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pitillogood morning00:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: skipfish: 1.32b -> 1.33b05:22
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teK_anyone interested in a newsbeuter port?06:41
Rotwang1rss reader06:43
teK_bloglines is down :\06:43
Rotwang1too bad i dont read rss06:44
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Rotwang1oha noes07:02
Rotwang1i just left that room07:02
Rotwang1i need to come back07:02
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sepenteK_, do you know snownews?07:05
teK_a want something that looks and behaves exactly the same way bloglines dit07:06
teK_oh noez07:06
teK_and tbh: it really should be web-based07:07
rauzmy kdepim will not compile07:09
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ROKO__how install CRUX Linux09:24
mhi_Don't do that.09:25
mhi_That's nothing CRUX-related, please ask in ##linux09:29
teK_what were you doing?09:29
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tadzikhave you read crux-ml today?10:02
teK_yes, why10:02
tadzikhow about fixing this firmware path in core/udev?10:03
teK_read my reply10:03
teK_ah well10:03
teK_i think i did not list-reply10:03
tadzikseems so10:03
teK_this blog rocks10:16
teK_reply of a friend:10:38
teK_Sending a RST without any packet travelling in the other direction? Looks suspiciously like there's a man in the middle10:38
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thrice`mm, I haven't updated udev yet at home.  perhaps I"ll hold off after reading the ML10:44
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teK_tadzik: see ML11:33
frinnsti dont have any issues with the latest udev11:34
teK_are you using any firmware?11:35
tadzikteK_: downgraded and works11:35
teK_tadzik: boring11:35
teK_+ upstream will have to fix this11:35
frinnstno, its broken11:44
frinnsti suck11:44
thrice`plz2revert tilman, gogo11:51
teK_see ML11:51
tilmanudev 153 can load firmware just fine for me11:51
thrice`then again, I"m sure 154 and 155 will be out within a day or so ;)11:51
tilmandid anyone check whether the issue is known at upstream?11:53
teK_contacting them via ML right now11:54
teK_git / ML does not show anything firmware related11:54
teK_(after 153)11:54
tilmanwho of you hits this problem?11:59
tilmandid you typo 'me'?12:00
tilmani really don't know12:00
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juetilman: me12:07
tilmanjue: good, i'm cooking up a patch for you to try12:08
juethe problem is that for firmware_path is within the x$enable_extras loop12:08
jue+ the check12:09
jueI've to second fefe :)12:09
tilmanwtf12:10 line 5212:10
tilmanyup, i see it12:10
tilmani'm not patching this shit12:10
thrice`the loop should be closed sooner, no?12:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Revert "udev: updated to 153."12:11
tilmanthrice`: oui12:11
thrice`currently, it is only set it --enable-extras is passed?12:12
tilmanthe linux/input.h stuff is probably okay to be inside the extra-loop12:12
juethrice`: yes12:12
tilmanjue: did you verify this?12:12
tilmanie did you try to move the code around and did that fix it?12:12
juewell, shows this obviously12:13
juenot tested though12:13
tilmanit's not fixed upstream yet12:14
tilmanthere's the bad commit;a=commitdiff;h=4101ce14b3f6646f3468f6a489d87d057aab716312:15
tilmani'm preparing a patch12:16
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tilmanteK_: is it ?12:21
teK_says so12:21
teK_note that the word bug does not appear on this website12:22
tilman o_____O12:43
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juetilman: works now for me, but there was another bug12:57
juewith_firmware_path="/lib/fimware/updates:/lib/fimware" has to be with_firmware_path="/lib/fimware/updates/:/lib/fimware/"12:57
tilmanare you looking at 152?12:58
juenot the trailing /12:58
tilman(missing 'r' in fiwmare)12:58
jueno, 15312:58
tilmandoesn't line 102 add the trailing slash?12:59
thrice`you have 'fimware' everywhere, though ;)12:59
tilmanit's line 102 with my patch applied ;)12:59
jueoh, yes12:59
juesorry, so it was only teK_'s sed ;)13:00
Zabaspeaking of that apple and ipad and ban blog post... well.. nothing special, everybody knows that apple is the creepiest shit and deals with so much dark magic that it makes even a basic customer deal mysterious13:00
Zabaanybody who have ever read a user manual for an apple product should realize that :P13:00
Zabaor met a zombie fanboy of apple13:01
* Zaba shudders13:01
tilmanone of my coworkers is an apple fanboy13:02
* tilman shivers as well13:02
ZabaI swear, technology can't change people like that unless it's been infused with a scary amount of something dark and evil13:02
RyoSi once won an ipod, i first was so angry about it i kicked it in the trash bin13:04
RyoSthen i sold it on amazon market place and bought a cowon13:04
RyoSgonna link my boss to this blog entry, he loves apple and i try to destroy his love at all costs :>13:05
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Zabaaffection for any technology is abnormal13:06
Zabaespecially when strong13:06
Zabapersonally, I either hate some technology, hate it a bit or am neutral towards it13:07
sinistreit's not the tech, it's the apple religion/cult.13:07
sinistrebelief is a dangerous thing.13:07
Zabaand I try to only use those that go in the two latter categories13:07
Zabasinistre, what do they believe in?13:07
Zabaoh, that crackhead13:07
sinistreYeah, and so are his followers.13:07
Zabawell, I would probably understand believing in him if he was dead13:08
Zabathere's no point in *believing* in something or somebody who bloody well exists13:08
sinistreeh, there's a difference to "beliving _in_ someone", and "beliving that someone exists".13:09
Zabawell, you can put your faith into somebody or their work, I guess13:09
Zababut, still, apple mainly does computers and software; what is there to put _faith_ in?13:10
sinistreThe visions of the Great Leader.13:10
Zabayeah, the crackhead jobs might give talks on stuff sometimes, but how much does that matter?13:10
Zabahow much would a normal person actually pay attention to that13:11
sinistreShoko Asahara or Steve Jobs. Same shit. :p13:11
Zabaone has to be insane in order to pay so much attention to things that are only related to the company that makes the technology one uses, rather than using said technology.13:13
Zabaand indeed to be fanatic about it13:13
sinistreAnd that's why one should steer clear of them, because there is really no way to talk to them.13:13
mhi_Sometimes it's hard to avoid them, especially at unis.13:22
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: swig: depends on zlib13:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.4613:24
sinistrethink of them as if they were carrying some contagious disease. :>13:28
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