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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libarchive: updated to
pitillogood morning02:02
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m4rku5|Laptophi teK_ ;)09:14
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jaegerwhen are we moving to #teK_ ?09:34
m4rku5|Laptophehe :P I could join with some more PCs ^^09:35
teK_actaully there are some people using #nickname channles on quakenet09:37
jaegeroh, the vanity!09:40
teK_plenty of it. I'd say.09:43
m4rku5teK_, quakewhat? sry I dont know networks not supporting IPv6 :P09:43
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m4rku5lol! hi btwotch10:49
btwotchhi m4rku5 ;)10:50
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* cjg soc13:12
teK_what project?13:14
cjgteK_, nevermind, it was just a typo13:15
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m4rku5|CCCRhi kieselsteini :P17:40
m4rku5|CCCRkieselsteini, du wirst vermisst hier ;)17:43
kieselsteinim4rku5|CCCR: echt? *g17:44
kieselsteininaja wenn es wieder Sommer wird und ich Roller fahren kann, dann bin ich wieder da :D17:44
m4rku5|CCCRhrhr :D17:44
m4rku5|CCCRbtwotch meinte am montag hattest du auch n auto :P17:45
kieselsteinijo nur mit parken is dort ziemlich blöde17:47
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rehabdoll3 builds + searching through the hd with revdep = 0% wait18:06
rehabdollssd ftw18:06
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lowellgrippoHi all. Would someone be so kind as to have a look at this thread I started on LinuxForums and tell me what I might be doing wrong? I'm sure it's something simple I'm just overlooking... please see here where I posted as "Dapper Dan." Thank you for any assistance you...23:30
lowellgrippo...can give. :)23:30

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