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pitillogood morning01:10
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Rotwangwhat these pins in laptop sata driva are for?08:53
Rotwangon the right side of the left drive08:53
pitilloRotwang: sata mode?08:54
Rotwangsata mode?08:55
pitillosata transfer rates associated with sata modes if I'm not in wrong08:56
pitilloen ese parxe?08:57
Rotwangso when therei see08:59
Rotwangi see 808:59
RotwangI see*08:59
pitilloisn't there any kind of specification in your hardisk label?09:00
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pitilloRotwang: check the model and the manufacturer website to see if you can find specifications of your HD there09:08
pitillothat's the only what I can think09:08
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jaegerthrill as puppies poop live on camera!16:25
rehabdolli think hes eating it again16:26
rehabdollffs, stupid dog16:26
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RyoSso mein werter herr17:33
RyoSwrong window ignore it17:33
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rehabdollmm, building crux on arm18:03
sinistreDivine intervention needed, or just some gurumeditation involved? :p18:04
rehabdollnah, just some divine patience :)18:10
sinistrecross compiling would probably be worth looking into.18:11
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rehabdollprobably, but that would take too much work18:14
rehabdollill just let it run18:14
sinistrehope nothing catches fire then. ;)18:14
rehabdolli get to watch the puppycam while i wait :)18:19
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marojaeger: new mplayer codecs at
rehabdollmaro: tek is the maintainer20:02
teK_butbut we only include the essentials20:07
rehabdollits gone20:07
teK_will look into it tomorror20:09
teK_it's 3pm here20:09
rehabdollya, just noticed that too20:10
teK_no uni for me until Apr 14th20:10
maroit's still there for me20:21
maroIIRC mplayer has some load balancing on their site20:21
marotry refreshing20:21
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