IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2010-02-27

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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pidgin: version update04:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xmms2: updated to DrNo04:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: filezilla: version update04:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gnome-mplayer: version update04:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libev: update04:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xmms2: removed redundand comment05:05
tilmanrehabdoll: what kind of system are you running on your sheeva? crux-arm? debian?05:09
Rotwangim not sure if there is puppy for arm though05:10
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rehabdollsepen and pitillos arm-port wasnt binary compatible07:10
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-dri2proto: updated to 2.3.07:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-server: updated to
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thrice`or, afternoon I guess :)08:30
tadzikhm. Has anyone tried using -Os instead of e.g. -O2 in CFLAGS?08:30
thrice`nope, not me08:32
thrice`the benefit hasn't seemed worth it to me08:35
thrice`only based on "it breaks stuff" though, not from experience :)08:35
tadzikwell, I can almost hear my laptop crying in pain when it's loading this 15 MB of webkit…08:36
tilmanit will probably also cry in pain when loading a 14 MB webkit file08:36
tadzikmaybe :)08:37
Rotwangi use -Os08:42
Rotwangit breaks only glib08:43
Rotwangnot glib08:43
tadzikuzbl comes from 228 kbytes to 21208:44
jsetadzik: I've used it some years ago with crux, never noticed anything broken or failing to compile.08:44
jse-Os that is. :p08:44
Rotwang-Os is crazy08:44
Rotwangits the best of _O's out there08:44
tadzikwhat makes you say so?08:44
tilmanalcoholl, surely08:45
RotwangI paid my school recently, no money for alcohol for me :C08:45
pitillorehabdoll: hey, what does binary compatible mean?08:48
Zabait means, well, the stuff in the library are the way the program that uses the library expects09:08
tilmanZaba: i think he's specifically referring to "crux-arm isn't binary compatible with the sheeva sw"09:10
thrice`did you get one tilman ?09:11
tilmanthrice`: no, but i'll get a guruplug09:12
tilman(sheevaplug successor of sorts)09:12
tilmanor maybe just an extended sheeva09:12
tilmantwo ethernet ports, bluetooth, wifi, esata09:12
tilman<3 <3 <309:12
pitilloand with a jtag for free if it's soon I think09:13
thrice`wow, nice09:13
pitilloI haven't got hte point of binary compatible09:13
tilman130 euros09:13
pitilloif it's running binary packeges under sheeva, or building packages for that chipset09:14
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thrice`[ -z "$(DESTDIR)" ] && which mandb 1>/dev/null 2>&1 && mandb -q09:45
thrice`&& mandb should be an if/then, maybe?09:46
thrice`[ -z "/usr/ports/mine/acpid/work/pkg" ] && which mandb 1>/dev/null 2>&1 && mandb -q09:56
thrice`hurray ;)09:56
Zabayou can use { ...; } to group commands, too09:57
thrice`that's from a Makefile, which doesn't check for mandb properly; it tries to run it regardless here09:57
thrice`   line 6009:58
thrice`seems like running things like mandb should be up to the package manager anyway10:08
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thrice`Rotwang, plz2remove gconf from pidgin/.footprint :>10:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pidgin: remove gconf11:47
Rotwangthrice`: thx, didnt notice11:47
thrice`;] ty11:47
Rotwangwhich one is correct:11:59
Rotwangplaylist or playlist's11:59
Rotwangwhen i want to write plural of "playlist"11:59
jaeger*never* use an apostrophe to make a word plural in english12:00
jaegernot even acronyms12:00
Rotwangok, will remember that [;12:00
thrice`[alot of english speaker's do this]12:01
tilmanjaeger: how do you call the grammatical form/thingie when it's correct to use an apostrophe?12:01
jaegertilman: possessives or contractions, mostly12:01
tilmanthrice`: it's getting popular in germany, too. we call it idiot's apostrophe :D12:01
jaegerlike "tilman's nachos, BACK OFF"12:01
tilmanjaeger: cool, i would have guessed possessive :D12:01
jaegeror it's (it is)12:01
jaeger"its" is a weird one12:02
jseIdiot's apostrophe hah.12:06
thrice`   wonder if we could do ours like this :>12:07
jsejaeger: yeah, "its" is another fine example of the grammatical jungle in English.12:08
jaegerjse: I sense sarcasm :)12:09
jaegerEnglish makes my ass twitch12:09
jaegerjue and I had a longish discussion about it at cruxcon 2004, I don't think he was expecting so much of a rant from me, hehe12:10
Rotwangwhat about cruxcon 2010? We should hurry up before 2012!12:11
tilmancruxcon at rotwang's place!12:12
thrice`sure, but i'm taking a taxi.  I don't trust suicide mobile to pick me up12:12
tilmanus -> poland doesn't seem like taxi-distance :p12:13
thrice`hm, true :)12:14
teK_Munich for the win :P12:17
tilmanmunich works for me :]12:18
RotwangI thing time when octoberfest will be held is the best time for cruxcon too12:21
teK_% xfburn (...) zsh: segmentation fault  xfburn :\12:30
thrice`"recorder" is a good one :)12:30
teK_recorder depends on cdrecord12:46
teK_there's no cdrecord or wodim12:46
thrice`I think opt/cdrkit will work12:47
teK_i only grepped for cdrecord12:47
teK_thanks ;)12:47
jaegerwodim is in cdrkit12:47
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thrice`tilman,   :>13:31
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tilmanthrice`: i cannot access that page.13:42
thrice`oh?  hmph13:43
tilmanah, cool13:45
tilmanthrice`: want to patch /usr/bin/pkgmk...?13:45
thrice`yes, sec13:45
thrice`shall I open a bug?13:46
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thrice`oops, there we go13:52
thrice`at least for consideration.  maybe others don't want it13:53
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gomaaz_hi there guys14:10
gomaaz_just successful installed crux but my G5 ppc won't boot.14:10
gomaaz_system folder ICON appears on boot....any suggests about that? :/14:11
Rotwangnot successfuly at all ;>14:11
gomaaz_yeah ^^14:11
Rotwanggomaaz_: have you tried crux-ppc forums?14:11
gomaaz_i've looked through it yeah14:11
gomaaz_it's not an distribution prbolem because Ive tried it with debian and yelowdog with the same prob14:12
gomaaz_it's a yaboot thing I guess but I'm not that familar with openfirmware or yaboot :/ need a bit assistance in that14:13
gomaaz_it is also not an HDD prob so I've tested around 3 Harddrives14:14
Rotwangsorry I can't help you, I guess acrux is most knowlegable in ppc area in here14:14
Rotwangbut he is not present atm14:14
gomaaz_ok. I  just stay here and gonna look through different is a know prob...but there are no answers :/14:15
gomaaz_I'll let you know when im successful as a topic in oyur forum14:15
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gomaaz_what was the url of the forums again plz14:39
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kmandlaHello everybody.17:21
* sinistre waves17:29
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