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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dar: update to 2.3.1003:34
tadzikoh, isn't contrib/libevent duplicating opt/libevent?04:10
otwieraczSomething changed in sourceforge download paths?04:14
otwieraczMany ports doesn't work.04:15
otwieraczSome dependdencies have 404.04:15
tadziksf is a bit weird sometimes04:16
otwieracz*many* ports doesn't work.04:17
tadzikpoke maintainers04:18
tadzikbtw, is gnome repo even alive?04:23
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rauzmy firefox ignores the sym link from java in the /usr/lib/firefox/plugins dir05:16
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rauzhas anyone had this problem05:20
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tadzikhmm, what is a policy against stupid download requirements, like here:
tadzikso you have to click this accept, I agree before you get your temporary download link05:25
tadzikah, nevermind05:38
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teK_=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/scrot#0.8-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.07:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: scite: update to 2.1108:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libevent: moved to opt08:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nss: pkg-config tweaks.09:01
frinnsti found a program that needs nss! (z0mg!)09:09
tadzikagain, isn't x11-fonts-dejavu in contrib duplicating the opt/ one?09:09
frinnstdejavu is in opt?09:10
frinnsti only find it in contrib09:10
tadzikthe only difference diff showed me is the maitainer and the x11 dependency in one of 'em09:10
frinnstsorry, nevermind09:10
frinnstsame name09:10
frinnstyeah, it should be removed09:11
thrice`I think the contrib maintainer was unresponsive when tilman moved it09:11
frinnstlast touched in -0809:11
Rotwangahh rugek09:11
Rotwanghe is inactive recently09:12
tilmanmmh, wtf09:12
tilmancan anyone please kill off the contrib one? :>09:12
thrice`is nipuL around these days?09:13
thrice`i was having some dbus isues recently, and an update fixed it09:14
tadzikbtw, tilman, how about including 256color.patch in rxvt-unicode? It's shipped with the sources, the only difference will be "patch -p1 < doc/urxvt-8.2-256color.patch" in Pkgfile09:14
Rotwangtilman: did you mail rugek about dejavu fonts?09:15
tilmanhe's on freenode still09:17
RotwangI'll mail him then09:17
tilmantadzik: okay, i'll give it a try. btw, "-i foo.patch" is preferable over "< foo.patch" since the former shows the filename in pkgmk output09:18
tilmanRotwang: great, thank you09:18
tadziktilman: that's right, yeah09:18
pitilloRotwang: I mailed him when I asked tilman about moving the port to opt, but I didn't get an answer from rugek (the port wasn't updated in some time too)09:20
rauzmy firefox ignores the sym link from javaplugin in the /usr/lib/firefox/plugins dir09:20
Rotwangpitillo: so I think we can safely assume that removing this port from contrib is ok.09:21
frinnstrauz: i assume the link is valid.. what about permissions?09:22
pitilloRotwang: I think so. I just mailed him some months ago and without reply.09:22
tilmanpitillo: ah, right. i forgot you did that :)09:22
Rotwangok then09:22
rauzfrinnst: it has the same like the flashplugin09:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: x11-fonts-dejavu: moved to opt09:23
frinnstand the link is not fux0red? what about the file itself?09:23
frinnstits not 0 bytes, right?09:24
frinnstiirc, the javaplugin was modified recently09:24
frinnstno clue then, dont run the 32bit javaplugin09:25
rauzi have 32bit sys09:25
frinnstim on 64 so09:26
frinnst*i* dont run the 32bit javaplugin :)09:26
tadzikalright, prt-get dup now looks fine :)09:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libarchive: build without OpenSSL.09:44
frinnstyeah, libarchive scared me a bit when i updated openssl to 1.0 :)09:50
jueI guess wget as well ;)09:51
frinnsthehe yeah09:55
thrice`this wil upset hard-core updaters :)09:55
thrice`ala sed 's/2.6/2.7' && prt-get sysup09:55
juethrice`: yeah, but the update of libgmp to 5.x is much better than the openssl one :)09:57
jueit breaks gcc and coreutils09:57
frinnstsounds fun :)09:57
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thrice`so, the solution is to just support the iso only for upgrades?10:03
juewe never support something different ;)10:04
thrice`right :)10:05
thrice`maybe just an extra note or something would be fine.  "no, really this time!"10:06
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jueyeah, that's necessary10:08
thrice`well, the compiler probably isn't too bad, since if bsdtar at least works, one could use pkgadd -u  to repair10:09
jueif you find the old package somewhere ...10:11
thrice`I mean, mount the 2.7 iso and do it from there10:12
juesure, that works10:13
frinnstim gonna give the firefox-lorentz thing a try10:35
frinnstcant suck less atleast10:35
frinnsterr, more10:35
thrice`mm, did I read recently that 3.6.4 will have that in ?10:37
frinnstwell, a future version of 3.6 according to the ml10:37
frinnstsurprised they add such a feature to a x.x.x release. one would think it would be a more major version10:38
frinnstbut oh well, a change from the constant securityupdates i guess :)10:38
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-libxcb: updated to 1.6.12:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xdm: updated to
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ncrfgsnågon från Sverige?15:25
luxhbut i think english is prefered there15:27
ncrfgshej, I'm going to write an application for some courses, I'd like to write something about CRUX as well but since I'm going to write it in swedish and my technical vocabulary is pretty limited I was wondering if anyone from Sweden here could help me15:43
ncrfgsany help is very welcome15:44
tnutWhat do you need to know ncrfgs15:46
ncrfgshow to say packager, maintainer, distributed compilation, etc15:47
ncrfgsstuff like that15:47
tnutYou will find a lot on the web page15:48
tilmantnut: the point is that he's writing in _swedish_15:51
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luxhsome things shouln't be written translated into swedish16:09
frinnstyeah, svenska e fult16:21
luxhworks ok for speaking16:22
luxhbut written in computer terms?16:22
luxhno thnaks16:22
frinnstncrfgs: tilman will answer all your question regarding swedish16:22
frinnstyeah, that summarizes his knowledge.. "tack"16:23
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luxhtack saw miket16:24
frinnstmen typ, packeterare, underhållare, fördelad kompilering?16:25
frinnstdunno, use a dictionary16:25
ncrfgsbut according to your experience16:26
ncrfgsdo students use english terms or swedish terms?16:26
ncrfgsfor example16:26
ncrfgsI'm the packager of <package x>16:26
frinnstwhat kind of course is it?16:26
ncrfgsengineering summer course16:26
ncrfgsthere are a couple of courses I'm interested in16:27
frinnstansvarig underhållare av paket <package x>?16:27
ncrfgsone in Stockholm about distributed computing16:27
ncrfgsanother one in Uppsala16:27
ncrfgsfrinnst: tack16:32
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eintopfwhy works pkgadd without glibc?17:20
frinnstit does? static perhaps?17:37
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teK_it is statically linked, yes17:42
eintopfah, thanks17:43
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* thrice` is scared as to why that was asked :p18:42
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