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pitillogood morning02:05
luxhwhat's up02:10
pitillostarting the day here...02:10
luxhyeah same here02:13
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prologichey guys07:46
prologicWhat's the smallest possible fully functional crux rootfs/image anyone's ever created ?07:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: updated to
rehabdolldunno, but you can probably trim it a lot more08:18
prologicI noticed the last version of ucrux is 2.108:19
prologicis there any later versions ?08:19
prologicI also noticed in some ml that a bloke by the name of Jeremy was experimenting with CRUX and uclibc, busybox and tinylogin, etc08:19
prologicapparently successfully so08:19
prologicbut I can't find links to his work or any working/downloadble files08:20
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tilmanrehabdoll: hooray for quick response :)11:59
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clarehello, no questions today, it is late at night and I have lots of problems; and one success I have replaced a motherboard for the first time12:37
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tilmanclare: congrats :)12:47
claretilman: thank you,12:48
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clareIn spite of my problems with crux, I have it working properly in one machine out of 412:50
clareThe significant  thing may be that one is not using intel for display12:50
tilmanwhat is it using instead?12:51
claretilman: ati  radeon12:51
tilman/usr/sbin/lspci -v|grep ATI12:51
tilman ?12:51
tilman(which chip exactly)12:51
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claretilman: ATI Technologies Inc RV370 [Radeon X300SE]12:53
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tilmanshould be supported. what's the problem exactly?12:53
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clareno problem with that one,12:54
tilmanthe radeon machine is the only one which works?12:54
clarethe others have their original intel, and the problems12:54
tilmanwhich intel chips? :p12:54
tilman/usr/sbin/lspci -v |grep Intel12:55
tilmanalso: which versions of kernel/libdrm/xf86-video-intel are you running?12:55
clarevaried problems I will ask about them another day as I have not got enmough details and it is very late here 2 am12:55
tilmanfair enough12:55
tilmanfyi, there were some bugs in the intel drivers until recently12:55
tilmanwhich caused random freezes eg12:56
clareaha! is that in the kernel or the xorg?12:56
tilmanboth, and also in libdrm12:56
clareat times I fell like giving up, I tried to make a kernel and it failed to set my wireless chip and I could find it in make menuconfig to set it.12:57
tilmanyou can hit / in menuconfig to search for a keyword12:58
tilmanthat might help12:58
clarethanks, I will try it. It is my laptop and i accidentall clobbered the arch linux in it which was to only think working except Windows.12:58
tilmanoops :p12:59
clare cant type at all well12:59
clareI think I will say good night, look forward to our next meeting. I will be here more often in future as about to retire from my day job13:00
tilmank, night13:01
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tadzikdamn! what have you done!13:08
teK_noooez kieselsteine broke the row13:08
m4rku5damn :P13:09
m4rku5teK_, kieselsteini|awa: will you be at CCCR tomorrow? ;) ;)13:09
teK_m4rku5: I won't unfortunately. Lacking a Taxi back to passau13:10
m4rku5you could steal someones car :P13:10
teK_yeah, mine for example13:10
m4rku5yeah, so wheres the problem? ;)13:11
teK_nooo time13:11
tilman"kein schpritt mehr, junge" ?13:11
teK_watching roadrunner.13:11
m4rku5hehe :P13:11
teK_tilman: haha :p13:11
teK_schpritt is knapp, ja13:11
m4rku5cya teK_13:12
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jueRotwang: btw, successful with maildrop?13:22
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Rotwangjue: yes, reformime was what i needed [;13:23
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m4rku5tadzik, rofl; that one is really good xD14:13
Rotwangis it true or just made up?14:19
tadzikyou never know14:19
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