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pitillogood morning01:57
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spaceninjaDoes programs need to be compiled with special flags if I want them to use multi-cpu stuff? Or do they have to be programmed in a special way?02:52
lennartusually they need to be programmed to do so02:53
Zabayes, they need to use multiple processes/threads02:55
spaceninjaok, seem complex to know if a program has multi support or not02:58
Zabamost don't02:58
spaceninjawhat about mysql and apache for example02:58
Zababut in most cases, multicore/cpu systems still have the advantage of being able to run several processes at once02:59
lennartI think you can configure apache to use multiple processes02:59
Zabaapache can be configured to, I believe; no idea about mysql, I avoid it02:59
spaceninjado you use postgresql?03:00
Zabanope, but if I had to use a database server, I probably would :P03:00
Zabaif I have to use a database, I use sqlite03:00
spaceninjabut the kernel can handle itself and start processes at different cores on its own?03:01
spaceninjaok cool03:01
lennartif you configure him to do so, yes03:01
Zabathe scheduler will take advantage of multiple cores/cpus, yes03:01
Zabaif you enable SMP03:01
spaceninjaso does that still mean that programs need to be programmed with special thread libraries + the kernel support of course. The kernel can't run multi threaded stuff with "single-cpu" programmed programs?03:03
Zabathe kernel will just schedule two processes onto two cores03:06
Zabathe processes don't need to do anything special for that to happen, or be anything special, for that matter03:06
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Zababut if a program spawns two processes to do its job, it can get scheduled to both cores at once, and it will benefit from that indeed.03:07
Zabalikewise for two threads03:07
spaceninjaoh, cool, thanks!03:08
* spaceninja understands03:08
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: grep: update to 2.6.103:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: virtualbox: updated to 3.1.607:01
tadziksepen: how about some p5-gtk2 update?07:01
sepentadzik, I need some time ;D07:07
sepenis opt/libjpeg's source working for you guys!?07:08
teK_login incorrect.07:12
teK_just like xterm's source..07:12
teK_no xterm works. surprise.07:13
sepenteK_, nice to know07:13
sepenI reopened #50407:17
sepenteK_, did you see my shit with romster?07:18
teK_nope, ML?07:18
teK_I'm subscribed so this can't be07:19
thrice`wxpython? :p07:19
teK_#504 overlaps with #56207:19
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sepen<sepen> wow #57707:45
sepen<sepen> I looked in the wrong place and told him the07:45
sepenteK_, sure, but you don't need to test anything if you just change the source url07:46
sepenso #504 has priority imho07:47
teK_btw is anyone of using qemu-kvm?07:47
teK_(from contrib.)07:47
sepenjaujau the first word in is awesome07:49
sepenI've this muscle tone too ;D07:51
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tadzikany neat idea about sharing files in vbox OSE?08:36
tadzikshared folders seem not to work08:36
tilmandid you install the guest additions?08:38
tilmanmmh, actually i'm not sure those are required ;)08:38
sepentadzik, did you read the documentation at webpage? ->
sepenyou can use this one without the additions08:40
sepenand without share folders too08:40
tadziksepen: I see it, that's why I'm looking for an easy way08:41
tadzikfor some reason my vsftpd is failing in about 2/3 of a transfer08:41
tadzikI'll see what can I do with guest additions08:43
sepen"....# Under tab "General" activate "Use Windows classic folders...."08:43
sepenI think there're tons of documentation08:43
sepenand also a great support community08:44
jaegerI can't speak for OSE but it works great on the other version with guest additions08:45
tadziksepen: what's this from?08:45
sepenread the FAQ08:46
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sepentadzik, I'm talking about End-user docs08:46
tadzikI see, thanks08:47
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tadzikdamn, this seamless mode is awesome08:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lftp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libogg: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libvorbis: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libao: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: vorbis-tools: updated to
tilmanjaeger: you're not in's sudoers, right?09:06
tilmanjaeger: n/m, just remembered my password09:07
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tilmanfyi, i'll do some maintenance on opt.git on the server _now_09:08
tilmanit needs a 'git gc' badly (50 megs!)09:08
thrice`did opt.git disappear from
thrice`oh, bad timing09:09
thrice`er, bad timing for my question - I see now :>09:09
tilmanokay, done09:09
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jaegertilman: I honestly don't remember :)09:18
jaegerlooks like I am09:19
tilmanyes you are09:19
tilmanjust checked, too =)09:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: openbox: updated to
tilman"omg tilman does timely updates again"?13:23
tilmanor "omg new openbox, i hope it fixes that stupid segfault"?13:23
thrice`nono, openbox is on a roll lately :>13:23
sinistre"and there was a load roar from millions of cpufans spinning up". :p13:23
tilmanreadable cron syntax13:24
thrice`= millions of crux users? :D13:24
tilman"@hourly" etc13:24
sinistrethrice`: nah, I'm making some small allowance for users of other dists. ;)13:24
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spaceninjaanyone using psad? Is there another alternative? (iptable intrusion detection)13:48
thrice`is exporting LDFLAGS in pkgmk.conf sufficient for building stuff?14:00
thrice`er, to use custom LDFLAGS, is exporting it in pkgmk.conf sufficient *14:01
sinistreisn't that one of those things you'll notice if it doesn't? ;)14:02
thrice`  for the main motivation14:02
thrice`I'd think so, but not sure if ldflags are so obvious.  don't think I've ever tried changing them14:03
tilmanshould work thrice`14:11
tilmanfor the same reason why we can just export CFLAGS in pkgmk.conf14:11
tilmantoo lazy to explain. see man make (-e option)14:12
thrice`cflags makes sense to me, but ldflags are voodoo14:12
* sinistre hates the linker crap -lm -lpthreads etc <_<14:13
tilmanthrice`: thanks for mentioning as-needed14:13
thrice`that --as-needed seems to reduce linking quite a bit14:14
tilmanmade me remember i still have an unanswered mail in my inbox14:14
tilmanwhich is a patch that makes as-needed work in xmms2-scrobbler14:14
thrice`'please make --as-needed default" ?14:14
tilman*hint* *hint* expect lots of breakage :D14:14
* thrice` sends mail14:14
tilmanplease change your makefile so it doesn't break when i use --as-needed14:14
thrice`I think a few distros actual do it by default now14:15
tilmanfyi, the "importance of linking order" is what bit me14:16
thrice`it helps reduce linking indirectly, from what I understand?14:16
tilmansay you use functions from libcurl in your program foo14:18
tilmanimagine you were sloppy enough to also put -lssl in your linker line14:18
tilmaneven though program foo doesn't even use ssl14:18
tilmannormally, gcc/ld would happily link foo to both libcurl and libssl14:18
tilmanbut if you use --as-needed, the linker actually notices that you don't reference any symbols from libssl in program foo and so it doesn't link to libssl14:19
thrice`I thought it was, "if foo already links to bar, don't let you application link to foo AND bar, just foo is enough"14:20
tilmanmaybe it does this, too ;)14:21
tilmanwell mmh.14:21
thrice`oh well, end result is less linking = good i think :)14:21
tilmannot sure it helps much in practice14:21
tilmanmaybe for large c++ apps14:21
tilmankde shit eg?14:22
thrice`well, might be good for the ->
tilmanthey broke the ABI14:22
tilmanso you need to rebuild all jpeg-using apps/libs14:22
thrice`but I mean, the number of libraries linked to jpeg would be smaller14:22
thrice`so, when the ABI breaks, less crap to rebuild14:23
tilmanpossibly true14:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: geany: updated to 0.18.114:59
teK_anyone using gmpc present?15:30
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tilmanSubject: [ANNOUNCE] Deprecation of xf86-video-nv16:02
sinistrethings are starting to move. :)16:03
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rehabdollyeah, move to vesa17:10
rehabdollthats what they recommend users use instead :)17:10
thrice`rehabdoll, did you have to rebuild udev for xorg-server to use it?17:28
thrice`hm, ok.  I thought it needed gudev stuff17:29
rehabdoll works out of the box17:29
thrice`(ala --enable-extras or so)17:29
rehabdolldunno how the patch differs from 1.8 though17:30
thrice`1.8 had another rc recently, I think i'll try that instead :)17:30
sinistrerehabdoll: oh.. shoot. :/17:32
thrice`I've used that patch in the past, and I think it made my X segfault17:33
rehabdollworks for me(tm)17:35
rehabdollill give it a spin also17:38
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rehabdollworks like a charm18:10
rehabdolla evdev rule for keyboard/mouse in /etc/xorg.conf.d/ + an old udev rule setting keymap18:12
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thrice`rehabdoll, nice :)  so, udev rule to rules.d AND something in xorg.conf.d/ ?19:24
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rehabdollwell, i dont think you *need* a udev-rule, but not sure19:33
rehabdolli still have one from my own server-udev port19:33
thrice`ok, I'll start without one19:34
rehabdollwich handles my keymap19:34
rehabdolli configured with --enable-udev btw19:34
thrice`--enable-config-udev ?19:34
rehabdollyeah, thats it19:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] pinentry: 0.7.5 -> 0.8.019:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pinentry-gtk2: initial import19:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pinentry-qt4: initial import19:35
rehabdollmy /etc/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf :
rehabdollyou could probably add more keyboard specific stuff19:37
thrice`I don't need much, just a synaptics file19:38
thrice`(in addition to the evdev)19:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pinentry: update md5sum19:48
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thrice`mm, mesa 7.8 is slightly strict19:52
thrice`no, just figured it should work with 7.7 :>19:56
thrice`bumping mesa first19:56
rehabdollcome to think of it, i run mesa from git :)19:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: spamassassin: update spamassassin.rc20:00
teK_well they try to fool me.20:04
thrice`late night? ;)20:04
teK_no, both mirrors I tried are faulty20:05
teK_but yes it's late20:05
teK_one last time..20:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: spamassassin: update spamassassin.rc20:06
teK_and the wrong commit message, too20:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: spamassassin: add notice to README to prevent some serious errors20:25
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