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tadzikrehabdoll: about this wireshark, are you using lua?04:36
tadzikI mean if you have it in your system04:37
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rehabdollno, but it was related to me using custom ldflags07:43
tadzikyeah, I know, I just encountered some patch for as-needed and lua07:44
tadzikI found a few to this as-needed thing, none worked so I just 'unsed LDFLAGS' in my Pkgfile :/07:45
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rehabdollme too07:47
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rehabdollplaying with iptables over a network is like playing in a minefield12:19
Zabajust do something like $iptables_commands ; sleep 20 && $command_to_reset_rules12:20
Zabaor hmm.. that might or might not work, depending on *how* you lock yourself out, and on whether you're running the shell inside programs such as dtach, tmux or screen.12:21
sinistrejust putting a line that allows ssh above everything else helps too..12:22
Zabawell, or that12:22
Zababut who knows the extent to which you will screw things up by accident? :>12:23
sinistrewell, unless you fubars that line and sets policy to "drop" or something, ssh should still work.12:23
rehabdollnot if you are trying to build a script that first wipe all rules and then do stuff :)12:29
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discoveryhi there12:34
discoveryi am thinking to install crux12:35
sinistremore than -F -X Z and then iptables -A INPUT -i $IFACE -s $LOCAL_NET -p tcp --syn --dport 22 -j ACCEPT does?12:35
discoveryi have found that I like minimalist linuxes12:35
rehabdolltreach: no $localnet :)12:36
rehabdolldiscovery: as do we all :)12:36
sinistreof course not, you have to define that.. or are you running it on local host?12:36
discoveryand crux seems interesting to me...i have a couple of question...Has any one remaster a crux iso? i am interested in an openbox based crux version12:36
discoveryrehabdoll, just crux plus openbox +firefox + vlc + skype12:37
rehabdollsinistre: nah, but its up and running now. ran it on a pogoplug12:37
discoverythat is all i need and a rolling release12:37
sinistrediscovery: lots of people use ob with crux.12:38
thrice`discovery, crux has openbox by default :>12:38
rehabdolldiscovery: sure, but no need to remaster, just install core only and do a prt-get depinst openbox12:38
thrice`crux is "rolling release" with just about everything except for the toolchain12:38
discoverythrice`, really? i didn't see it in the release notes of 2.6..12:39
rehabdoll <- its in opt12:39
sinistreIf you want a newer iso,
discoveryhmm great...can i find a package list for the newer iso somewhere?12:40
thrice`discovery, yep, the install CD contains the core stuff, a few graphical packages, and  basically, enough that you can start a window manager out of the box, and have a web browser and terminal :)12:40
sinistrediscovery: it's the same afaik, just newer stuff12:40
discoveryok, one thing that i like in gentoo or ubuntu is its documentation... sorry for my stupid question. I guess everything written for Gentoo, apart the distro specific one, do apply in Crux?12:41
discoverylike sound card configuration, network  configuration...etc12:42
tadzikthey're all linuxes12:42
sinistrediscovery: there is the handbook for the specifics. It's gigantic... like 13 pages or so.12:42
tadzikso besides the distro specific parts, they're actually alike12:42
discoverysinistre, that is what i am reading now12:42
discoverythe handbook12:42
discoveryi try to learn before i do12:43
thrice`discovery, you're correct, yes :)12:43
sinistrewell, that's all you'll probably find since crux really isn't about reinventing stuff.12:43
sinistreIf you need nfs, you read the docs for nfs, not for crux, for instance12:43
discoveryi am running crunchbang in my laptop...a great minimalist distro at least for me...but being based in ubuntu, i haven't learn anything new in linux apart how to configure openbox12:44
discoveryso i am torn between arch and crux12:44
discoverybut I like the people here12:44
tadzikCRUX doesn't have no sick philosophy12:45
rehabdollcrux will probably give you lot more control12:45
discoverycontrol for me means learn everything from start12:45
discoverybut it is better to learn12:45
discoverythen being dumb12:45
tadzikthe only pain is the lack of packages sometimes12:45
tadzikstill, writing ports yourself is _really_ simple12:46
discoverydoes crux uses binary?12:46
rehabdollonly on iso12:46
discoveryi c12:46
rehabdolli think there are ppl who provide prebuilt binaries, but nothing official12:47
discoveryhmm...i better print the handbook12:47
discoverybefore i swim in crux sea12:47
tadzikIt's a shark!12:49
* tadzik hides12:49
discoveryguys, one final there any precompiled kernel suited for laptops?12:53
sinistrethe kernel on the iso will get you started, but the general idea is that you make your own.12:53
discoveryi see... i guess as a newbie the only thing missing in Crux is a live-cd version12:55
discoveryI hope someone can make such a version...12:55
tadzikoh, what for?12:55
discoveryit will help people to understand crux before installing12:56
sinistretadzik: to show our awesomeness, of course. :p12:56
tadzikThe "understanding" is basically installing and configuring and maintaining, none of which you can achieve on livecd12:56
discoverythat is true but when they see how simple are the configuring scripts in crux12:57
discoveryin the live cd12:57
discoverythey will understand better the simplicity involved12:57
discoveryjust my thoughts12:57
sinistrediscovery: there's nobody stopping you, if you want to put some effort into it, ;)12:57
tadzikhmm. Just out of curiosity, is crux installed crux-based?12:57
sinistretadzik: whut?12:58
discoverysinistre, u think i am smart enough to do that? :)12:58
tadziksinistre: I mean, is it crux out there? On the installcd12:58
sinistretadzik: sorry, my current me can't compute that.12:58
tadziknevermind then12:59
sinistreno problem, it felt for a moment like we were heading into the sound in the forest area of debate. :p12:59
tadzikNow I don't understand. I guess I'll stay silent then.13:00
sinistretadzik: you know the one about if a sound in the forest that nobody hears, is it a still a sound? :>13:01
tadzikHah. No, I see it for the first time.13:01
tadzikIt's something like this with Pinokio, who says "I'm lying", will his nose grow?13:02
discoveryguys thank you for your help...13:04
sinistrehave fun13:05
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tadzikInstalling, or gone screaming? :>13:05
sinistretadzik: I was trying to insinuate that some would probably hesitate wether crux is a "distribution" as such.13:06
tadzikhmm. Why wouldn't it be?13:06
sinistreok this was a bad idea. I'll explain some day when I feel better.. I have the mother of all colds right now and can't think very well. Sorry.13:07
tadzikNo problem13:08
tadzikAnd get well soon13:10
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sinistreI've been more or less down since Maundy Thursday, so I'm getting kind of .. sick of it. :>13:11
tadzikWasn't Maundy Thursday like few weeks ago?13:12
sinistreno, it was last thursday. :p13:13
tadzikMaundy, hmm13:13
sinistreeaster thingy13:13
tadzikI assumed you're meaning Fat Thursday, as I'm not familiar with the word 'moundy' :)13:14
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sinistreMaundy. It's the day before Good Friday.13:14
sinistreDon't ask what's so good about it though, I heard someone once had a pretty bad day that day.13:15
tadzikThey call it The Great Friday here, then is The Great Saturday13:15
tadzikand Thursday is just thursday13:15
sinistreI see.13:15
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tadzikmain.c:34: warning: the address of 'nazwa' will never be NULL13:17
tadzikhah, smart compiler is smart13:17
* sinistre does some ethymogical digging. Turns out Maundy comes from /mandatum/ - command.13:25
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m4rku5der teK_ :P16:43
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luxhdie teK_ ?16:49
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m4rku5nah ;) if I wanted to kill him I problably would have done that already :P16:54
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rehabdollwee, xf86-video-ati-6.13.017:08
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thrice`mm, I love apps like lxrandr.  so simple, completely effective, and does only what it should19:44
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