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pitillogood morning01:59
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnuplot: update to 4.4.012:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libxml2: update to 2.7.712:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libxml2-python: update to 2.7.712:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: maildrop: update to 2.4.312:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.2912:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission: update to 1.9212:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission-gtk: update to 1.9212:47
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m4rku5hi teK_ :P12:52
rehabdoll90% of the channel is here just because of you tek12:54
rehabdolldidnt you know that?12:54
m4rku5nice ^^12:54
joacimWe love you12:54
Zabarehabdoll, hey, that'd only be true if the channel had 10 members!12:55
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: zlib: update to 1.2.412:59
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jaegerAnyone in here an NFSv4 and idmap expert?13:39
juewell, not an expert but got it working some weeks ago13:41
jaegerI'm trying to get it working between a Sun Storage 7410 (server) and linux client but idmap seems to be unable to come to an agreement on both sides13:43
jaegerall files get instantly changed to nobody:nogroup when created13:43
jaegerthe nfs4 idmap domain is the same on both ends13:44
jaegerMar 16 10:49:49 niflheim rpc.idmapd[5494]: nss_getpwnam: name '1000' does not map into domain13:45
jaegerthe user in question has uid 1000 but I don't see why idmap and nss_getpwnam use 1000 as the name instead of the actual name13:45
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juejaeger: sorry, no idea14:07
jaegerah well, it was worth a shot :)14:09
juejaeger: I'm using idmapd with default settings, only a [Mapping] section in idmapd.conf14:09
jueand it just works, but that's between two CRUX boxes ;)14:10
jaegerI have a feeling if this were between two crux or ubuntu machines I'd be fine... I think it's something about the sun storage14:13
jaegerwhich is basically solaris 11 underneath14:13
m4rku5jaeger, maybe someone in #opensolaris can help ;)14:19
jaegerhrmm, maybe so, thanks14:20
rehabdollhavent oracle closed down that channel yet? :)14:41
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m4rku5nope :P14:43
teK_m4rku5: when are you going to propose the introduction of USE flags for CRUX?14:44
m4rku5teK_, never :P since im running gentoo haha :P14:44
teK_oh ok14:44
m4rku5meh I need faster internet here :-( that NetBSD iso takes ages to download14:45
treachthat would make the proposition all the more appealing. Screwing over the competition. ;>14:45
teK_more like ancient ages or middle ages? :)14:45
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m4rku5i gave teK_ the ability to screw the competition by fixing qemu-kvm to work with KSM before gentoo does :P14:46
m4rku5better compile your system with clang/LLVM :P14:46
tadzikor with pcc14:47
tadzikpcc -- it's almost ready, we promise!14:47
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teK_m4rku5: first we have to sort out this nifty 64bit thing :-)14:53
m4rku5which nifty 64bit thing? :P14:53
teK_(real) official 64 bit support14:54
m4rku5lol xD14:54
m4rku5now thats some fail :P14:54
m4rku5my 64bit install works fine since 2006 :D14:54
teK_% gcc -v 2>&1 | head -2 | tail -114:54
teK_Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu14:54
teK_don't get me wrong..14:54
m4rku5so whats missing? ;P14:55
teK__real_ official support. And some ports are not working for pure 64bit, I think14:56
m4rku5the only thing here using 32bit libs is wine iirc14:56
m4rku5after killing TeamSpeak2 and skype that is :P14:56
teK_I'm running pure 64 bit so I resigned using wine14:57
tadzikskype is the reason I'm still sitting ducks on 32bit :/14:57
m4rku5well if I had no wine I would have to reboot to windows for gaming14:57
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m4rku5and that sucks ^^14:57
teK_tried downloading the static package but it's 32bit so I resigned using skype.14:57
tadzikshame it has no alternative14:58
teK_m4rku5: KSM for qemu is near!! so you can use windows+qemu for that ;)14:58
teK_tadzik: closed source BS14:58
tadzikteK_: 'scuse me?14:58
m4rku5teK_, yeah KSM for qemu-kvm is here as soon as I patch my qemu-kvm ebuild ;)14:58
teK_gentoo rocks14:59
m4rku5well it would rock if some maintainers there would be as leet as you haha :P14:59
tadzikas I say, I'm not aware of anything serving the same purpose. No, sip isn't14:59
m4rku5i hate that guy maintaining sauerbraten -.-14:59
teK_vielen Dank fuer die Blumen15:01
teK_tadzik: I don't know15:01
teK_m4rku5: wrt qemu+LLVM were you alluding to ?15:02
m4rku5teK_, i didnt know of that project :P i was just saying that clang is a nice compiler15:03
m4rku5teK_, osaft has half his system build with clang :P15:03
m4rku5teK_, seems to work that far:
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: qemu-kvm: initial import (thanks m4rku5)15:08
m4rku5yay! P15:08
teK_have fun. And don't be squared by the fast installation process.15:09
tadziksounds like fun15:09
tadzikm4rku5: what's this "Virtual machine manager"? QEmulator?15:10
m4rku5tadzik, its virt-manager from redhat running via qemu+ssh ;)15:12
tadzikoh :)15:12
teK_squared? scared.15:12
m4rku5teK_, i guess i did some partitioning that should work haha15:12
teK_and it does not do that much magic15:12
teK_m4rku5: let IT do all the hard work15:12
teK_and BE scared by the kernel configuration *G*15:13
m4rku5but the server still runs without KSM hehe :P15:13
m4rku5yay configuring a BSD kernel. sounds like some fun ^^15:13
teK_sounds like grabbing some vi15:13
m4rku5no nice make menuconfig? do'h ^^15:13
teK_but still, systrace and veriexec rock15:13
teK_no no nice nothing15:14
m4rku5damn :P15:14
teK_at least back then..15:14
m4rku5even gentoo has some noob-style kernel package that just has everything as a module :P15:14
m4rku5yeah :P15:15
teK_*BSD is about being elite, you know ;)15:15
m4rku5hehe :P15:15
m4rku5Solaris is based on *BSD and is really easy to setup (well once you find some good readable documentation haha (if you like me install it wihout that easymode-GUI))15:16
m4rku5only took one hour for NIS+NFS ^^15:16
jaegerjue: I think maybe the problem is that using AUTH_SYS (sec=sys) the UID/GID *have* to match on both ends... so I need to use something else, like krb515:16
jaegertime to play with the storage ovf15:16
m4rku5teK_, formatting my virtual 10G disk seems to run like forever15:16
m4rku5guess ill grab a beer :P15:18
m4rku5i guess i should get a faster HDD if i plan to run more VMs ;)15:21
teK_RAMSAN, anyone?15:21
m4rku5yeah ill take one if you pay for it15:21
* treach has his vms on raid.15:21
m4rku5but id also go with a few Intel/Sandforce SSDs15:21
rehabdollintels x25-m is nice15:21
m4rku5too bad that Linux doesnt have native ZFS and that Solaris doesnt have KVM+KSM :P (ZFS with dedup is so nice for VMs)15:22
treachbtrfs will be.. the better fs. :p15:22
tadzikyou can always play with brtfs :)15:22
tadzikit's btr or brt?15:23
teK_better fs15:23
tadziklike butter15:23
m4rku5btrfs wont have dedup anytime soon :-(15:23
treachtadzik: b-tree-fs15:23
rehabdolltreach: still run btrfs?15:23
treachnope, not as of today.15:23
rehabdollcrashed fs?15:24
treachI'm not exactly sure what happened. It might be that there have been some subtle change in the kernel since I formatteted the disks, some other bug, or just flakey hardware.15:25
treachanyway, I got checksum errors on certain files, but mkfs -c -c doesn't find anything, so I'm a bit confused.15:26
jaegerI have a bunch of VMs stored on a Sun Storage 7410 with ~57TB space :)15:32
m4rku5heh I guess I dont have the money for such a thing :P15:32
treachI'm sure everyone else who have to share the network with that is delighted. :p15:33
rauz_jaeger sun vdi ?15:33
jaegerI'd be more delighted if I could get nfsv4 working properly but it's a start15:33
jaegerrauz_: vdi?15:33
treachNoFileSharing v4. :>15:33
rauz_Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure15:34
jaegerrauz_: VMWare ESXi using the sun storage as a backend15:34
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eintopfhmpf, I know its maybe the wrong channel, but I get a segmentation error when I start firefox under crux. With the binary from mozilla works it... but with flash I get a firefox "send bug window"18:03
spaceninja /exit18:07
spaceninjaheh gnight18:07
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