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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: epdfview: fixed mouse scrolling.01:37
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pitillogood morning02:08
DarkNekrosmorning everybody ;)02:32
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spaceninjayes, scrolling is back! (epdfview)04:26
tadzikback? I see it for the first time04:28
tadziknice though04:28
spaceninjahehe it's been there before, I remember when it disappeared a year ago or so :)04:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openmortal: initial import09:21
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tadzikyay, gtk 2.2013:47
tilmanand again there's no release announcement on gtk.org13:59
* teK_ mostly uses ftp.procject/dir/structure for ck4up14:00
tilmanme too, of course14:00
teK_gtk 2.20 would be awesome, I could push the glade3 update14:01
teK_what's wity your but?14:01
tilmannot having announcements sucks14:01
tadzikhah, it looks like „what's witty - your butt?”14:01
tadzikActually I saw it on reddit, there was a link to some fedora blog…14:02
tadzikoh, here14:02
tadzik„I released GTK+ 2.20 today.”14:02
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tilmanneed to wait til atk 1.20 is out, too14:14
tilmanerr, 1.3014:14
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tilmanand glib 2.24 :)14:14
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teK_tilman: was denkst du ueber ?14:17
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tilmandu says "63"? 63 what?14:18
tilmanshouldn't the h flag mean we get a suffix like b/kb/mb?14:18
teK_f5 ;) jsut edited it14:18
sinistrebe happy, I saw a fellow last night who had two 7.5GB files continously added to in his /usr/bin. :P14:19
teK_that's the point to look for *SQL oder hadoop ;D14:20
tilmanputting the file in tmpfs means grep finishes in x seconds, and putting the file on a harddisk makes grep finish in x+30 seconds?14:20
teK_4m29s vs. 4m59s14:21
tilmanscanning 63 mb for '127' does take a while14:21
tilmandoes tweaking the regex help?14:22
tilmangrep -e '127\.0\.0\.1' eg14:22
tilmani assume that's what you're after =)14:22
teK_I did grep 127 access_log, too14:22
teK_to avoid the regex14:22
tilmanthe inverse search (-v) likely doesn't matter14:23
tilmantry what i wrote above14:23
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teK_[running and running...]14:26
tilmanfully reading the file once will put it in cache14:26
tilmanso subsequent calls will (should) take the disc speed out of the equation14:27
teK_which doesn't seem to help. Yes.14:27
teK_sudo grep -e '127\.0\.0\.1' access_log > /dev/null  293.74s user 0.10s system 99% cpu 4:53.97 total14:31
tilmanpro tip: try your optimizations with a smaller file first ;D14:31
tilmantry with a more precise re :P14:31
teK_First of all I gotta watch first half of bayern vs. schalke with my son. THEN I think I'll try a tiny piece of C reading and comparing the first 3 characters14:32
tilmanif it's the first 3 characters on a line, use '^127' obviously :>14:32
teK_that's to make the programming easier14:33
teK_I always could use reg{exp,comp,exec}14:33
teK_we'll see. Thx and: brb14:33
tilmani'm pretty sure that's exactly what grep -e does14:34
teK_we'll see :>14:34
tadzikmethinks using regexps is a madness if you just want to check the first 3 chars14:43
tilmanit's infinitely better than just grepping for '127'14:45
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teK_tilman: jfyi: processed 505517 lines17:31
teK_./minigrep  0.04s user 0.02s system 97% cpu 0.061 total17:31
teK_imitating grep -ve '^127' file17:32
teK_some 20 lines of C Code ;)17:34
teK_poormansgrep.c was too long for my taste17:34
* Rotwang is going to sleep [;17:35
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entehow bleeding edge is crux?18:50
enteI'm currently using arch, but on some machines where I don't want to install updates all the time, I'm thinking it is not the right thing18:50
ente(for instance at school and so on)18:51
teK_updates to e.g. glibc are quite rare18:51
teK_maybe you can judge by having a look at
enteI don't know if you know how things are on arch18:52
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enteif you don't upgrade your system for 1/2 year, you can throw it away18:52
enteit will break on upgrade, and nothing will work anymore18:53
teK_I never used arch18:53
entevery bleeding edge, but sucks on a server18:53
entealso, some packages are just plain shit because they are too bleeding edge and just skip tests18:53
entefor instance, today opensshd broke18:54
teK_wrt my ports I always try to be current18:54
teK_CRUX never broke SSH :->18:54
entewell, it worked, and it works for everyone else18:54
teK_current == stable releases.18:54
entebut after that upgrade, I couldn't use pubkey auth anymore18:54
teK_what was the cause? config b0rkage?18:55
enteyes, wtf.18:55
enteI don't know, I just know that downgrading did the trick18:55
rehabdoll  OpenSSL 0.9.8n is now available, including important bug and security fixes18:55
enteunfortunately this was my server18:55
enteand it was set to only accept public key authentication18:55
teK_that's bad18:56
enteyes, that's really bad18:56
teK_ente: so I suppose it's not a configuration problem..18:56
enteI don't know what it is, config works great on older sshd, and other people didn't have that problem18:56
enteI installed dropbear afterwards, and now I have 2 sshds running, just for the case this happens again18:57
rehabdollcrux is just lfs with ports18:57
teK_what's for sure: upgrading between releases the official way requires the new ISO18:57
rehabdolland no handholding18:57
entearch has no handholding either18:57
entedebian sucks, because it does too much of it18:58
rehabdollif you want something less maintenance id suggest debian or something18:58
enteand it horribly fucks up config files18:58
rehabdollor perhaps some bsd flavour18:58
rehabdollslackware is nice18:58
enteand it has this completely pain-in-the-ass package manager18:59
teK_but using stable you could avoid many upgrades18:59
entebsd is cool, but I just have a vserver, so I'm stuck to something which runs on a linux kernel18:59
rehabdollif i would move away from crux today, id got with slackware.. but hey, thats just me19:00
enteI think I'd go with the slackware derivate which includes pkgsrc19:00
teK_rehabdoll: I think slackware is nice, yes19:00
entepkgsrc is awesome19:00
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entealso, something I really dislike about debian is the way they treat closed source applications19:33
enteI as a user don't care whether the driver I use is opensource or not, I'm happy as long as I can install everything without adding additional repos19:34
teK_rehabdoll: could you do me a favour?19:34
teK_ente: this topic is neither black or white :)19:34
teK_(to me)19:35
enteyeah, I guess you're right... but as much as I love open source, I just want to be able to also install closed source without breaking my fingers :)19:35
entedebian has too many debianisms after all19:35
teK_debian ppl ARE nazis in some cases, sure :p19:35
enteI guess I just have to start my own distro19:37
teK_another one[tm]19:41
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teK_und das war der Bug dazu:20:03
rehabdollteK_: whut?20:10
teK_wrong channel :-)20:11
teK_never mind20:11
rehabdollautocomplete fail20:11
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