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tilmanDaViruz: are they hardlinked?00:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: enscript: update to
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fanqplease help, I'm getting the following error when trying to boot crux 2.6: cannot open root device "hda2" or unknown-block(0,0)05:32
fanqplease append a correct "root=" boot option;05:32
Rotwangfanq: grub or lilo?05:32
Rotwangis your fs compiled not as a module into kernel?05:32
fanqi checked that05:32
Rotwangyour drive will probably be detected as sda205:33
fanqso i should try choosing sda instead of hda ?05:33
fanqok, so now my grub.conf looks like this :05:36
fanqtitle CRUX05:36
fanqkernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda205:36
fanqyou are saying i should change root to root=/dev/sda2 ?05:37
fanqI'm getting the same error05:38
fanqnow it says cannot open root device "sda2"05:38
Rotwangis your hard drive controller compiled into the kernel?05:40
fanqwhere's the kernel .config file ?05:41
fanqwell... i choose * instead of M05:41
fanqhard drive controller im not sure..05:41
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fanqshould i try lilo ?05:53
dru1dYou must install all components needed to start system into kernel.05:56
dru1dFile system, disk controllers.05:56
dru1dCheck what sort of disk You have, (sata etc), and what You file system provide.05:57
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dru1dThen select * (build in) option in kernel config.05:57
eintopfis that an ext4 filesystem?05:58
fanqshould i compile kernel automounter ?05:58
eintopfon your root partition?05:58
fanqit's ext305:58
fanqit's compiled into the kernel05:58
fanqit's not M05:58
dru1dWhat about disk type?06:00
fanqi have some things set to M at ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support06:02
fanqgeneric ATA/ATAPI disk support is set to M06:02
fanqand some others06:02
dru1dYou must compile into kernel you disk support.06:03
fanqI see...06:03
fanqI'll try that later because I need to go now . Thanks for the help :) I'll let you know if it worked.06:05
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Rotwangtadzik: port from cruxpl repo just killed my pc :<06:22
Rotwangmy precious uptime!! :C06:22
tadzikuh-oh. What port?06:23
Rotwangit packs two god damn shell scripts!06:23
Rotwangall they do is execute themselves recursively06:24
Rotwangit is almost like a forkbomb [;06:24
Rotwangwere you trying to spread first virus among crux users? ;>06:25
tadzikey, it's not my port06:26
Rotwangi know its not yours06:27
Rotwangbut youve got access to this repo so i thought you could remove that port06:27
tadzikwhere are those 2 scripts?06:29
tadzikah, this sh $PKG/usr/bin $PKG/usr/lib/$name $PKG/usr/man $PKG/06:30
Rotwangtadzik: just build this port and see for yourself06:30
tadzikI'm scared06:31
Rotwangit installs 7z and 7za to usr/bin06:32
Rotwang7z is a shell script that executes 7za06:32
Rotwangand 7za is a shellscript that executes 7za [;06:32
tadzikalright, I'll get it outta here06:33
tadzikat least it's on git06:37
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mrksjaeger: you talked about crux on pcengines wrap some time ago.. did you succeed?07:02
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DaViruztilman: nope, dynamically linked08:12
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tilmanDaViruz: i meant, maybe smbfoo is a hrdlink to smbbar09:30
tilmanDaViruz: so that there's ust one huge binary instead of several09:30
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jaegermrks: I was able to get it installed and booting, just haven't fine-tuned any of it yet, things like logging to tmpfs, etc.09:47
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DaViruztilman: oh, you mean the files are hardlinked (ie there is only one file)? i'm afraid not09:51
DaViruzsize differs between 4.6 and 4.8MB and they all have different md5sums09:52
tilmanoh, okay09:52
mrksjaeger: cool, I have a wrap too. do you have any images to play with or documents how you set this up?09:56
mrksyou had to cross compile all packages right?09:56
jaegerNot yet, it's been put on the back burner as I've had a ton of other stuff to do lately09:56
jaegerSomewhat, it's not complicated cross-compiling, just for 486 instead of i68609:57
jaegerRecompiled packages for i486 and then installed them onto a CF card using an already-installed CRUX system09:58
jaegerAny system with pkgutils installed would be fine for that, though09:58
mrksokay, maybe I'll try it myself09:59
mrksbut isn't wrap i586?09:59
jaegerI do want to make an image or something at some point, it's just a low priority right now09:59
mrksthis would be great09:59
jaegerI'm not sure, honestly, I read somewhere that it didn't have the full 586 instruction set, similar to some VIA processors, but I haven't tested that myself09:59
mrksah, okay. thanks anyway10:00
jaegerIt's a fun project either way :)10:00
mrksyeah, voyage linux is running great, but I would like to have crux :D10:01
jaegeryeah :)10:01
mrksjaeger: here is an install guide from scratch: they compile for i58610:14
jaegerIn that case you could use jue's i586 ISO packages instead of building a new set, I guess10:15
mrksoh, where can I find them?10:16
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jaegeron the download page is a link to the ISO10:16
mrksindeed, overlooked..10:17
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mrksgreat, will try these days10:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mercurial: 1.4.3 -> 1.512:04
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tadzikoh, why is mercurial keeping locale?12:30
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Gomaazacrux: do you have the URL of your functional Yaboot config again from
Gomaazah ok I got it thank you15:15
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acruxGomaaz: but if you are using debian why don't you ask help on debianppc ml ??16:29
acruxi suppose they can help you in the best way16:31
* acrux >>away16:34
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