IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2010-04-03

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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: grep: updated to
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Rotwanganyone using contrib/pcamnfm?14:32
Rotwangif yes, please answer me14:33
rehabdollnope :)14:33
Rotwangif yes*14:33
thrice`though, I want to try their re-write :>14:37
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tadzikno hedgewars port?15:40
rehabdolllooks fun15:44
tadzikthe only worthwhile worms clone imho15:45
tadzikjust this Pascal smells a bit to me15:45
rehabdollwtf, pascal?15:45
tadzikyet, the core is written in pascal15:47
sinistrerather pascal than some kind of mono crap. :p15:47
tadzikI only wonder why aren't they using this p2c to drop out fpc dependency ;)15:47
tadzikindisposeth - what does it mean? Sounds nice, yet I can't find it in any dictionary16:02
sinistresomeone who wants to sound archane?16:04
tadzikI just like sophisticated words16:05
sinistre"Bring forth the Holy Handgrenade of Antioc"16:05
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tilmantadzik: try wormux16:47
tilmantadzik: port in lennart's repo ;D16:47
tadzikI really prefer hedgewars :)16:48
tadzikThey're a lot more wormish to me16:48
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