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pitillogood morning01:14
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pazogood morning03:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sylpheed: update to 3.0.012:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission: update to 1.9112:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission-gtk: update to 1.9112:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.17.112:06
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tilmanrehabdoll: are you happy with your sheevaplug? considering buying a guruplug :D13:02
rehabdollsure.. still havent done anything exciting with it though13:03
rehabdollthe plus edition looks really nice13:04
rehabdollfuck. i want one13:04
tilmanthere's an offer of the plus edition + SDK (ie JTAG borad) for 130 euros13:04
jaegerwhat would you use it for? those do look really cool13:05
tilmanby a german reseller13:05
jaegerwould be funny to use one as a production DNS server or something like that :P13:05
tilmanjaeger: i'd like to host a mailserver on it13:05
jaegernice :)13:05
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rehabdolltilman: seems to be cheaper from globalscale.. but the shipping for my sheevaplug was pretty expensive13:09
rehabdollsame offer for $12913:10
pitillonice toy13:10
tilmanrehabdoll: oh13:10
tilmanmight make a group order13:11
rehabdolliirc, the shipping was $50 or something13:11
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rehabdolloo, 2.6.33 out13:34
tadzikwas checking like half an our ago13:34
tadzikThe latest mainline 2.6 version of the Linux kernel is:       2.6.3313:34
teK_was installing like 4 hours ago13:34
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rehabdollseems it included a fix for a  nasty hd4770 rendering bug13:37
tadzikI wonder when the new BFS will be released13:39
jaegerrehabdoll: modern art desktop!13:39
tilmantadzik: you mean btrfs? will be a while :]13:39
Rotwangrehabdoll: nice conky13:41
tadziktilman: nope, BFS, Brain Fuck Scheduler13:41
rehabdollheh, i doubt that will ever be merged :)13:42
rehabdollAre you looking at getting this into mainline?13:43
tadzikprobably it won't be, that's why I'm waiting for a patch for 2.6.33 :)13:43
tadzikthe old one applies, but does not compile13:43
teK_this is why parallel development is bad (grsecurity, openvz come to mind, too)13:44
teK_but grsec is fairly quick regarding updates13:44
* Rotwang is dissapoint13:45
RotwangI've thought "Brain Fuck Scheduler" to be implemented in brainfuck language [;13:45
tadzikoh, there is one for rc813:45
tadzikrc8 was the last rc, wasn't it?13:45
jaegerrehabdoll: is cups-pdf decent?13:46
rehabdollit worked well when i used it. but since firefox started to allow printing to pdf i have no real need for it today13:47
jaegerah, ok13:48
jaegersometimes I'm not happy with the pdf firefox makes but that might be the printable view of the page, not firefox's fault13:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xlockmore: 5.29.1 -> 5.3014:05
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tadzikdamn this 2.6.3315:30
tadzikkms works in like 50% of the cases15:31
teK_which chipset/card?15:31
tadziksome intel stuff, hmm15:33
tadzikx4500 I think15:34
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