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tilmanthe python is in gdb, not gcc, afaik :p00:48
pitillogood morning01:14
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Wilhelm_ScreenI can't seem to find a guide on how to install Crux01:25
tilmanbecause your nick made me smile:
Wilhelm_ScreenWow, can't believe I missed that01:27
Wilhelm_ScreenThank you01:27
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spaceninjajust want to say that the port database is down, but I'm guessing you already know it03:37
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jhwseems like the whole website isn't working properly04:26
jhwi always have a warning at the bottom of the page04:26
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frinnstread only fs D;06:08
* frinnst slaps _mavrick61 06:08
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jue_wtf, even ssh doesn't work on crux.nu06:54
jue_might be a disk-full problem06:55
jue_hope _mavrick61 will read my /msg07:01
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jaegerread-only sounds worse to me than full filesystem =/08:23
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jseMaybe the disk or partition has errors and the system has mounted it read-only.10:02
jseI had the impression that setting had to be manually added to fstab in order to remount on errors, though it's never happened personally so I shouldn't go vouching for this.10:05
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pedjaIs down?10:58
pedjaI get "Can not connect to database" when I try to open it10:58
jaegerThis happens a lot to me in VMs when the sun storage appliance shits itself10:58
jaegerpedja: read the last page or so of this channel10:59
Rotwangpedja: try the bugtracker [;10:59
pedjaI just woke up10:59
* pedja is on vacation10:59
pedjabugtracker is...bugged...11:00
thrice`"crux is dying?"  discuss11:38
jseWat? Oh, we have a zombie cannibal since the grapvine once said crux was dead, burried and rotting well over two years ago.11:38
tilmanis the 'mongo' in MongoDB short for humongous?11:40
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jsetilman: self-fulfilling and ironic names ftw.11:44
jseThey've aimed high and they might be well on their way in achieving such glorious outcome.11:44
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otwieraczportdb is dead?12:32
jseThey suspect the machine which hosts is having trouble.12:34
thrice`maybe from the recent increase in users? :p12:34
jsezomg. fame and fortune pressures rising.12:35
Rotwangyay \:d/12:37
sinistrejse: come on, only four more, and you'll be spiderman. :P12:44
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jseHaha. Yeah, that would be enough to create quite the web, no pun intended.12:49
sinistre"oh, what tangled web we weave.." :p12:50
jseWatch your step. :>12:51
sinistreI always do. :p12:51
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tilmanwikipedia says that scientology has "Tax-exempt status as a charitable religious organization." in austria13:20
teK_crazy austrians13:20
sinistrewell, you know, nothing good comes from austria. :>13:21
tilmanmy thought exactly!!13:21
sinistrehah, never heard of it..13:21
otwieracztilman: how to debug ruby programs?13:22
teK_go get one. NOW13:22
thrice`what's the non-bavarian view of Bavaria from Germans?  I read some someone giving it crap the other day13:22
otwieraczAny tools?13:22
tilmanthrice`: rofl bavarians...13:22
thrice`I found bavaria quite nice when I visited germany :<13:22
tilmanteK_: link to the photo of stoiber + gamsbarthut + kruzifix? :D13:24
tilmanotwieracz: FGI13:24
sinistrehah, exported to $SURROUNDINGS + belgium and australia, and apparently nowhere else. :P13:25
tilmanaustralia? %)13:26
sinistreyes, according to the ultra reliable wp article at least. :>13:26
sinistreApparently "Jungle Jims International Market in Fairfield, Ohio carries it too. :p13:27
* sinistre *roll eyes*13:27
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teK_tilman: hehhehe13:38
teK_I'd still love to have the mailaddress tilman13:39
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frinnststupid ntp server.. 10mins off13:46
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TeLe{K}hi, im having a little trouble with the installation of crux, when i try to compile the kernel it says that ncurses isnt installed, is this normal? i already did the setup proces and everything went OK13:52
frinnstare you in the chroot?13:52
teK_did you chroot before ..?13:52
TeLe{K}yes i did13:53
frinnstpkginfo -i |grep ncurses13:53
TeLe{K}i did my partitions, mount / and /home and after that ran setup, installed everything13:53
TeLe{K}ok gimme a sec frinnst13:53
frinnstshould be installed tho..13:53
teK_TeLe{K}: after that you called setup-chroot?13:54
TeLe{K}well ii supposed it should, is the second try by the way13:54
TeLe{K}no teK_ i havent done that13:54
teK_for your first installations you should follow the handbook closely. Where does the new / reside? /mnt?13:55
TeLe{K}teK_:  you mean this one?13:56
TeLe{K}and yes the root dir is on /mnt13:57
teK_if /mnt/dev etc. is not already mounted just call setup-chroot13:57
teK_then run pkginfo -i |grep ncurses13:58
TeLe{K}so weird, ncurses 5.7-1  but then whay when i try to "make menuconfig" it says that ncurses isnt present?13:59
teK_so you're still in the chroot env?14:00
teK_have you tried *again* to make meunconfig?14:00
TeLe{K}yes its doing it right now14:01
TeLe{K}the handbook never tells about setup-chroot, it just says to chroot by hand14:01
TeLe{K}or is there a wider handbook that i am not aware of?14:02
frinnstive never run setup-chroot :)14:02
frinnsti always mount /dev et al. manually :p14:02
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TeLe{K}frinnst: i did it like you say but it didnt worked for me twice14:02
frinnstnever heard anyone having problems with that14:03
TeLe{K}well its working now, thanks teK_ and frinnst14:04
TeLe{K}does anybody here uses it on an eeepc 900HA ?14:05
frinnstno but on a 1005ha14:05
frinnstdunno how the hardware differs14:05
TeLe{K}me neither14:06
frinnstlooks pretty similar14:08
teK_tbh: I think the handbook.txt on the CD mentions it14:08
teK_TeLe{K}: you're welcome14:08
TeLe{K}i have been trying to test crux for about 6 months, at last yesterday i decided to install it on my netbook14:09
teK_then have a lot of fun14:09
jaegerI have a 901 a? or something, works well there14:09
frinnstare you building packages on another box jaeger? :)14:10
jaegeror 901, maybe, something like that14:10
jaegerfrinnst: I build packages on the eee, it's not that slow14:10
jaegerin tmpfs, usually14:10
frinnstme too, but xulrunner etc arent that fun14:11
jaegertrue, though I'm never in a big enough hurry that it bugs me :)14:11
TeLe{K}heheheh how much time does it take to build firefox for instance?14:11
jaegerI haven't timed it, myself14:12
* teK_ compiled xulrunner/firefox mplayer some xorg stuff just yesterday on a P III with 1,2GHz *g*14:12
TeLe{K}im used to compile on a freebsd virtualized machine and it takes forever14:12
frinnstTeLe{K}: you should make sure you enable hyperthreading in pkgmk: MAKEFLAGS=j2 or something :)14:12
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frinnstthar she goes14:15
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TeLe{K}frinnst: i cant find that option, well i found "smt (hyperthreading) scheduler support and its its enabled, no way to put that makeflags=j214:20
TeLe{K}a netbook is considered a low-latency desktop?14:20
frinnstno, the makeflag goes in /etc/pkgmk.conf14:20
frinnstits an enviromental variable thats passed to pkgmk14:20
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TeLe{K}frinnst: im at /etc/pkgmk.conf, should i just add that?   MAKEFLAGS=j214:38
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thrice`export MAKEFLAGS="-j3" or so14:48
Rotwangoha noes!14:53 is down completely14:53
* thrice` phones Rotwang: Help Desk14:53
Rotwangsorry just finished work [;14:54
frinnstholy fuck, i cant move.. stupid back14:54
Rotwangyou talk about your ass or spine?14:55
thrice`well, either our poor server has completely died, or is getting fixed :>14:55
TeLe{K}thrice`: thanks15:00
TeLe{K}bye everybody and thanks for your help15:00
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* sinistre notes that seems to have taken another step away from the "ordinary" user.15:53
tadzikwth have they done15:54
sinistrestopped listing the current version on the front page.15:55
* teK_ checks if his kernelupdate still works15:55
thrice`basicz :)15:55
sinistretrivial and subtle, but pretty clear15:55 is the only way now :)15:55
sinistre"You shall use teh kernel provided for you".15:55
teK_thou shalt use CRUX15:56
sinistreIn the brave new world, crux is an abnormality.15:56
tadziknormality is so weird I'm quite happy being abnormal15:57
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joacimwho needs a new kernel anyways16:09
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thrice`omg, crux lives \o21:49
thrice`nice job :>21:51
jaegerIt was relatively painless, gonna do a bit more work on it on Sunday when _mavrick61 has more time23:11

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