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straw_tadzik: ah, sorry for the delay: slrn and claws-mail09:09
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teK_nouveau + kms + DRI working  \o/11:26
thrice`that's awesome :P  2.6.34 ?11:28
lennarttilman: mesa3d 7.8-rc2 is running fine for me11:29
thrice`gogo push11:29
teK_I had to bump/recompile mesa3d, libdrm und add the nou xf86-video-nouveau driver :)11:29
jaegerI'm surrounded by top-posters!11:30
tilmandoes mesa 7.8 include nouveau-dri btw?11:30
tilmanand/or is it time to add xf86-video-nouveau to xorg.git?11:30
teK_dunno, did git clone.11:30
tilmanerr, that's a no11:31
tilmangrep nouveau .footprint ;)11:31
jaegerIs nouveau why nv is deprecating?11:31
teK_I did not try the 'offical' releases11:31
teK_jaeger: prolly yes11:31
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: mesa3d: updated to 7.8.11:31
jaegerugh, I hope it's come a LONG way since I tried it11:31
teK_;p nice tilman11:31
tilmanjaeger: yeah, most likely11:31
teK_jaeger: it works just fine (for me)11:31
jaegerglad to hear that11:31
teK_installing nexuiz right now11:32
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teK_tilman: I cannot judge on the the quality of the released version of this software, I completed pull them off of git11:32
teK_/usr/bin/nexuiz: line 4: 23297 Segmentation fault      ./nexuiz11:39
teK_well. :p11:39
teK_oh and the nouveau Xorg driver will fail to compile but the required .so file gets created and is functional.11:41
jaegersounds like good quality stuff11:50
tilmani don't get that sentence11:51
teK_it complained about missing symbols, I did not digg deeper11:51
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teK_btw Rotwang having plenty of RAM enables lInux to stuff your cache with all (un)useful stuff so this rooocks :-)12:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fetchmail: update to 6.3.1512:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: mlocate: update to 0.22.412:28
thrice`teK_, btw, there is an epic feh update :)12:30
thrice`which will be needed at least for the jpeg bump12:31
tilmanwhy does fallocate not use errno for error reporting?12:33
tadzikfeh update?12:33
tadzikI see 1.3.4 on its homepage12:33
tadzikit will also need a page update I see :)12:34
thrice`  :>12:35
tadzikyeah, I see :)12:36
strawtilman: ;\12:48
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tilmangoddamn yelling kids12:48
* thrice` wonders if he missed something12:49
tilmans/kids/neighbours' kids/12:50
thrice`oh :>12:50
thrice`i thought straw upset you :p12:50
sinistreah, a little house somewhere deep in the forest sometimes seem attractive. Too bad the Internet connection would probably suck. :>12:52
strawthrice`: :O12:52
tilmanso glibc provides a wrapper function around fallocate(2) which does _not_ set errno but returns -error_code_from_kernel12:53
tilmanbut i don't get why12:53
strawprobably one of the many weird features from Mr. Ulrich "dynamic linking uber alles" Drepper12:55
tilmanprobably not12:55
Zabaoh, god, ulrich drepper is such a basehead.12:56
* sinistre notes the total lack of argument. :p13:02
tilmani'm guessing it's to keep compatibility with posix_fallocate13:05
strawsinistre: There's no need for arguments, when there's no discussion13:06
Zabathere's no need for arguments when the subject is a well-known fact.. :>13:07
strawIf you want to know my opinion about this topic, my answer is: it depends.13:08
sinistrehm, in germany you don't stab someone in the back, you shoot them in... the ass? o_O13:15
Rotwangand in soviet russia the ass shoots You!13:37
Rotwangin the forehead13:37
sinistreI thought russia was all about shooting people through the back of their head.. but I couldn't think of any better translation for "Feige Heckensch├╝tze".13:39
teK_thrice`: wtf, I checked the page one or two days ago13:41
teK_well. I thought is the project's page13:43
teK_will update. thx13:44
thrice`:)  I ran into a problem with it while messing with newer libpng iirc13:44
thrice`that was fixed in a newer version13:44
teK_there's no notice on the old page13:45
teK_thx for noticing!13:45
strawI just noticed that from time to time you should re-read manpages. Several years ago ls doesn't had the feature of grouping directories first. That's why I used the ugliest aliases in bash/zsh, like this one: alias l='ls -lh | egrep "^d"; ls -lhX | egrep -v "^d|total|insgesamt"'13:46
strawAnd only today someone told me that there's a 'ls --group-directories-first', which was introduced in 2006..13:46
teK_MISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/feh/images/menubg_britney.png13:49
teK_I could ship it with the port, though :>13:50
thrice`patch -Np0 $SRC/dont_kill_britney!!!11.patch13:51
sinistre"BURN HER!"13:51
* sinistre swings pitchfork13:52
teK_witches, anyone?13:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: feh: 1.3.4 -> 1.4.113:56
m4rku5teK_, rofl13:57
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rehabdollstupid gentoo distfiles14:01
rehabdollwhy do they patch and repack tarballs under the same name as upstream?14:02
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thrice`mm, I didn't think they did14:20
m4rku5me neither :P since gentoo falls back to the original website for downloads of distfiles is unavailable14:26
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thrice`i thought they declare the src in the builds, and the tarball gets pulled down automatically from that15:14
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rehabdollive come across multiple tarballs with different md5sum and content from upstream16:13
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teK_openssl 1.0.0 is out16:31
* sinistre gets the champagne16:31
sinistreremember though, never to put a dotOh in production. ;p16:32
thrice`since we determined CRUX != production yesterday, we're good ;)16:32
sinistreah, rigth16:32
sinistreright even.16:33
jseYay openssl 1.0.0 \o/16:33
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strawoi, happy birthday, openssl :]16:43
rehabdolli wonder what will break :)16:49
rehabdollasdf, tries to install libs in /usr/lib64 :(16:52
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rehabdollwell, breaks everything that depends on openssl, thats for sure :)17:54
rehabdollbsdtar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:54
thrice`might be one to push out til 2.7 :017:59
rehabdollheh, yeah18:02
rehabdollalong with lib{jpeg,png}18:02
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