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spaceninjano, my internet went down yesterday00:47
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pitillogood morning01:01
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rehabdollpitillo: recognize this from your arm adventures?03:19
rehabdoll../sysdeps/unix/syscall.S: Assembler messages:03:19
rehabdoll../sysdeps/unix/syscall.S:28: Error: cannot represent SWI relocation in this object file format03:19
pitillohello rehabdoll, are you building with the crux-arm framework?03:46
rehabdollnope, building from scratch on the arm plug itself03:47
pitillobuilding native?03:47
pitillooh nice, that's the next step..03:48
rehabdolleverything but glibc builds fine03:48
pitillothat problem doesn't sound for me, we are crosscompiling (not hardware to build native atm)03:49
rehabdollthe SWI relocation thing seems to be related to kernel headers, but im at a loss since everything seems to be ok03:49
rehabdollok, thought id check :)03:49
pitilloummmm, are you usung crux's glibc without modifications?03:49
rehabdollno, using arm ports, new headers and also newer binutils03:50
rehabdolland some configure magick, --without-fp03:50
pitilloummmm, making it eabi compat, isn't that?03:51
rehabdollalso, its glibc-2.1103:51
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pitillosounds nice03:51
pitillocan you share a full glibc log?03:52
sepenrehabdoll, since glibc doesn't release asm for some platforms you need glibc-ports03:52
rehabdollyeah, im using that03:52
rehabdolli guess i could ask on the ml, but i need to collect some courage first :D03:53
sepenrehabdoll, well we have glibc for crosscompilation as pitillo told you;a=tree;f=glibc;h=2b09cd97eca715977cb5c44fc29f542b19221d8b;hb=28439a6c650fcb26c02da3a957417a659f01a865, maybe could help03:55
rehabdollyeah, i guess i could give it a try03:56
pitillowell, an entire log can help to see if there is a clue in there03:56
pitillorehabdoll: which arm subarch is that device?04:02
rehabdollLinux kif #4 Sat Jan 23 22:40:35 CET 2010 armv5tel Feroceon 88FR131 rev 1 (v5l) Marvell SheevaPlug Reference Board GNU/Linux04:07
pitillointeresting, thank you :)04:08
pitillowhich CFLAGS are you using?04:10
pitillonice, let's see04:11
rehabdoll-Os & -march=armv5te04:11
pitillodid you try building with -msoft-float? (I think it isn't heritated)04:14
rehabdolli think i did a while back04:14
rehabdollill give it another spin04:14
pitillousing a eabi rootfs and eabi support in the kernel, all fp operations must be managed with the compiler, which seems the best way to go with newer arm chipsets04:18
rehabdolland thats not usually autodetected?04:19
pitillomay be heritated, but I'm not sure if it's autodetected, due a ABI problem with this arch. Learning bit by bit about this04:23
rehabdollyeah, tell me about it :D04:24
rehabdollits a jungle04:24
pitilloreally it is, but a very interesting topic... learning a lot with this stuff04:26
pitillowell, about glibc problem at first search someone tells that may be crosscompiling the toolchain can be a good way to go too04:26
pitillocan you check ../sysdeps/unix/syscall.S :28 (line) and some more under and above it?04:29
rehabdollYSCALL (syscall, 1) ret04:30
rehabdollthats about it04:30
rehabdollshould say SYSCALL asdf04:30
pitillobut seems it's trying to manage a non integer var04:31
pitilloreally I need a guruplug to play with those toys... xD04:31
rehabdollyeah, they start shipping in april :>04:32
rehabdolldid you order one? i did :p04:32
pitilloummm not atm, we are working hard to make crux-arm a bit stronger (atm we had problem moving the toolchain to make it compat with eabi and we will work at least to close this, making noeabi and eabi toolchains) and add some documentation. Not much feedback from users because it's a bit hard to find people to work on it.04:35
pitilloI hope I can save some money to buy one of them, it's really a very interesting toy (to give it lot of uses, and if we can put CRUX there... and native building works fine too, think it what can be done with those toys... really interesting)04:36
pitillo*think it/think in04:36
pitilloreally an amazing project which needs lot of time and knowledge, but it makes grow a lot more the knowledge invested on it04:37
pitillorehabdoll: have you thought in follow CRUX's glibc version? same problem before the bump to 2.11?04:38
rehabdollmore problems04:43
rehabdollsame with binutils, lot more problems04:43
pitilloummmm hard then04:45
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eintopfmhh missing babl dependency in opt/gimp/Pkgfile06:23
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rehabdolleintopf: but gegl is listed (depends on babl)08:14
rehabdolla depinst would install both08:15
eintopfah I see, thanks08:23
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fsckrootany guides on installing crux from a usb stick?08:43
mrksbut never tried myself08:46
fsckrootmrks: unfortunately, I am *nix-less at the moment08:46
fsckrootmrks: looking for a way to do it from a windows environment - with a minimal amount of fuss08:46
mrkshm, maybe anyone can share an image08:46
mrksmaybe you can use a live distro to do this08:48
fsckrootmrks: I'll give it a shot08:49
mrksgood luck08:51
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eintopffsckroot: I have intalled crux under ubuntu livecd09:21
fsckrooteintopf: downloading an arch linux .img09:22
fsckrooteintopf: will install crux under that09:22
jaegerfsckroot: you can use unetbootin with the -newmedia ISO to do that09:24
fsckrootjaeger: new media ISO?09:25
jaegeror -testmedia in this case since I haven't uploaded -newmedia09:25
jaegerGet the ISO from here:
jaegerUnetbootin from here:
jaegerit will not work with the official crux 2.6 ISO, though09:26
fsckrootjaeger: thank you so much!09:26
jaegernp, hope it helps09:27
fsckrootjaeger: awfully slow ADSL connection here, so you saved me a few hours09:27
jaegerah, good :)09:27
fsckrootjaeger: rather new to the more intricate side of Linux - what are the differences between the two images?09:28
fsckrootjaeger: why can't I "burn" an ISO to a usb stick and it will just work....09:28
fsckrootI mean the official one... sorry09:29
jaegerthey use different boot methods09:29
jaegerthe official one doesn't have smart media support... it can't find the CRUX media on usb or HD or CF or SD, etc.09:29
jaegerthe -newmedia branch can but it hasn't been made official yet09:29
fsckrootjaeger: I see, makes sense :)09:30
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fsckrootfinally got crux installed21:53
fsckrootone problem - when booting up I get this error = Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (8,2)21:54
fsckrootany suggestions for a fix?21:54
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