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gomaazhi there06:38
gomaazsomebody here with ppc linux knowledgement? :/06:38
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gomaazjust can't get it to boot. yaboot won't startup...I get a blinking system tray icon06:40
gomaaz<- g506:40
sinistregomaaz: sorry, we're short on ppc people here, in general they seem to have their own place where they hang out.06:43
mike_kgomaaz: acrux is usually here. try asking him directly (here or sending an E-mail).06:43
gomaazokey thx06:44
mike_kand if it's not crux-related - try general ppc linux resources first.06:44
sinistreI wish they would rename their dist. :/06:44
gomaazit isn't.06:45
mike_ksinistre: o_O?06:45
sinistremike_k: we get quite a bit of people roaming in here, and there usually is little we can do for them.06:46
mike_kgomaaz: boot related? maybe search for "your_hardware + boot + linux"06:46
gomaazthat's what I did. i could swear it is boot i also tested a bunch of other HDs06:46
gomaazit's known prob but no answers to it....yaboot is a bit unknown terrain for me as linux interested guy06:47
gomaazso debian got a advanced good setup on their cd for partitioning drives06:48
gomaazbut it yikes out an error if i try to install yaboot on the boottrap Oo06:48
gomaazriddles and questions...06:48
gomaazso yaboot worked as I have installed fedora...but ended in a blinking system tray I guess it is config related prob06:49
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mike_kmaybe some "protect boot sector" option in BIOS/Firmware/Whatever06:57
tadzikthere was a discussion yesterday abous -Os. My tests:
tadzikwebkit result is even more stupid that somebody expected :>06:58
tadzikbut I suppose that it was compiled with -O2 using gcc 4.4.2, and 4.4.3 today, with -Os, so I guess it just unsets CFLAGS06:59
mike_ktadzik: do you want to kind of 'embed' CRUX?07:00
tadzikmike_k: no, I just want to increase my hdd lifetime07:00
mike_kby decreasing ELF size, right?07:01
tadzikor libraries' size07:01
tadzikit's like 20% hdd milling less07:01
mike_kthey are kind of ELF too07:02
tadzikmaybe. I must say I don't know07:02
mike_kwhy not adding little more RAM?07:02
tadzikI don't need on ram, I want to reduce disk work07:03
tadzik2 GB's are quite too much for me, I'm not exceeding 512 anyway07:03
mike_kthat 'unused' RAM would contain cached filesystem objects (and those executables and libs too).07:04
tadzikwell, the lack of space is not a problem at all, I just want to reduce hdd milling07:05
tadzikI know using -Os may sound funny on 320 GB hdd :)07:05
mike_kI see. But my point is: hdd will read most files only once (and kernel would keep ema in RAM). You can probably tune it a bit to reserve most part of RAM to that cache.07:08
tadzikprobably. Still, it has to load this one first time, this is when hdd works 20% shorter07:09
mike_kOK. I doubt it is that noticable.07:10
tadzikprobably it isn't :)07:10
mike_kand more ram will prevent swapping and other useless hdd work07:11
tadzikAs I said, I'm not in short of ram. So I think the only thing that will change would be the startup time, yet, as you said, it probably won't be noticable anyway07:11
tilmanget an SSD instead07:13
mike_kI just think that most files HDD is accessing are not executables and libraries. programs tend to work with some 'data'.07:13
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DaViruzanyone has any pointers on how to merge crux with the ultimate boot cd (or ultimate boot usb drive in this case)?09:49
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tadzikgod damnit!11:38
tadzikFlightgear 2.0 is available, and I have just started my studies…11:38
Zabatadzik, it is? Its site acts as if it's overtasked.12:18
tadzikwell, I was looking at the screenshots like half an hour ago12:19
tadzikeh, this is awkward. Everything everywhere is stored as a binary, yet if you want to convert decimal to binary you need an algorithm for that12:22
Zabawell, if you want to convert a string of decimal digits to binary, yes..12:22
Zabaotherwise, decimal is presentation and not storage12:23
tadzikwell, I need to convert and integer. And in lua, so no bit operations available12:25
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tadzikyay, binary clock in awesome16:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: t1lib: 5.1.0 -> 5.1.217:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lesstif: 0.95.0 -> 0.95.217:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xpdf: port taken from aon17:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lsof: port taken from aon17:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: win32-essential-codecs: taken from aon17:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cmus: fix ffmpeg/libmp4 compilation issues17:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: 2009-12-26 -> 2010-02-2818:57
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