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pitillogood morning01:05
luxhmorning pitillo01:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: git: updated to
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jhwi tried installing crux on my machine which was running slackware before. everything went well and at the end i issued the "lilo" command and rebooted the system as stated in the crux handbook. for some reason though, the harddisk still booted with the slackware lilo configuration. it came up correctly, but with the slackware kernel. however, the filesystem was the crux installation. does anybody have an idea why lilo didn't change the configuration? there were no error01:52
luxhwhere to did you install lilo?01:54
jhwon slackware i installed it to the mbr01:55
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tadzik :)11:34
thrice`CRUX 2.7 to be released in a week's time11:35
tadzikPerl 5.12, gcc 4.5, what will be next?11:39
thrice`openssl 1.0 :>11:39
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tadzikmaybe PHP 6 or something :)11:39
joacimI dont see the point of making a new release this close to my exams11:39
joacimpostpone until june 3. please =)11:40
tadzikhah, I know what will be next: C++0x :D11:40
RotwangC++1x i suppose [;11:43
tadzikC++0a maybe ;)11:43
otwieraczCan I update CRUX without burinig CD?11:45
tadzikYep, there is a guide on the wiki11:46
thrice`otwieracz, usually, yes, but crux 2.7 will be a little tougher I think11:47
tadzikyou were saying: more exciting11:47
thrice`right :p11:47
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otwieracztilman: now the worst moment.12:41
otwieraczMy script found 50 depndencies, prt-get found 72.12:41
otwieracztilman: ↑ can you try? Maybe you will have some ideas.13:01
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tilmanotwieracz: does this happen for every pkgfile?13:43
otwieraczI tried some.13:44
otwieracz(and, sorry for this code. It's really ugly :))13:44
tilmandoes this happen for every pkgfile. yes or no13:45
tilmanthe answer should be obvious13:45
otwieraczI didn't tried *every* pkgfile. :-)13:46
tilmanthe obvious way to debug this is to find a minimal test case which produces the error13:47
tilmanthen see what's the differece in pkgfiles that causes your script to fuck up13:47
otwieraczdependency tree will be helpfull.13:48
n0nsensetadzik: ugh php13:52
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otwieracztilman: hmm.14:04
otwieraczI think, that there's something when adding names to list.14:05
otwieraczfunction getdeps works good, I think.14:05
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Rotwangsuperbad, uber comedy14:24
luxhhavent seen that one yet14:24
Rotwangits great14:27
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aephm cant install xorg-server.  apparantly expat failed to download15:50
thrice`try, try again :P15:50
aepi'm doing prt-get depinst xorg-server btw15:53
aepnot sure if i'm doing it right15:53
thrice`yep :)15:53
thrice`thought, --install-scripts  will help do the font stuff15:53
aepah yeah, great15:54
n0nsensedamnit, this is my only computer15:54
n0nsenseI can't read the handbook while installing crux15:55
tadzikoh yes you can15:55
sinistren0nsense: that's nonsense15:55
aepprint it15:55
n0nsenseon the other hand, arch won't boot anymore anyway15:55
sinistreput it on a vc..15:55
aepn0nsense: besides it's rather straight forward15:55
tadzikisn't it on the cd?15:55
sinistreuse the power of alt fX. :p15:55
n0nsenseAlt+F4? :P15:55
aepn0nsense: basicly stick the cd in, prepare the root on /mnt  , run setup , chroot , passwd fstab etc, reboot15:56
tadzikwhy not? :)15:56
sinistreif you want to.15:56
n0nsenseaep: kay15:56
n0nsense0:44 <- gah!15:56
thrice`the handbook is on the CD iirc15:56
sinistren0nsense: just "less" the handbook on another VC, it's on the cd.15:56
tadzikhey, we do have a lot of crux newcomers16:00
n0nsensemore will come :)16:00
tadzikwell, I guess that's good16:01
n0nsensen0nsense@heilagr:~$ scp nh:*.f77 .16:01
n0nsenseOpenSSL version mismatch. Built against 9080cf, you have 1000000f16:01
n0nsenseI'm sick of arch.16:01
aepand more once i post my rant on how arch is crux done wrong >_<16:01
sinistreyou know remakes16:01
tadzikthat's what I thought when I read the crux handbook for the first time16:01
tadzikstill they have some ideas which crux is actually to be borrowing16:03
sinistrewhut? Crux is borrowing from arch?16:03
tadzikwell, you may think so16:04
tadziklemee look at the wiki…16:04
sinistresonny, you 'll never make a good farmer..16:04
sinistresince you're putting the horse infront of the cart. :>16:04
sinistreeh, the other way 'round16:04
* sinistre pleads temporary insanity16:05
tadzikwell, there was something about there should be the package metadata in shell variables rather than in comments16:05
sinistrecrux is older than arch, and cruxers have never afaik been very impressed with arch.16:06
sinistreSo, I'd rate the probability that crux borrows anything from arch as "low".16:06
tadzikI don't think it's really borrowing from arch, it's rather moving to things which arch has16:07
tadziklemee find i16:07
tadzik>:( screw you, chromium!16:07
tadzikwe change from the "meta data in comment" approach to "everything is a shell variable"16:07
* sinistre wonders who wrote this.16:09
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frinnstlooks horrid16:32
frinnstalso, its just a personal draft?16:34
sinistreit's hardly worse than translating "maintainer" as "underhållare" :p16:38
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frinnsthaha, käft :D16:42
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frinnstzomg, gcc 4.516:51
thrice`12:34     tadzik| :)17:02
thrice`oldie :p17:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: skipfish: 1.27b -> 1.31b17:03
frinnstold patches seem to apply cleanly atleast17:04
thrice`omg, you're a maniac :p17:05
sinistrethrice`: of course he is, he translated "maintainer" as "entertainer" after all. :D17:06
* sinistre twists the knife some more17:06
jsewat?! they aren't the same thing?17:06
sinistrefrinnst: don't worry too much, I once saw someone translating "hide" as "gömmning" :D17:07
sinistre(kde2.x something)17:07
n1nsensewhat's gömmning?17:10
sinistren1nsense: I have no idea. ;)17:10
sinistren1nsense: it's a really bad, bad BAD translation to swedish from "hide".17:11
sinistreit's basically not even a word17:12
frinnstright, here goes pkgadd -u gcc#4.5.0-1.pkg.tar.gz17:29
* sinistre ducks into his foxhole17:30
teK_for x86_64 it's still compiling17:30
teK_but it's delicious taste already delights my nose17:31 crap in footprint17:31
teK_yeah. O_o17:32
frinnstports -d is noisy on this box :p17:33
sinistrehah, first it's xml in glibc, and now it's python in gcc. That's great..17:33
frinnstldconfig returns this everytime its run: /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not an ELF file - it has the wrong magic bytes at the start.17:40
teK_no shit sherlock :>17:41
frinnstso fucking annoying17:41
n1nsenseI hate compiling gcc :P17:42
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