwangprobably tommorow16:59
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rehabdollghostscript 8.71 is one stubborn package17:06
jseGnome strikes again <3 haha17:08
jseIt's clearly done its job when someone attempting to package it is ready to assume the fetal position and shrivel into eternity.17:09
teK_fetal position17:09
teK_scrubs rocks! :D17:09
teK_rehabdoll: x64?17:09
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entetzzz acrux.. that's acdtrux!18:16
ente       7z [adeltux] [-] [SWITCH] <ARCHIVE_NAME> <ARGUMENTS>...18:16
enteI like the adeltux part :)18:16
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