IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-03-30

cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
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rehabdollruby, wvdial and nmap needs some openssl 1.0.0 love06:23
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thrice`hm, looks like gentoo hasn't bother with 1.0.0 yet.  arch's ML says "will require rebuilding 236 packages per $arch"  :p07:00
Zabagentoo has got a 1.0.0 ebuild, but it's maskes like hell07:10
thrice`right :)07:11
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rehabdollit wont be so bad on a crux-install08:06
rehabdollbut there are some moment 22 issues, libarchive and wget being one of them08:06
thrice`I think fedora shipped with a beta of 1.0 in F12, so patches should be around :>08:15
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rehabdolljust make sure you are able to fetch the libarchive and wget tarballs before upgrade08:31
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kmandlaHello, all.08:36
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sepenteK_, thanks for the report09:35
teK_you are very welcome :>09:35
sepenI'll try to have sometime at night to do some work09:35
teK_(cannot remember which port/problem I reported, but I did..)09:35
sepenp5-* maybe?09:36
sepenI need to review some ports too09:36
sepenalso p5-gtk2 is out09:36
sepenteK_, I'm not a pinentry user but your change rocks for whose that don't have a X-based box09:37
teK_find /usr/ports -name .footprint -exec grep -l perl/5.10.0 '{}' \;09:37
sepenteK_, yep09:38
teK_sepen: courtesy of jue :-)09:38
teK_I noticed while doing a testinstallation for spamassassin09:38
sepenhmm I should setup my repo-verify script again, a complete report for collections would be fine ATM09:40
teK_yes sepen09:40
teK_that'd rock09:40
teK_Chief CRUX Q&A Office09:40
sepenwe should improve things bit a bit, that make sense imho09:40
teK_the checks with prtverify and the validation of source=() were a good starting point09:41
sepenheh. I'll go to 'Vera (Almeria)' this 'Semana Santa'09:41
teK_in english please :>09:42
enteare there binary packages for crux too?09:42
sepenente, yep09:42
teK_but no official ones09:42
entenothing against compiling certain stuff, but gcc for instance is just ugly :-D09:42
sepenente, did you see in 2.6.iso?09:42
teK_ente: qt4 is ugly09:43
sepenand 2.6-upgrades by jaeger09:43
enteteK_: that's something I won't install09:43
entegcc is necessary, qt is not09:43
* teK_ just discovered that the only qt4 app I use (i.e. my girlfriend) is smplayer09:44
rehabdollteK_: same here09:44
* ente only has a crux 2.4 cd09:44
sepenente, since crux is a source based distro we don't have a package repository like debian,redhat,centos,etc.etc.09:44
rehabdollsmplayer is really nice though09:44
teK_rehabdoll: for my gf, yes. I simply use mplayer.09:44
entesepen: I'm aware of that.... I don't mind compiling stuff, just certain things take dozens of hours09:45
sepenI know09:45
enteI like the way BSD does this09:45
sepenI like the way OpenBSD and pkg_* with dep support09:45
rehabdolli use my mouse like sort of a remote control, so cant live without a gui for mplayer09:46
enteyup... but it's netbsd for me09:46
teK_rehabdoll: I'd love to use a wiimote for that09:46
sepenente, just you need to share your packages on a server box09:46
entethe system is practically the same for any BSD anyway09:46
sepenente, then you can use pkg-get09:46
entegreat :)09:46
entedamn, late again09:47
enteI come from arch, but it constantly gets worse09:47
sepenI wrote a little package-network-abstraction-tool (initially for crux-arm, but it worked on my old p133 laptop running crux-2.6) ;D09:47
enteit has a good manifesto, but nobody takes care of it09:47
entethere's nothing unixy about arch09:47
teK_sepen: there's an ass on this page hoho09:48
sepenente, contributions are always welcome :D09:48
entesepen: I contribute to whatever makes me productive ;)09:48
enteif that's crux... :09:48
tadzikhey, arch philosophy is funny09:49
sepenteK_, lol09:50
tadzik"no, we won't apply this patch for openssl with which mcabber works for „as little as as possible” is our philosophy. And we will delete packages with this patch from aur too"09:50
sepenteK_, you should file a ticket for every occurrence on this page :D09:51
teK_sepen: 1 mail / author :>09:51
teK_we need cruxbot to be able to file bugs from IRC09:51
teK_I saw this on #grml09:51
teK_the easier it is, the better09:51
sepenfor i in $SHIT_LINES; do mail -s "you have shit" ...09:51
teK_don't be rude, your asscount was already increased today09:51
sepentime. the most expensive in my life. time.09:52
sepenat least we have some arm-based devices running crux too09:53
sepenwe'll release crux-arm-2.6 soon09:53
entewhat other architectures are supported?09:57
sepenand maybe sparc09:57
enteguess debian has more than crux then ;D09:57
teK_i586, too ;-)09:57
sepenbut no idea if sparc is uptodate09:57
teK_ente: NetBSD has more, too09:58
entereally? :P09:58
teK_CRUX won't run on your toaster :\09:58
enteneither will it work on a PDP 11 :P09:58
enteor a VAX09:58
sepenanyways crux would be portable, just you need a linux kernel for the arch you want09:59
ZabaI wish I had a PDP-11.09:59
enteme too09:59
teK_sepen: there are (few!) hassles if you go from x86 to x64_8609:59
sepenteK_, crux on hp jornada ->
Zabaor, well, any non-x86 but non-embedded device09:59
enteI'd install 2.11BSD and apply all patches they had since 1992 :D09:59
teK_great sepen :>09:59
sepenteK_, crosscompilation09:59
teK_sepen: cheating! :P10:00
Zabaente, I'd install System version 3!10:00
teK_< pure 64 bit10:00
enteZaba: wait, Version 3? which version 3?10:00
enteUnix System III or Unix Version 3?10:01
Zabaente, No idea!10:01
ZabaI would think of that only after I get the hardware.10:01
Zabawhich is never10:01
enteZaba: I have an awesome link for you.10:01
sepenlol, try minix310:01
Zabaente, if it has 'unix tree' or something in its name, I think I already know it ;p10:01
Zabayep, that10:01
entedamn :D10:01
Zabasepen, minix3 is too modern10:01
* ente has minix 3 on his Pentium MMX box10:02
enteit's not modern at all :D10:02
Zabawe all should run plan9 anyway10:02
Zabait's great, conceptually.  Just lacks hardware support.10:02
entenah, I dislike the userinterface10:02
Zabacan't it also work in text mode?10:02
sepenente, I have crux 2.6 on a toshiba satellite 230cx10:03
sepen133Mhz and now 80Mb ram, running from a cf card10:03
enteZaba: plan 9? no.10:03
Zabapretty sure it boots in text mode10:03
sepenbbl guys10:04
enteplan 9 broke C10:04
entedifferent header files and so on10:04
entecompletely nonstanderd10:04
Zabawell, that's the only way to get better, with C10:04
Zabathe standard libc was designed by people who have smoked overal too much pot, it's horrible, inconsistent and lacks many at least remotely useful things, which most people end up duplicating in sufficiently large C programs10:05
rehabdollyou can always run HURD10:13
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thrice`crux hurd??10:15
thrice`epic basics :p10:16
rehabdollthat might be interesting to port :)10:16
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tadzikoh wow10:27
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Rotwangany idea how to create reply message with mailx or anything else?11:47
Rotwangid like to create reply messages11:47
Rotwangauto reply messages11:48
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teK_Rotwang: I'm quite sure there's a plugin/script for your MTA11:52
RotwangteK_: ive got .eml files11:52
Rotwangand now id like to be able to reply to those mails11:52
teK_eml? MS?11:53
teK_wtf? :)11:53
Rotwangand i cant find any examples with maildrop how to do this :c11:53
teK_abbr. war!11:53
RotwangteK_: thunderbird saves emails as eml11:53
Rotwangthey are just mime encoded messages11:53
Rotwangno ideas? :C12:00
teK_brb ;)12:00
thrice`you can't write some shell script Rotwang ?12:03
thrice`actually, I have no clue either, sorry12:03
RotwangI can write shell or perl script12:05
Rotwangbut i hoped there is goign to be easier way12:05
tadziknothing easier than a perlscript12:07
tadziklookup some Mail::Reply on cpan :>12:07
tadzikI was close. There is Email::Reply12:09
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enteis mailx good?12:25
* ente confused xmail and mailx -.-12:26
Zabaas far as I understand, heirloom mailx isn't that bad12:29
Zabanever tried it myself, though12:30
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thrice`hi jue12:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: squid: update to 3.1.112:56
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spacetesterhi, I'm trying to compile pysqlite but I get "bsdtar: Unrecognized archive format"
spacetestermaybe I need to restart the computer, did some updates15:20
spacetesterwasn't that15:22
thrice`spacetester, can you run "file" on that?15:24
spacetesterpysqlite-2.4.1.tar.gz: HTML document text15:24
spacetesterthe link is probably broken15:27
spacetesteror doesn't exist15:28
spacetesterits downloading a html file15:28
spacetester seems dead15:29
spacetesterfound it,
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rehabdoll"Novell Wins vs SCO"15:44
sinistrehaha, que the appeals.. it'll be another decade..15:50
thrice`think so?15:51
sinistreI don't know the US court system, admittedly, but yeah, if there's ANY chance they can keep the crap up, they will. :/15:52
sinistreThey've been amazingly successful so far.15:52
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* jaeger kicks in the nuts16:38
teK_some Gentoo Mirror is no option?16:40
jaegeroh, it works... it just likes to time out a lot16:42
m4rku5teK_, get your own mirrors :P16:45
teK_we can fake useragents, too (just in case)16:45
m4rku5lool :P16:45
m4rku5teK_, nexenta is funny ;P half opensolaris packages half debian stuff xD16:45
teK_ ?16:46
m4rku5yeah - except that its not that fast haha :P (Solaris kernel in KVM + IDE == sloooooooooooooooow)16:47
teK_kvm -_-16:47
m4rku5yeah xen is too much work to install :P16:47
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thrice`hm, m4rku5 is a soon-to-be gentoo -> crux convert, or? ;)16:52
m4rku5thrice`, nah ;) i want my use-flags haha :P16:52
m4rku5im juser here because teK_ is my university :P16:53
m4rku5just here*16:53
m4rku5is at my*16:53
m4rku5cant type anymore16:53
thrice`don't worry, this is how it starts ;)16:53
sinistrehaha, "Temple of knowledge", now  with not intel inside, but teK_ outside. :P16:55
teK_for the sake of completeness: m4rku5 is at _my_ university16:58
m4rku5teK_, i was tehre before you were :o16:58
teK_that's what you think16:58
sinistrebut it's still his. :p16:58
m4rku5it isnt :o16:59
teK_thrice`: my environment thinks I want it to convert to CRUX. I tell almost everybody not to.16:59
teK_I even got 'flamed' for missing realteK (NOT) drivers on the installation media :>16:59
m4rku5not by me haha :P16:59
m4rku5teK_, the only thing i might ever convert to (for a Desktop) is Gentoo with a Solaris-Kernel and ZFS userspace utils xD17:00
sinistreteK_: aha, I see you're doing the famous inverted "anti-propaganda".17:00
teK_you're too snotty to give CRUX a try :>17:00
teK_hehe sinistre. No I'm serious.17:00
m4rku5teK_, i know the benefits of a source based distro ;P but I _really_ want to keep my useflags ;)17:00
teK_haha :d17:00
sinistrewell, so am I, to some extent.17:00
teK_none is to get the joys of CRUX expect me!17:01
sinistre"Don't use it, it's too hard" just HAVE to attract some people...17:01
teK_hehe sinistre. It even worked once17:01
sinistrecompletely irrestistable to some people.17:01
teK_MacOS -= 1; CRUX += 1;17:01
jaegerI like gentoo for certain things but I don't miss running it on servers (last job)17:01
sinistrejust like the "don't press this button"17:01
m4rku5jaeger really? all you have to do is check the GLSAs :P I even have gentoo on a vserver xD17:02
m4rku5(compiling stuff on that POS over night is fun haha xD)17:02
teK_why check GLSA?17:02
m4rku5teK_, well if you dont want to keep everything up to date ... then youd only update software mentioned in GLSAs ;P17:03
jaegerm4rku5: I did... I used a script that emailed me relevant GLSAs, built the updated packages on a VM, then installed them on the servers17:03
teK_m4rku5: I run emerge --sync once a day17:04
teK_I see no hassles :>17:05
m4rku5teK_, I do too ;)17:05
thrice`for stable, or unstbale gentoo?17:05
m4rku5amd64 stable with some stuff in package.keywords ;)17:05
m4rku5on my desktop and home-server :P17:05
thrice`I found gentoo stable to be so far behind, and unstable to be too much of a mess17:05
m4rku5and on my laptop (but not daily)17:05
jaegerwe had a mix of x86/x86_64, stable/unstable, and hardened there... they were setup before I took over17:05
teK_pssst, m4rku5 is a geek (he said home-server)!17:05
m4rku5teK_, i wanted to make clear that its not a server running some production/public stuff17:06
sinistreas in MS-Homeserver? ;)17:06
* sinistre is sure that gentoo mumbo is just camoflage. :P17:07
m4rku5no lol17:07
teK_got him!17:07
m4rku5not even in a VM :P17:07
teK_I helped a friend today to get a new Windows 7 key via MSDNAA because his current copy locked itself after the 30 days of grace period17:09
teK_he insists on windows being superior17:09
teK_m4rku5: jjab is not online by chance?17:09
sinistreteK_: it is. It's apparently smart enough to tell you by itself you shouldn't use it. :>17:09
teK_I don't care, he got what he deserved17:10
m4rku5teK_, sec17:11
m4rku5teK_, i assume he is not attached to the screen that is running his jabber client ;)17:11
teK_k, thx17:11
teK_does anyone of you have an idea which package would enable me to do simple HTTP requests with lazarus?17:12
teK_I tried indylaz(?) 9 and 10 but without success, they seem outdated17:12
teK_+to be17:12
m4rku5teK_, lol lazarus? that delphi clone?17:22
m4rku5lol, go learn some real language :P17:22
teK_stupid fucking windows ce17:22
teK_go fsck yourself!17:22
teK_it was the best solution17:22
m4rku5lol :D17:22
teK_show me a better one17:22
m4rku5poor teK_ ^^17:22
teK_for RAD Delphi/Lazarus is just fine17:23
teK_I'm waiting :)17:26
teK_oh btw: I want to develop on windows OR linux for windows OR linux OR Windows CE (arm)17:27
teK_open source a plus17:27
m4rku5since you said OR :P eclipse will do fine haha :P17:27
m4rku5or C++ with whatever IDE you like ;)17:27
teK_C++? Which Window-tookit?17:28
m4rku5I use Qt17:28
teK_I want to switch  between the window-kits via a drop-down menu17:28
m4rku5but tbh for small projects I use Java+Swing :P17:28
teK_small project == small cpu and small RAM17:29
m4rku5heh :P17:29
teK_so no this is not an option17:29
m4rku5Java on WinCE is not an option at all ;) too crappy too much stuff missing17:29
teK_whatever IDE I like.. I do not want to take care for the GUI (i.e. Windows API or stuff)17:29
sinistreteK_: not to be an ass, but qt is used on cell phones. that should be small enough, no?17:29
teK_that's true17:29
m4rku5Qt has quite useable tools for creating GUIs17:30
teK_but I can't see the 'better one' part17:30
teK_have you ever used lazarus17:30
m4rku5I have used Delphi17:30
m4rku5back at school17:30
m4rku5i remeber that i used 5.x 6.x and 7.x17:31
sinistresince I haven't used anything pascal since the days of turbo pascal 6.0, I don't really consider myself qualified, but qt is very popular right now, for what you're talking about.17:31
m4rku5and that 8.x started to suck iirc17:31
teK_the company uses Delphi 417:31
teK_works like a charm except a bug with reports on win2k17:31
teK_but we have lazarus now17:31
teK_sinistre: I lack the C++ skills anyway17:32
teK_it had to be finished quickly. RAD. :)17:32
teK_and lazarus enabled me to finish this quick. I have had to fix zero bugs in two years (nearly)17:33
teK_to be precise it has worked since July 8th 200817:33
sinistreteK_: if that's all you need, I think qt has bindings for almost any language you could think of.17:33
m4rku5teK_, LOL omg lazarus code has public and private and shit now hahaha :D17:33
teK_sinistre: lazarus has beta support for qt17:34
teK_at least it had one year ago or so17:34
sinistrehah, nice.17:34
teK_even the WinCE GUI was/is beta17:34
teK_it just worked and saved my ass17:35
sinistreanyway, it's probably worth having a look into.17:35
teK_it's part of a project kicked off for the company's biggest customer (60+% of its sales )17:35
teK_so you better deliver :D17:35
teK_it even can to cocoa17:36
teK_GTK(2) etc.17:36
teK_so this really is awesome I thinkk17:36
sinistreI'm not trying to rain on your parade. I guess it's just that pascal has a distinct whiff of.. the 80's or so. :p17:37
teK_C has, too *g*17:37
m4rku5teK_, yeah go ask lengauer about pascal ^^ i bet he has some nice storys to tell :D17:38
sinistrebah, that's the 70's17:38
teK_Pascal-syntax is... special. sure.17:38
sinistreor even 60's17:38
m4rku5fortran is 60s17:38
teK_m4rku5: I dislike Lengauer from now on!17:38
m4rku5teK_, lengauer pwns ;)17:38
teK_his exam sucked huge times17:38
m4rku5haha :D17:38
m4rku5just because you were too nooby for it :D17:38
teK_but I think Wolfgang - the nervous - just had to make his pet project to be perfect..17:39
sinistrem4rku5: I'm sorry, but fortran is actually the 50's. :P17:39
teK_m4rku5: average grade was 3.517:39
teK_hello? THIS IS (not) MATH17:39
m4rku5teK_, noobs! all over! :D17:39
teK_m4rku5: blah17:39
m4rku5no shit lengauer sucks as basic stuff; but he pwns at the real stuff ;)17:40
teK_at least I got the Haskell-Blitzer right17:40
teK_m4rku5: maybe17:40
teK_do you know Jens Doerre?17:40
m4rku5teK_, yeah - why?17:40
teK_his beard is awesome17:41
m4rku5haha :P17:41
teK_I had a bet runnning..17:41
teK_if I passed the math exam I'd wear the beard like he does17:41
teK_so.. be prepared :>17:41
m4rku5teK_, awesome!17:41
m4rku5teK_, I know most of the non-feature-crap people at lengauer ;)17:41
m4rku5i work with them :P17:41
m4rku5they even gimme money :P17:42
m4rku5Apel/whatever the other guy is called do feature-oriented crap17:42
teK_so I better watch my language :>17:42
teK_I think Wolfgang is a weirdo...17:42
m4rku5teK_, I dont care people flaming him :P17:42
m4rku5teK_, Wolfgang hes doing feature stuff too i guess17:42
teK_Arsch -> Eimer17:42
m4rku5I only know him because he shares a room with michael17:42
m4rku5who currently leads the loopo project I work for :P17:43
teK_there's a possibility to take part in GSoC via loopo / graphite support for gcc17:43
m4rku5teK_, yeah but Ill try to take part in loopo / polly whatever at LLVM for LLVM ;)17:44
m4rku5and I might just apply for what Im doing anyways as bachelor thesis17:44
m4rku5so if I am lucky I get 5k$ for my bachelor thesis lol17:44
teK_GSoC, too?17:45
m4rku5yeah gsoc17:45
teK_I don't know wether _my_ uni approves that or not :>17:45
m4rku5teK_, I know that Lengauers Chair will approve that :P17:45
m4rku5well 99% sure :P17:45
teK_I'm keen on where I will be landing17:46
teK_Kreuzer sounds nice ;D17:46
m4rku5youre goin to apply for a GSoC project?17:46
teK_in general17:46
m4rku5ah ok17:46
teK_regarding university17:46
teK_as Posegga is said to suck17:46
m4rku5Lengauer is nice if you like to think in parallel ;)17:47
teK_it sec or scalability.17:47
teK_I think17:47
*** lennart has quit IRC17:47
m4rku5well posegga sucks because he sucks :P17:47
teK_sounds.. reasonable Oo17:48
m4rku5de meer sucks because its mega chaos there17:48
teK_how long has he been at Passau?17:48
m4rku5at least since 2006 :P17:48
teK_oh, ok17:48
teK_so no alibi :>17:48
m4rku5math chairs suck because ITS MATH!17:48
teK_yeah sure17:48
m4rku5brandenburg is ok ;) If you like that kind of stuff he does ofc ;)17:49
m4rku5ofc=of course17:49
teK_someone who's nicknamed brandy  must rock17:49
m4rku5teK_, he does rock17:49
m4rku5im goin to to attend a lot of his courses17:49
m4rku5lengauer is ok :P freitag is kinda ok if you like him ^^17:50
teK_I talked to him some about years ago and he was  nice and all17:50
teK_kinda ok = teh suck0r17:50
m4rku5yeah brandy cares alot about the students17:50
teK_let's see who holds Algorithms & Data structures this term17:51
m4rku5you better hope its not lengauer17:51
teK_I think we'll switch to query mode17:51
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rofhguys, does xorg in ports depend on hal?17:54
teK_% prt-get deptree xorg | grep hal17:55
rofhyeah, i saw that too. let me explain17:55
rofhthe thing is - i installed base system ( without xorg, without dbus and hal ) and built xorg from ports. and now all i can get when starting X is blank screen which freezes the system ( alt-prtscreen-k + c-a-del to reboot ). and i placed my usual xorg config which restores ctrl-alt-bckpace and stuff.17:57
teK_had a look at the logs?17:58
rofhlogs are very nice,  even no warnings. i checked everything i could really.17:58
jaegeryou might need the AllowEmptyInput option17:58
rofhdid this of course.17:59
rofhand DontZap, pretty much this is my last working config, it was okay for the last time I was installing crux ( it was 2.6 too afair, i just didn't build xorg from source )18:00
jaegerhrmm, no idea there18:01
teK_don't zap is configured via xsetkbmap I think18:01
teK_at least I had no luck putting it into xorg.conf18:01
rofhIt works in my Arch setup, but maybe I need to check. Anyway, I can't get to the xinit phase - it just freezes18:02
teK_/usr/bin/setmap us -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp18:02
rofhthe last thing log says is "(II) RADEON(0): [DRI] installation complete"18:02
rofhyeah, but I placed it in xorg.conf -  Option      "XkbOptions" "grp:ctrl_shift_toggle,grp_led:caps,terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp".18:03
rofhCtrl+Alt+F1 doesn't work either.18:03
teK_tried without dri?18:04
rofhwell, it loads automatically anyway, i couldn't set it to omit dri/dri2 module18:05
rofhother quick question. i don't need to rebuild xorg metapackage after installing dbus and hal to use them, do I?18:11
jaegeronly xorg-server, I believe18:11
rofhusual kbd and mouse drivers18:13
sinistreno, I meant that they might need to be rebuilt too. But I don't know.18:13
sinistreToo bad our x-guru is probably sleeping. :p18:14
rofhfunny enough, I thought *i* am an x-guru after all these years of slackwaring ;)18:14
rofhok, will try to rebuild xorg-server or downgrade to 2.6 default .pkgs . thank you all.18:16
sinistregood luck18:16
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