IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2010-03-28

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straw_Hey :]05:34
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straw_tadzik: How are you doing? :>06:08
tadzikoh good, thank you06:09
tadzikthis studying is killing me06:09
tadzikbut besides that, yeah, quite good :)06:09
tadzikhow's your blag?06:09
straw_what are you studying (for)? :>06:09
straw_my blag? :P06:10
tadziknothing new :)06:10
tadzikstraw_: CS06:10
tadzikactually, it's only called CS, I'm actually studying maths :/06:11
* straw_ nods06:11
straw_a lot of CS students say that06:11
tadzikit wouldn't be that bad if it was only calculus06:11
tadzikbut I like this…06:11
tadzikhow is it called in english06:12
tadzikIt's funny, like reverse engineering a bit06:12
straw_uhm, integrals. I hate it. :P06:13
tilmanisn't that a part of analysis?06:13
* straw_ nods06:13
tilmanerr, calculus =)06:13
* straw_ nods06:13
tadzikyeah, analysis06:13
tadzikthere's also Linear Algebra (?) and this… Logic and Theory of Multisomething06:14
tadzikLogika i Teoria Mnogości :)06:14
tilmanmodel theory?06:14
straw_we have basically 3 pure math modules: 1 sem: logic and discrete mathmatics 2 sem: analysis 3 sem: linear algebra06:15
tilmanmmh, probably not06:15
tadzikit's mostly logics now06:15
straw_+ some theoretical computer science courses06:15
tadzikstraw_: we have all 3 in the 1st sem06:15
eintopfhas someone ported crux for an arm architecture?06:15
tilmaneintopf: yes. pitillo and sepen.06:15
tadzikthen algebra and ltm goes away and analysis 2 is killing once agai n06:15
sinistretadzik: just wait until you get to mr Maclaurin and friends. ;p06:20
tadziksinistre: sound scary06:21
tadzikand I still haven't learn how do pronounce Cauchy :)06:21
sinistrelol, just a look at this guys hair-do should tell one to stay away. :D
tadzikit looks like some serious illness06:26
eintopfmhh, when I try to boot crux-arm under qemu-system-arm, I get "kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init!". Debian arm bootstrap works06:56
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tadzik :D07:18
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thrice`# Description: hgw "\(0,o)/"08:25
* thrice` eyes Rotwang 08:25
tadzikthere's a typo08:26
tadzikshould be chgw08:26
tilmansplice(2) is yummy09:03
tadzikfavourite mpd client?09:04
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tadzikeintopf: rather ncmpcpp (able to display album), yet I was thinking about some gui one which I'll be able to handle w/o a mouse09:17
thrice`hi jue09:18
spaceninjagood day fellow cruxers09:37
thrice`hi spaceninja09:37
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spaceninjahehe hi thrice` :)09:38
spaceninjawhat do you guys do when you want to start and finish a big project?09:38
RyoSwork on it!?09:39
spaceninjaI got serious problems getting things done09:39
thrice`"do it"09:39
tilmanbuy lots of coke09:39
spaceninjayes, I must do it09:39
RyoSstop smoking crack09:39
Rotwangbuy lots of cookies09:39
spaceninjaI only smoke weed and salvia, maybe that's why09:39
spaceninjabut I'm working out now lol, being sober is the best!09:40
Rotwangsalvia ftw09:40
spaceninjayes, it's amazing09:40
spaceninjaok, back to normal talking now :)09:40
spaceninjayes, I'm goind to write a project plan09:42
* spaceninja wants a whiteboard 09:42
spaceninjathis is what I've managed to produce  that is worth showing, click on the images. The server runs on crux, it's so lean! Please don't hack :)
thrice`wow, that's a pretty weak password09:47
spaceninjawhat, have you cracked it?09:47
RyoSits root09:47
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spaceninjawhich password, the root password or the website?09:47
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tilmanwhat what?09:48
spaceninjalol, ah, you're just playing with me, I got good pws09:48
* sinistre bets it's root/12345 :>09:51
spaceninjaI really need to learn some more stuff about security, I'm going to start a newb blog on security. Maybe I should call it Digital Self Defence09:55
tilmanoh man09:55
spaceninjawhat? :)09:55
spaceninjaah, the name is already taken, duh09:56
sinistreanother blog. We're saved! >_<09:56
spaceninjaI was hoping I could make a buck or two aswell :)09:57
sinistreHow naïve.09:57
spaceninjaI know09:57
spaceninjabut I'm in need of money09:57
thrice`too much?09:58
sinistreIf, and I say IF, you make any money, you'll wish you hadn't when you have to deal with the IRS (our version) because of it.09:58
spaceninjavery very, I've only had like 500 dollars in a year now09:58
thrice`did you try delivering pizzas?09:59
spaceninjaI don't have a driver license09:59
thrice`do you have shoes?09:59
spaceninjayes, green shoes10:00
spaceninjabut there has to be a way to make money on the internet10:00
tadzikgoldmining in mmorpgs? :]10:01
sinistreas long as you don't try your hand in spam..10:01
spaceninjaI actally had a friend who made some good money mining stuff in runescape10:01
sinistre"Had" a friend. I presume that was before the people in white coats came to pick him up?10:02
spaceninjaI mean have10:03
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spaceninjahe had these special hats that kids paid lots of money for10:04
spaceninjasorry, off topic10:04
* straw_ raises an eyebrow10:04
spaceninjabut the hats are sold out, it was a bug that he discovered, very very unique stuff10:05
thrice`it amazes me how far people go out of their way to get a real job10:05
thrice`to avoid getting *10:06
sinistrethrice`: getting a "real" job is *alot* easier than said.10:06
sinistre*said than done*10:06
thrice`there is always some form of employment; might not be desirable10:07
sinistreyah, like prostition.10:07
spaceninjayes, first you need a real education, then you need to have experience, then you need to fit into the "norm", then you need to be able to work your ass off,10:07
spaceninjathen are you ready to get a real job10:07
* straw_ is against the norm10:08
sinistrethrice`: seriously. it's not as easy as you think. I'd like to add that you really should know someone at the place you're applying to, like the boss, to spaceninja's list.10:08
thrice`but "exploiting rare hats" on runescape seems about as low as you can get :p10:08
thrice`sinistre, I disagree, I think for those who wnat to work, there are options10:09
sinistrethrice`: you don't know this country, or the culture here.10:09
thrice`someone has worse unemployment than the US ?  :p10:09
tilmanright, sweden is pretty weird10:09
sinistrethrice`: I'm not familiar with the current rates, but the latest "deal" from our minster of employment is that people with out jobs will get an unpaid vocational training place in various public authorities, to polish the numbers.10:12
thrice`I think my state recently hit 14% unemployed or so10:13
sinistreso, our version of the IRS, that employs something like 10500 people or so, are supposed to make place for 6000 unqualified trainees.10:13
sinistreIt's a fuckinng joke.10:13
thrice`we've got our share of politics going too :>  eg, healthcare10:14
sinistreyes, yes, I know, death commitees etc.10:14
tilmanhow do you feel about the health insurance thing?10:14
thrice`I don't know anything about it, really.10:14
tilmanif you don't mind me asking ;)10:14
sinistrethrice`:  but that's not the point, the point is that that's the level of desperation our .gov is at.10:14
thrice`it's really really complex, and it doesn't seem to affect me personally.  meaning, I get health insurance through my employer10:15
thrice`sinistre, ah, ok10:15
thrice`I think the people who are very upset in our country are either a) the ones making alot of money now, and might not be able to any longer, or b) those getting too many handouts from the government, and might not be able to10:16
* spaceninja tried doing an occult money spell :)10:19
tilmanspaceninja: can you take this to another channel?10:19
thrice`sinistre, I guess the differences is that we don't rely too much on the .gov for employment, perhaps?10:19
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spaceninjatilman: yes I can, sorry tilman10:19
sinistrewell, we don't do that either, but when the businesses just won't hire people, it takes political solutions.10:20
thrice`ooh, I follow10:20
sinistrethe latest trend is in fact to fire your employees, and then lease them back via some other company, at a lower cost.10:21
thrice`i'm with tilman, sweden is weird :p10:23
spaceninjathe only way you can get truly rich through multiple source of passive income, afk10:23
thrice`like mining hats AND gold ?10:23
thrice`and of course blogging10:23
spaceninjano, like setting up some kind of passive service10:24
spaceninjamaybe hiring people10:24
sinistrethrice`: I agree. We're all about honesty and there being basically no corruption etc. The fact is, like some american who had been living here for a while wrote; "It just wears a three peice suit. Don't try to bribe the traffic cop though". :>10:25
straw_Maybe I misread what tilman said, but I think you should move this discussion to another channel. :P10:25
sinistrestraw_: I was provoked! :D10:25
thrice`sorry :>10:25
tilmanactually i was only refering to spaceninja's retarded ideas and his whining10:25
straw_BTW, working with other people is really cool. Since I started my little part-time job, I already learnt a lot of 'common practices' I never would have thought of. e.g. editing something in Vim, suspending it, tying something and back with an alias for 'fg %1' and such things. In the past I just had 2 terminals for such a job.10:28
spaceninjatilman: haha, it was a joke. I got some real projects going on, it just take time to get them going10:28
straw_(Learning tricks from other people)++10:28
tilmanhaving people in your time who are smarter than you ftw :D10:29
tilmanand/or more experienced ;)10:29
thrice`very much; education is just the tip of the ice-berg :>10:30
sinistrethrice`: that's my favorite hobbyhorse. :p10:31
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sinistrejust because you know learn something, that doesn't mean you understand it or can use it properly. :>10:32
spaceninjajust wait and see,10:32
thrice`yes, I too had the "I know everything, I graduated from university" mentality :010:32
thrice`of course, put into place after starting work10:32
teK_straw_: ever tried GNU/screen?10:33
sinistrelol, 20-something, know-it-all.10:33
sinistreI bet you were popular. :P10:33
straw_teK_: since years already (for my irssi sessions). But only some of its functions.. in fact just starting and reattaching ;]10:36
teK_get yourself a proper screenrc, it rocks :)10:37
sinistretilman: btw, speaking of experience, do you know of any good primers for stupid people who wants to play around with pthreads?10:37
straw_But that's what I meant. I use Linux for quite some time now and got used to certain behaviours. And now, I see people using command I usually now, but in a way way different that I would use them. :>10:37
straw_+[a-z]+ :>10:38
tilmansinistre: mmh, no. man pthread_create, mutex functions, condition variable functions ;)10:39
straw_sinistre: if I remember correctly, "IBM Developerworks" had some nice introduction to pthread programming.10:40
sinistreok, I already did, but they didn't really tell me the things I wanted to know, obviously. :/10:40
sinistrestraw_: ok, thanks, I'll see what I can find there.10:40
straw_ :)10:40
sinistreah, thanks.10:41
* sinistre bookmarks10:41
straw_Oh, it's quite short, though.10:41
sinistrehah, what I need is very little, so hopefully it's enough10:41
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sinistreok, going wildly off topic, but how do I let a thread return something, let's say an int? The parameter list is pretty messy. :/10:45
tilmanmake your thread function   return (void*) (intptr_t) 42;10:45
tilmanthen you call:10:46
tilmanvoid *retval;10:46
tilmanpthread_join(thread, &retval);10:46
sinistreah. thanks a lot.10:46
tilmanprintf("thread func returned %i\n", (intptr_t) retval);10:46
sinistregreat. thanks a whole bunch. :)10:46
tilmannote that you need to create a _joinable_ thread to do this10:47
tilmani think it's one of the attributes that you pass to pthread_create10:47
tilmanby default they are joinable10:47
tilman(pass NULL for attrs)10:47
tilmanftw, another way to return a value is to call pthread_exit from inside the thread func (instead of returning from it)10:48
sinistremy current example is like that, but it's just a stupid void function in the thread, so it didn't really tell me what you just did.10:48
tilmanthen gcc should have warned10:49
sinistrehahah, you have no idea. :P10:49
tilmanthe thread func looks like this:  void *(*start_routine) (void *)10:49
tilmanwhich means it returns a void*10:49
straw_is Crux using threaded tools?10:51
straw_pkgtools and such, I mean10:51
tilmanpkgutils isn't MT10:51
straw_not worth the effort, too, I think10:52
straw_or did you plan yo upgrade to MT sometime?10:58
tilmanno plans11:00
thrice`mm, touchpad works now too \o/11:01
* sinistre votes for the nipple mouse. :>11:02
thrice`that works also :p11:02
sinistreI detest touchpads. :/11:03
thrice`i use mine for scrolling only11:03
sinistreI *disable* mine. In BIOS. :p11:03
tadzikit's clitmouse11:03
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thrice`i had to make a synaptics.conf  for scrolling to work11:04
tadzikalso, thrice`++, scrolling is the only reason to use touchpad11:04
sinistrepgup, pgdn ftw.11:04
thrice`I'd have to move my hand for that11:04
tadzikthe most annoying thing with touchpads is this clicking11:09
tadzikI'm so glad clicking doesn't work for me11:09
sinistreif you touch it when you type, you've got to collect the pointer from _somewhere_ far off where you left it, and the third mouse button doesn't work. ;/11:10
thrice`the one on my thinkpad is pretty small, I nevr come close to touching it with regular typing :(11:11
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thrice`mm, the jpeg / libpng bumps will be exciting :>11:26
rehabdollthe new libjpg build on x86_64 without any extra hacks \o/11:33
thrice`yep :>11:34
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