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frinnstrtorrent was added recently04:21
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jhw_does anyone else have trouble installing ports which sources lie on
tadzikall the time06:22
tadzikmaybe try putting some working-for-you mirror in /etc/hosts06:22
jhw_that might be worth a try06:24
tadzikiirc it helped me a bit06:24
tadzikthere's even such not on the wiki06:24
tadzikhmm. ck4up would be nice to monitor the upcoming albums of my favourite music bands06:30
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spaceninjahow many characters wide should a txt document be?11:35
tadzik72 methinks11:35
tilman72 is often picked as width for emails, because it leaves space for quotation marks so quoted text still fits in a 80 column terminal11:36
spaceninjaoh ok, thanks11:37
jse72-to-76 characters in width should be fine.11:42
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spaceninjacrux vps hosting, does it exist? :)13:03
tadzikwhat a boring sunday13:04
tadzikLet's do something worthy. Dunno, rewrite pkgutils to seeples or something.13:05
teK_introduce USEflags13:05
spaceninjaI'm looking for a non bloated webhosting service with linux, any recommendations?13:05
tilmancan't you host it yourself on your 100 mbit line?13:06
tadzikteK_: hmm, how about something like 'make config' in fbsd, so you can choose some options for compilation?13:07
spaceninjamy upload is tiny, I have to move out if I want more juice13:07
spaceninjaI guess I should be focusing on making some content first13:08
spaceninjaI don't pay the bills here :)13:10
teK_tadzik: dunno13:11
tadziksounds like fun imho13:11
tadzikI remember when I was fighting with some sip software for gnome to build it without gnome13:11
Rotwanglinphone's better imo13:19
tadzikmaybe. I'm doomed to skype anyway13:19
joacimichat and jabber =)13:21
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n0nsenseis the pekwm maintainer here?14:01
n0nsensepekwm has been upgraded from 0.1.11 to 0.1.1214:02
tadzikbtw, is romster sometimes around here?14:02
jse>2 years ago there was a scuffle and he lost it after that, hasn't been here actively since then.14:04
tadzikheh, but he added hedgewars to contrib some time ago14:05
tadzikand it was a while after I mentioned it here14:05
tadzikso maybe he's just sitting there incognito14:05
jseThat's the peculiar thing, he continues to maintain ports in contrib.14:05
teK_~/contrib]% git log | grep -iA 1 Rawlins  | head -214:07
teK_Author: Danny Rawlins <>14:07
teK_Date:   Sat Apr 17 11:13:46 2010 +100014:07
jseYep. He never quit, he simply stopped being in this channel for what it's worth.14:08
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Rotwangit was 2 years ago?14:09
Rotwangdamn, time goes fast14:09
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n0nsensehow big is the community?15:10
n0nsenseam I right with the assumption < 100 people? :)15:10
tadzikChannel #crux: 38 nicks (2 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 36 normals)15:11
n0nsensewell, not everybody who is part of the community hangs out in the channel15:11
n0nsenseI thought, maybe there are some more?15:11
otwieraczWhy ntpdate doesn't updates timer at startup?15:20
otwieraczOf course I have "ntpdate" in rc.conf's services.15:20
otwieraczThere are any logs of init messages?15:23
Rotwangstart it by hand and see15:28
teK_network should be up and running before ntpdate is run15:36
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tadzikhmm, does wireshark work for you guys?15:39
otwieraczRotwang: by hand works.15:40
otwieraczSERVICES=(net crond alsa postfix slim ntpdate)15:40
spaceninjatadzik: I'm experiencing some problems, I only get 3 packages, then it stops15:40
spaceninjatadzik: having similar problems or something different?15:41
tadzikspaceninja: 3 packets, right?15:42
tadzikthat's somehow like tshark works for me, while the gtk app does not react to input at all15:42
spaceninjawell, it worked with firefox before if I remember it correctly15:43
teK_otwieracz: you could remove the 1>/dev/null part and see what happens15:44
spaceninjabut it's everything, now I only get two packages, then it stops15:44
spaceninjashould I run it as root?15:45
otwieracztilman: ping15:46
* spaceninja checks the error log15:46
spaceninjacan't figure it out15:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: postfix: 2.5.5 -> 2.5.1015:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: postfix: avoid useless use of cat in Pkgfile16:06
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spaceninjawhy is my router flooded my attemps to connect to port 42047?17:04
spaceninjaoh well, I'll figure it out17:27
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