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pitillogood morning00:56
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jhwgood morning01:10
DarkNekrosmorgning ;)01:34
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spaceninjagetting "Qt qmake not found!" with the attica package from kde411:53
thrice`shall I ask the obvious? ;)11:55
spaceninjado I need to install qt4 first?11:55
spaceninjaI entered this and hoped it would get solved prt-get depinst kdebase kdepim kdegraphics kdenetwork kdemultimedia kdeutils11:56
thrice`kdebase doesn't depend on qt4?11:57
spaceninjakdebase # Depends on:   cmake qt4 kdepimlibs kdebase-runtime kdebase-workspace11:58
thrice`# Depends on:   cmake qt4 kdepimlibs kdebase-runtime kdebase-workspace11:58
thrice`perhaps the ordering is off11:59
spaceninjais there some kind of priority? Maybe it should be qt4 cmake11:59
thrice`so, attica needs qt4?11:59
spaceninjamy log is gone11:59
thrice`perhaps attica just needs qt4 added, so that it goes in earlier into the chain11:59
spaceninjaI'm really looking forward to kde4, even though I'm a huge gnome fan. Too bad the gnome repos is lagging behind. Lets hope kde4 pwns gnome (according to me) :D12:03
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rauzspaceninja: did kdepim compile without errors ?12:40
spaceninjahaven't started it yet, I'm still compiling qt4 seperately12:42
spaceninjaI'll let you know12:43
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joacimall gtk and qt-based desktops have disappointed me. none seems to provide anything good12:44
joacimI'm looking out for something based on gnustep tho =)12:44
rauzspaceninja: thx12:44
* mhi_ changed from Fluxbox to dwm jus some weeks ago12:45
spaceninjathe only reason why I want to know kde4 is that everyone in my lug is using it :)12:45
joacimI use OSS4 because nobody I know uses it :p12:46
spaceninjaI prefer openbox, but I miss having a decent file manager12:48
spaceninjaand panel12:48
spaceninjafor productivity purposes12:49
rauzi used fvwm2 before i compiled kde4 :D12:49
thrice`i've wanted to try dwm, but setting up that top bar seems challenging12:49
thrice`openbox + tint2 is pretty good for me currently ;)12:50
rauzi think kdebase + kdepim will be my default desktop12:52
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spaceninjawow tint2 feels good12:55
spaceninjathrice`: what do you use as a file manager?12:57
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spaceninjaah, I should just go with xfe13:04
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tadzikhmm, weird13:10
tadzik[ 6797.237180] iwlagn 0000:02:00.0: Could not read microcode: -213:10
tadzik/lib/firmware/iwlwifi-5000-2.ucode: data13:10
tadzik↑ file13:11
tadzikanyone, what the hell?13:11
tilmanwhat version of udev?13:11
tadzikhah, new one13:11
tilman152 had a typo. /lib/fimware instead of /lib/firmware13:12
tadziksomething I should know?13:12
tilmanmmh ok13:12
tilmanthen that's not it :P13:12
tadzikhmm, hold on13:12
tadzikfirmware: requesting iwlwifi-5000-1.ucode13:12
tadzikmine is 5000-213:13
tadzikbut it doesn't matter, same effect13:14
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spaceninjawow qt4 takes forever to compile :)14:14
tadzikwell, yes14:14
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spaceninjaI want to restart X so that tint2 can't start up automatically without having to run it in the terminal14:23
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thrice`spaceninja, this is how I start openbox:14:29
spaceninjathrice`: nice, thank you14:32
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thrice`sure :>14:37
thrice`I don't think I have a file manager installed, fwiw.  I tried unsuccessfully to use the new pcmanfm14:37
spaceninjamy xinitrc looks like this, haven't tried it with tint2 yet, is that sleep needed, and can I run those stuff before I start openbox?
thrice`mm, i'm not sure that your tint2 will get run14:40
thrice`until you close openbox-session, that is14:40
thrice`if you're loading via. openbox-session, I think there is a way to start stuff via. ~/.config/openbox/  too14:40
spaceninjayes probably14:41
thrice`mine says to run tint2 after a couple seconds, but the '&' makes it go to the next command14:42
thrice`yours starts openbox-session, and stops; it won't try tint2 until after the openbox-session processes is exited I think14:42
spaceninjaok, I'll try adding tint2 in .config/openbox/ when qt4 finishes14:44
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spaceninjaI should compile big stuff in the "original" terminals14:45
spaceninjactrl alt f114:45
tilmanor in a screen session14:45
thrice`you can startx from tty2  also ;)14:46
spaceninjathrice`: aha, how?14:46
spaceninjaI'll figure it out :)14:46
thrice`ctl+alt+f2, login, run startx14:46
thrice`send thrice` cookies14:47
spaceninjait doesn't work, it says there is another server running14:47
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spaceninjamaybe I've missed something14:49
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spaceninjawow, is irssi giving away that much information?14:53
spaceninjaprobably acrux himself14:54
tadzikthere's a note "Rice not included"14:54
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spaceninjaadding "tint2 &" at the end of .config/openbox/ worked15:05
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* spaceninja screened irssi15:08
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spaceninjasourceforge... :p15:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: cacti: 0.8.7e include some security critical patches15:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: genshi: 0.5.1 -> 0.617:39
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tenfourI'm failing to boot crux after a new install, same problem on VirtualBox & a Pentium3. After I boot from grub I get an error: "Kernel panic not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)"20:27
tenfourI'm not sure if the problem is related to a config problem with GRUB or something in the Kernel missing, I compiled the default kernel because it appeared to have everything that this computer needed. the drive is formated to ext2 on hdb1, and swap on hdb2.20:29
tenfouranyone come across this problem? any ideas how to fix or where to even start?20:30
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