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n0nsense*why* is there no port for nvidia legacy cards?10:09
thrice`perhaps many just download and run it by hand ? :(10:11
* n0nsense does not trust nvidia :P10:12
n0nsenseI hate untracked packages10:12
n0nsenseplus, it always fails for me10:13
n0nsensemy Pkgfile succeeded though, but the result is not usable10:13
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n0nsensenow it worked, strange10:14
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n0nsensewhat windowmanagers do you use?10:46
ZabaI use dwm10:46
thrice`openbox :>10:47
n0nsenseI used to use dwm, but I think about using something else now, since C clearly lacks Modules support to make dwm fit my workflow10:47
n0nsensexmonad or something :>10:47
Rotwang"C clearly lacks Modules support"?10:59
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tadzikn0nsense: I use awesome11:01
n0nsenseRotwang: C is a great programming language, but not the best to write configuration files in11:13
RotwangI used to use awesome too11:17
Rotwangnow im using openbox w/ lxde11:17
tadzikwell, this idea to configure in the code is, well11:25
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n0nsensetadzik: it's easier in a language which supports modularisation12:41
n0nsensetadzik: applying more than one patch to dwm is usually a pain in the ass12:41
tadzikit's about dwm design, not about C12:41
tadzikseen mcabber? It has excellent module support12:41
n0nsenseit is indeed about dwm design12:42
n0nsensebut suckless people hate dynamic linking12:42
n0nsenseplus, if you would use a language which natively supports modules, it would make things easier too12:43
n0nsenselike Xmonad does it12:43
tadzikah, what am I fighting for anyway? I prefer awesome, :)12:44
n0nsenseI don't fight against dwm :)12:47
n0nsenseit's a good window manager, but it does not fit my needs in certain points12:47
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eintopfmain ports are down :/14:23
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thrice`  is having work done, I think14:52
otwieraczOops! Google Chrome could not connect to crux.nu14:54
jaegeryeah, we're working on it15:05
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n0nsense"You can register your personal HttpUp repository sending an email" <- just httpup or also rsync? and why only httpup?18:50
Rotwangrsync too18:52
RyoSi heard credit card is fine too18:52
n0nsenseyou want to send me your credit card? I appreciate it, go ahead :P18:54
RyoShow about no.18:55
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n0nsensejaeger: why do you have your own rtorrent?20:23
jaegerat the time it probably wasn't in the main repos20:23
* n0nsense thinks about making his own one with the colors-patch20:24
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