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tilmanfrinnst: haha. he contacted me by privmsg :D01:53
tilmanfrinnst: lies!01:54
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otwieraczteK_: ping03:54
otwieraczteK_: contrib/ntp doesnt work; --2010-04-11 08:53:38--; 2010-04-11 08:53:38 ERROR 404: Not Found;03:55
otwieraczteK_: change source to$name-$version.tar.gz03:58
otwieraczWho uses postfix on CRUX?04:14
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otwieraczThere's no static-linked opera in ports?04:45
tadzikas you can see, no04:51
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frinnsti use postfix07:21
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tadzikzsh: segmentation fault  firefox08:55
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thrice`firefox -safe-mode  ?08:58
tadzikAh, I'll install some binary port maybe08:59
tadzikI don't use it anyway and compiling xulrunner is a hell of a pain08:59
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tadzikdoes this work in your vims?09:22
rauzi hate my firefox too only flash plugin is working other plugins were ignored09:23
frinnstis firefox the only plugin listed in about:plugins ?09:24
rauzyep only flash is listen09:26
frinnsttadzik: yep, utf8 ftw09:28
tadzikno effect here09:28
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tilmantadzik: my terminal colors look much more fucked up with the 256 color patch applied to urxvt09:57
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tadzikhmm, looks fine here10:10
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tadzikyo-ho, mcabber 0.1011:42
tadzikno kidding, no mcabber in official repos?11:43
luxhis it good?11:45
luxhi've never tried jabber anything tho11:45
tadzikmcabber is fine11:45
tadzikif you're not afraid of the ncurses ui11:46
Rotwangfinch ftw11:47
tadzik…and mcabber 0.10.0 in cruxpl :)11:47
thrice`tadzik, you might want to have .git be ignored :>11:49
tilmantadzik: your dejavu font is weird11:51
tadziktilman: mine?11:51
tilmanno, the other tadzik's11:51
tadzikoh gosh11:51
tadzikthe hell is this11:51
tadzikI'm poking sirmacik right now11:52
tadziktilman: no, not mine11:52
Rotwangas they say in this countr; epicko zjebaliście ;f11:52
tadzikfor some reason you are listed as the maintainer, I wonder who commited that11:53
tilmani was referring to the footprint11:53
tilman /usr/share/fonts is preferable over /usr/libX11/fonts these days11:53
tilmannot sure whether you made more changes11:53
tadzikwell, don't blame me, I'm just one of the commiters11:53
tilman(plural 'you' :P)11:53
tilmantadzik: not blaming, just notifying ;)11:54
tadzikI usually put my proud name in the "# Maintainer" line, so nah, I don't think it's my fault11:54
tadzikokay, I'll try to get around this mess11:54
tadzikby the way, looks like there's 2.30 out11:56
tadzikfixing terminus now11:57
tadzikit also has this /usr/libX1111:57
tadzik„for some reason httpup from gentoo does not read the ignore file”11:58
tadzik„I'll do it for the next weekend in the worst case”11:58
tadzikIf I didn't fail at translation, that's the situation11:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: x11-fonts-dejavu: updated to 2.30.11:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: scons: updated to
tilman"-- Sent from my PDP-1112:09
tilmanHAHAHAH awesome12:09
tadzikoh lol12:09
tilmantake that, iphone lovers ;)12:09
tilmani think i'll move llvm+clang to opt soon12:16
ZabaNot nice.  C++.12:17
tilmanbeen playing with clang since yesterday12:17
tilmanand i just saw this:
tilmanZaba: tell me those features aren't nice to have as a c developer :p12:18
tadzikLanguage racism, that's weird to me12:18
tadzik(Still, I don't like python)12:18
luxhwhy not?12:18
ZabaWhitespace zealotism is weird to me.12:19
Zabatilman, I have nothing against clang per se; it is written in C++ merely because llvm is.12:19
Zabain fact, I like clang's diagnostics, but it's too bad they can get messed up pretty badly in parallel builds.12:20
tilmanaha, i didn't know that12:20
frinnstFUCK sourceforge12:29
tilmanwhy this time?12:32
frinnsti get so tired of their mirrors12:33
frinnst.. what else? :)12:33
RyoSfrinnst: host your own server ;)12:34
tilmanput it on the sheeva! ;)12:37
tadzikhmm. If I'm listed as a maintainer in some ports which I don't really care about anymore, what would be better: keep them in the repo so one day somebody would be able to make use of 'em, or remove them, so one day one won't be pissed off that there are old ports lying around which he does not want to duplicate?12:40
frinnstremove it. unless someone else wants to adopt it12:41
tadzikone would still be able to recover them from git one day :)12:44
tadzikhmm. What is the purpose of the regexps in ck4up.conf? How are they treated? I don't see any hints in the man page12:48
tilmanck4up greps the downloaded HTML for these REs12:49
tadzikjust greps? Cares about the lines?12:56
tilmanRTSL ;p12:56
tadzikdunno ruby12:56
tadzikduh, is it even possible to track sourceforge pages with it?13:26
tadzikI get "new" every run13:28
tadzikah, whatever13:29
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tilman@SF_STD@  @TARS@13:43
tilmanesmtp md5 @SF_STD@13:43
tadzikis @TARS@ predefined? Or is it the same as @TAR@?13:46
tilman@TARS@ @NAME@[-_].*?\.tar\.[bg]z2?13:46
tadzikhey, nice. Thank you13:48
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frinnstchannel remove #radeon16:48
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