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pitillogood morning01:14
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: libburn: updated to 0.8.002:26
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rauzfail :D03:34
rauzjust try to fix my firefox03:40
luxhdid you break it?03:44
rauzi'm not sure maybe i make some mistakes, my firefox ignores all plugins from the /usr/lib/firefox/plugins03:51
Rotwangdo you use firefox from opt?03:53
Rotwanglulz I've got libskypebuttons.so04:04
Rotwanghow did it get here?04:05
rauzjep i use the firefox from opt04:06
Rotwangand there are plugins inside this directory?04:06
rauzjep flash and java and ica04:08
Rotwangdid you check whether they point to the right direction?04:11
Rotwangright files*04:12
rauzyes the java file point to the rigth file and ica plugin also04:15
Rotwangand all the permissions are correct?04:18
Rotwangif yes then i dont see why it shouldnt work04:18
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rauzthe permissions are correct, so i have no idea why it's not working04:22
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Rotwangrauz: could you paste somewhere ls -l /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/04:27
Rotwang /opt/java/plugin, wtf04:31
rauzmy java is installed there04:32
Rotwangok, lets focus with libflashplayer.so04:33
rauza about:plugins shows nothing04:34
Rotwangrauz: when you click: tools -> add-ons04:36
Rotwangis there anything?04:36
Rotwangor is it empty?04:36
rauzRotwang: No plugins are installed04:38
Rotwangone more dirty trick04:41
Rotwangrauz: do you have strace installed?04:41
Rotwangif so try this: strace -e trace=open firefox |& grep flash04:42
Rotwangand open some website with flash04:42
Rotwanglike youtube04:42
Rotwangand see what happens04:42
Rotwangand paste it somewhere [;04:42
rauzmh... firefox does not start04:45
Rotwangtry firefox without strace04:45
Rotwangfrom a terminal04:45
rauzok sry i have tried the command with root shell04:46
Rotwangeverything seems ok [;04:50
rauzstrange the video is playing but about:plugins says no plugins04:50
rauzwtf o_O04:51
Rotwangfirefox loads flash plugin04:51
rauzbut should it not be displayed by about:plugins04:53
Rotwangit should if its enabled04:53
rauzmh.. flash is ok but when i use a website with java, it says install java plugin04:59
Rotwangcant help you with that ince you aren't using stock crux jre [;04:59
rauzi will install jre from ports :D05:01
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rauzRotwang: installed jre from ports now, all is working, thanks for your help06:40
Rotwanghelp desk at your service ;D06:41
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otwieraczlibarchive - „# Depends on: bzip2, xz, zlib”07:57
otwieraczShouldn't be „# Depends on:  bzip2 xz zlib”?07:57
Rotwangcoma separated deps are also valid07:58
Rotwangfor prt-get07:58
otwieraczHow to seeparate deps to array nicely?08:00
otwieracz(„# Dependencies” are also valid?(08:00
Rotwangin which language?08:00
otwieraczRotwang: Generally, Ruby..08:00
otwieraczHow prt-get is doing this?08:01
Rotwanglook at the source08:01
otwieraczWhere to get it?08:02
otwieraczIt's in ports…08:05
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otwieraczHey tadek.08:08
tadzikhmm, are we waiting for perl 5.12 for 2.7?08:22
thrice`5.11 is their devel version, no?08:23
tadzik5.12 is out now08:25
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tilmanfrinnst: no amazon in sweden?11:59
frinnstwhut?12:05 no12:05
frinnstwhat are you looking for?12:05
tilmanthe swedish amazon site12:06 doesn't work, neither does neither does amazon.se12:06
frinnstthey are not on the swedish market afaik12:06
tilmanw t f12:06
frinnstwhat kind of stuff are you looking for? books?12:06
tilmanyes12:06, or might be .se12:07 also has books12:07
tilmani assume i'll have to pay shipment at those shops12:07
tilmanguess i'll talk to my local dealer then12:07
tilmando you think learning swedish by reading swedish children's book might be a somewhat sane idea?12:08
tilmanthis is probably going to be legendary12:08
frinnsti learned english by watching dallas with swedish subtitles12:09
tilmani assume the same story is true for 90% of the swedish population (younger than X years)12:10
frinnstheh yeah. if id started to watch anime at a younger age id probably speak japanese at this point too :)12:11
tilmanfound a german online shop which sells swedish literature12:12
tilmanziomg expensive though12:12
frinnstwhy learn swedish btw?12:13
thrice`because the swedish crux marketing dept. is slacking12:14
tilmanfrinnst: seems like a fun and managable language12:15
frinnstim told our grammar is quite hard12:16
frinnstbut word for word against german is pretty similar12:16
jseBoth languages are part of the germanic languages family. Think of the scandinavian languages as german light. :>12:18
jseThere's always the bonus of sorts as swedish does not have the same amount of fun deciphering cases or genders in words.12:20
tilmanfound another shop. cheaper, very reasonable shipping costs12:22
n0nsensewhat's the difference between crux-2.6/contrib/crux-i586-2.6.iso, crux-2.6/iso/crux-2.6.iso and crux-2.6/sources/crux-2.6-source.iso?12:31
tilmanthe i586 one is for ... i58612:31
frinnst-source contains ... sources12:32
thrice`the 2.6.iso is the main release; 586 is contributed for older processors, and 2.6 is the source to make 'em12:32
tilmanthe second one is the stock image, ie for i68612:32
tilmanyay teamwork12:32
n0nsenseah, alright, thanks :D12:32
tilmanwe only publish the source iso to satisfy the GPL12:32
n0nsenseyou should add -i686 then :P12:32
frinnsttheres also a x86_64 iso.. though not hosted on crux.nu12:32
thrice`and also an updated iso not on crux.nu12:32
tadzikis it just me, or do I see many new soon-to-be cruxers?12:33
n0nsenseI have no 64-bit processor anyway12:34
otwieraczWhat's wrong with vim from CRUX that I can't use „middle-button clipboard”?12:44
frinnstare you using gpm or in x?12:48
tilman:set ttymouse?12:48
Rotwangshift + middle button12:51
tadzikgvim is funny12:51
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otwieraczttymouse = xterm212:53
otwieraczWorks with shift.12:53
otwieraczAnybody know Ruby?13:06
otwieraczI have stupid problem :-)13:06
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otwieraczI have arrat, puts(array.inspect) gives: ["tcl", "tcllib", "subversion"]13:07
otwieraczarray.each do |target|13:07
otwieraczputs target13:08
otwieraczMakes a lot of noise (prints every element many times, eg. tcl\ntcllib\n\subversion\ntcl\ntcllib\n etc…)13:08
otwieraczWhat's wrong?13:08
tilman"p whatver" is the same as "puts whatver.inspect" FYI13:09
otwieraczI will use puts.13:10
tilmanpaste your code (on pastebin or somesuch)13:10
otwieraczlist.size is 3.13:11
tadzikyou can use $list to have it global13:12
otwieraczAh. Nice.13:13
otwieraczSo, I see that everything is done by you ;-)13:13
otwieraczBut, what's wrong in my code?13:14
tilmandunno, let me try it :)13:15
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otwieracztilman: hm? :)13:18
tilmanif foo { list = something}13:18
tilmanprint list13:18
tilmanyou print list even if !foo13:18
tilmanget it?13:19
tilmanthere is no "if" around the list.each thing13:19
tilmanso the each loop is called for _every_ line in the Pkgfile13:19
tilmannot just for the Dependencies line13:19
otwieraczbut list = ["tcl", "tcllib", "subversion"]13:20
otwieraczgot it.13:20
otwieraczI print it (wc -l Pkgfile) times.13:20
tadzikthat's why I like curly brackets :)13:20
tilmanhere's an "end", tadzik13:21
otwieracztilman: thanks.13:21
tilmani doubt curly brackets would make it more obvious13:21
tilmanotwieracz: np13:21
tilmanotwieracz: consider trying my code; ;p13:21
tadzikah, I see. My mistake, I thought this end if for the first if and that's the problem13:21
otwieraczI tilman I want to remind Ruby.13:22
otwieraczAnd code everything by myself :)13:22
otwieraczWell, how to make this "list" global?13:22
otwieracz(without ugly list = []?)13:23
otwieraczI must use „$” everywhere.13:23
tilmani'd make mklist take a 'list' argument13:23
tilmanand add stuff to it:13:23
tilmanlist << 'foo'13:23
otwieraczWhen „foo” is…13:25
otwieraczNow I must find dependencies in /usr/ports13:33
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otwieraczI must find desired Pkgfile path.13:34
otwieraczEg. i'm looking for tcl Pkgfile.13:35
tadzik/usr/ports/`ports -l | grep '^tcl$'`?13:35
otwieraczAnd I don't know that it it in /usr/ports/core, contrib, opt, xorg, foo, bar, or something other.13:35
otwieraczYeah, but in Ruby ;-)13:36
tilmanyou'll have to try all subdirectories of /usr/ports13:36
otwieraczI problably need Find class.13:37
otwieraczSo, how?13:38
tilmand = '/usr/ports'13:39
tilmanwait, even better:13:39
tilmanDir.foreach('/usr/ports') { |subdir| ... }13:39
otwieraczAh, „Dir” class.13:40
tilmanpkgf = File.join subdir, port_name, 'Pkgfile'13:40
tilmanif File.exist? pkgf do ... end13:40
otwieraczReally thanks for „Dir” hint.13:44
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BettOHey, hi , crux there is 64 bit?15:17
frinnstbut not official15:17
BettOfrinnst, nice. thanks :P15:37
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aepummm. live cd kernel has no device mapper?20:05
aepthats .. new20:05
aepi have no idea how to install a bootloader without dm support oO20:07
aephmpf bed time20:10
thrice`aep, crux-2.6 should20:14
aep"grep device-mapper /proc/misc" says no20:18
aepand i had to enable it in the kernel config too, which is weird since its enabled by default upstream20:20
aepodd. its M, so there is a module.20:22
aepits already inserted, but still no dm20:23
aephmpf. i'll just see how i can set it up without. tomorow20:24
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