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pitillogood morning01:12
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nipuLso .fi, how does it feel to be losing to .au in the winter olympic medal count ;P03:01
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kmandlaGreetings all.03:07
kmandlaSo should I take it personal if gcc 4.3.3 won't compile for me?03:08
kmandlaOops, I mean 4.4.303:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: maildrop: update to 2.4.211:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: samba: update to 3.4.611:00
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tilmanrehabdoll: i t hink the guruplug isn't a marvell product, but a globalscaletech product. mmmh.13:29
* sinistre starts saving up13:32
sinistreTwo ethernet plugs, I'm sold. :p13:33
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rehabdollwell, its all marvell hardware, same as the sheevaplug13:35
rehabdollbtw, i ordered one earlier13:35
rehabdolland i blame you13:36
rehabdoll$53 in shipping asdf13:36
jaegerI kinda want to get one as well13:36
pitillorehabdoll: the plus version someone told yesterday?13:37
tilmanhold on13:37
pitilloI hope you can comment out about that toy, here saving too...13:37
tilmanshipping costs from germany are probably a lot cheaper than from the US13:41
sinistreheh, works like a charm..13:42
sinistre"The table 'ex__search_product' is full"13:42
tilmanit worked earlier today13:43
tilmantry again tomorrow :p13:43
sinistremh. I'll bookmark it until then. :>13:44
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