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pitillogood morning01:01
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luxh'sup pitillo01:06
pitilloyo luxh :)01:07
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enteI wonder what happened to my mail06:00
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enteI already asked per mail, but I didn't get a reply yet, so I ask here again (I can be very annoying, I know): Would someone include my repository in the portdb?06:24
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pitilloente: I think nipuL_ maintains the repodb, check this
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pitillothere is some info here too, but I don't know if the alias for contrib-admin works
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enteI sent a mail there07:38
RotwangYou have reached the gates of hell.07:40
thrice`nipuL_ might not be alive any longer07:41
Rotwangente: are you satan?07:41
Rotwangthrice`: what happened to him?07:41
enteRotwang: not really ;)07:42
enteI just forgot to put my real content there07:42
entemy page is still at which happens to be my old server07:42
thrice`Rotwang, I mean, not active :)07:44
entewell, the "new port db" he maintained seems pretty outdated07:47
ente"last updated: 1 year, 1 month ago" or so?07:48
pitilloente: not sure if someone else can register your repo, let's see if someone reads this and can tell you something07:51
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otwieraczHey tadzik.08:27
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rauzis someone here who had compiled kde4 ?09:00
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enteexim is in core10:10
entedoes this make exim the crux default mta?10:10
thrice`mm, I think it was "well, we need *something* "  ;)10:12
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entehow about dma?10:41
entejust as default10:44
thrice`i'm clueless, personally, since I only use CRUX on my laptop, and not a server or something.  I usually just unselect exim :>10:45
enteyeah, but I like getting local mail from cron without having a full fledged MTA running10:45
enteand dma is exactly this10:45
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: iputils: update to s2010041811:51
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb: update to 1.0.711:51
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: zlib: update to 1.2.511:51
thrice`hi jue11:51
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tilmandma looks interesting11:54
tilmanreally bad name though11:55
juewhat's dma?11:57
tilmandragonfly mail agent11:58
jueah, it's able to delivers to loacal mailboxes too12:01
tilmanah, i see you're lacking context12:02
juemost other 'small' MTA's can not do that12:02
tilmanjue: the local delivery thing is why ente proposed it12:02
jueah, sorry, should better read the log :)12:02
jueente: the default config of exim does exactly what you need, exim delivers mail to local users and tries to deliver all external mail to the recipient12:09
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juethough, the second will not work for most users ...12:11
entejue: dma is smaller than exim12:12
juesure :)12:13
enteI just wonder why it is not setuid root installed as /usr/sbin/sendmail though12:13
Zabahm.. out of curiousity, does exim's config resemble that of sendmail?12:13
entejue: dma was made because people were fighting about the MTA to include as default12:14
entetilman: and yes, the name was indeed badly chosen12:14
tilmanZaba: no (unless i misunderstood the question :p)12:14
Zabawell, you don't generate it with m4, and you can actually read it without going homicidal, yes?12:14
Zabathen it doesn't resemble sendmail ;p12:15
enteI made an experimental Pkgfile12:18
entersync -aqz dragonfly-dma12:19
tilmandragonfly dragonfly mail agent?12:19
entethere might be other packages or programs called dma12:19
entethis is temporary anyway12:19
tilmanfair enough :]12:19
entedragonfly-ma would be stupid I guess12:20
enteand dragonfly-mail-agent too long12:20
tilman... and grepping for 'dma' wouldn't turn up anything12:20
entedebian has a set of patches though, maybe we should have a look at these too12:20
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tilmanente: forall packages in universe: debian has a set of patches13:11
entefor all of them, debian also has additional manpages13:12
entebut some of the packages have really stupid defaults anyway13:12
enteso it's partly justified13:12
tilmanyeah, debian's man page policy is nice13:12
tadzikoh, by the way, is Fredrik Rinnestam sometimes around?13:13
tilmantadzik: he goes by the name frinnst now13:13
tadzikfrinnst: ?13:13
* tilman hytter med naven at people who silently change their nicks13:13
mhi_oha ;]13:14
tilmanoh, an haskell person13:14
tilmanjesus fucking christ13:15
tilmanmhi_: i thought "oh, straw brought some more berlin people in here" ;p13:15
mhi_Nope, I had to rename due to my student job ;x13:15
tilmancould have changed your legal name instead13:16
mhi_(and because I'm too lazy to start 2 instances of irssi)13:16
mhi_well, I can live with it :)13:16
tadzikoh, frinnst13:17
frinnstffs, i cant be known as "rehabdoll" :>13:17
tilmanwhy not? it's a cool name13:17
frinnstit interferes in my professional life :D13:17
tilmani have no idea what it means, but.13:17
tadzik ← here's a manpage for notify-send, mind including it in the port?13:17
frinnsti still use it on quakenet with my old mates13:18
tilmantadzik: only if you also talk to upstream and ask them to include it in the tarball :P13:18
tadzikoh, we're not slackware ;)13:18
frinnstnew keyboard13:18
frinnsttadzik: was it anything specific?13:19
tadzikspecific to what?13:19
tilmanoh, the question was for frinnst13:19
tilmani thought you were asking #crux :P13:19
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tadzikwell, frinnst is listed as a maintainer13:19
tilmanyeah, my bad13:20
frinnstya, for the firefox crap :)13:20
frinnstthis illuminated logitech keyboard is quite nifty13:22
frinnststill need to get used to the new layout but..13:22
tilmanwhat layout is that?13:23
frinnstexpensive but worth it imo, fyi etc13:23
tilmanmmmv ;]13:23
frinnstwell, all the keys are just a wee bit off :)13:23
tilmanis it one of those "ergonomic" keyboards?13:23
frinnstno, super thin13:24
tilmanilluminated + thin sounds like apple anyway13:25
frinnsttrue, but its BLACK :)13:25
tadziklooks cute13:25
tilman60 to 70 euro. oof.13:27
frinnstya, but worth it if you  like typing in the dark.. probably :>13:33
frinnstthe 2.6.33 series must have been the most stable series in 2.6. still at .2?13:33
tilmanmaybe the stable team is on vacation13:34
tilmanor stuck at some european airport?13:35
frinnsti know a guy that told his wife he'd be away working at some construction site where he couldnt be reached by phone. instead he went to thailand and now he cant get home13:35
ulughbeghcurvy keyboards are so confy13:36
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jaegerfrinnst: I have that very keyboard at home and love it14:10
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otwieraczThere are any package with CA Certs?14:43
otwieraczAh, nv14:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: skipfish: 1.31b -> 1.32b17:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ntp: 4.2.6 -> 4.2.6p117:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ntp: fix line17:47
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