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pitillohello good morning01:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dialog: fixed md5sum03:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fcron: update to 3.0.504:04
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: mlocate: update to 0.22.304:04
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Gomaazhi acrux10:47
Gomaazcould you help me for a moment (I've heard you are a PPC user)10:47
acruxhi Gomaaz10:49
acruxthere is a forum too, maybe it's better than irc to help you10:50
Gomaazcrux forum?10:51
acruxrelated to cruxppc10:51
Gomaazyeah I just started several topics about this prob. So i can't get any linux distribution to run10:52
acruxtopics, where?10:53
acruxbut are u already a crux user?10:53
Gomaazsry it's a german ubuntuboard ;)10:53
acruxdamn, ubunter :)10:53
Gomaazno I don't ^^10:53
acruxfiuuu ;)10:54
acruxthus your problem isn't related to crux, but generally to ppc hw ?10:55
acruxyour machine?10:55
Gomaazthe thing is, distributiions just won't boot....debian seems to have a good live cd with partition-tools and I also can run a shell on my root partition which is useful to edit yabootconf...but it seems that yaboot can't find a hdd10:55
Gomaazpowerpc7,3 2,5 Ghz10:55
acruxpowermac g510:55
Gomaazyes sry10:55
acruxhave you tried cruxppc 2.6 ?10:56
GomaazI have the cd in my hand....but isn't it a non graphical installer?10:57
acruxit's a crux. no graphical installer aboard10:58
acruxthen it's a yaboot.conf related problem.10:58
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acruxthen it's a yaboot.conf related problem.10:58
Gomaaz_yes is seems so..10:59
Gomaaz_its in german but scroll down to the 3. post11:00
Gomaaz_there is my yaboot.conf11:00
Gomaaz_my partition setting is in the first11:00
acruxGomaaz_: let's go on #crux-ppc11:00
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tadziktilman: ltrace has is homepage, Also, does it build for you?12:17
tadziklooks like the new version is 0.5.312:17
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tilmantadzik: "patch or it isn't true" :D13:14
tadzik:) loads of patches :)13:14
tilmani meant13:14
tilmansend me a patch for the ltrace port13:14
tilmannp: dark tranquillity - her silent language13:15
tilman<3 <3 <#13:15
tadzikcan be done methinks13:23
tadzikoh, elfutils needs update too13:26
tadziktilman: elfutils13:28
tadziktilman: ltrac13:30
tadzikworks like a charm13:30
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teK_hey Rotwang1 any plans for an openoffice update? :)14:06
Rotwang1openoffice you say, hmmmm14:10
Rotwang1today is drinking day, so not today14:11
Rotwang1but tomorrow14:11
Rotwang1tommorow is fine, ill look into this14:11
teK_haha :p14:24
sinistrehopefully that's a binary update, otherwise drunkness would kind of be a requirement, no? :p14:25
sinistreor maybe a consequence. ;>14:26
Rotwang1bye [;14:29
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teK_the upgrade is easy15:28
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jaegerheh... for some reason "wget -O - | tar jxvf -" amuses me greatly19:25
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rehabdolldid you know j,z et al. is redundant?20:47
rehabdollyou only need to pass something like tar xvf <file>.tar.{bz2,gz,xz} etc20:48
rehabdollfound that out the other day :)20:48
jaegerI assume that only works for things it knows already, otherwise you need --use-compress-prog?20:49
rehabdollyeah, probably20:49
DaViruzyou want to save on j/z but still use v? ;)21:07
jaegerI was just amused by unpacking directly from the website21:09
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sinistrev is only redundant if you're not sure something will happen. :>21:10
sinistreit's a serious drag in some cases though.21:10
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jaegerI think it might be time to play some God of War 221:22
sinistreI think it migth be time to go to sleep.. In fact, it might have been a long time ago. It's approaching time to wake up again. :D21:24
sinistrenight, gentlemen. :>21:24
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