IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2010-04-26

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pitilloçgood morning01:05
tadzik wow, awesome01:08
tadzikalmost like wolf3d in js01:08
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tadzikhmm, how do I check the md5sum of a burned cd, to be sure it's valid with the iso?06:45
thrice`I use this:
DaViruzmd5sum /dev/sr0 (or whatever you cd drive is called)06:47
DaViruzmaybe i'm mistaken in thinking that will work06:47
thrice`it usually works, but if there was any padding or so added to the disk, it'll report bad06:47
Zabayeah, but usually when burning isos, it will be exact06:49
tadzikwell, the speed of the checking the cd makes me assume something's going wrong06:49
Zabawhy? CDs are slow.06:49
tadzikI think the calculations should take more than one second06:50
Zabaah, well, check dmesg, perhaps, if something is really wrong...06:50
tadzikejected and put it again, now it's counting06:50
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frinnsti think 80 % of the cds i burn are bad08:29
frinnsteven with differend drives and media08:29
enteyou're doing it wrong :P08:30
jaegerAre they floppy CDs? :D08:32
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frinnstwell most are readable, but theres always something wrong09:22
frinnsti even tried burning in windows, same shit09:22
jaegerbad drive, possibly?09:24
frinnstnah, i think its probably bad media, eventhough ive tried a cople of manufacturers09:33
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frinnstgenerally i just pick up cds in the supermarket09:33
frinnstsome verbatim worked quite nice09:34
frinnstbut one conclution is that cds generally suck :)09:35
frinnstdvds usually work flawlessly09:36
frinnstno matter how cheap the media was09:36
thrice`I"m a big fan of USB keys lately :>  especially for installing09:42
jaegeryeah, agreed09:42
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spaceninjawow, kde4 was a bit of a pain to install :)10:31
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thrice`well, was it worth it? :)10:41
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spaceninjaI gave up, but I should try again10:46
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spaceninjaI gave up, but I'm going to try again10:47
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spaceninjastrigi needs boost and boost-jam11:02
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tilmandoes have a openjdk port by chance? ;]11:51
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: coreutils: update to 8.511:57
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thrice`not me :(11:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sane: update to 1.0.2112:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gv: update to 3.6.912:05
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tilmanthat POS requires the motif headers to build12:20
tilmanw t f?12:20
tadziksepen is confusing pkgutils. mpup is weirdly versioned12:25
tilman... and of course their crappy c++ source doesn't compile with g++ 4.412:26
tilmanthis is going to be so much fun!12:26
spaceninjahas anyone managed to compile strigi? I'm gettin this error
thrice`tilman, nice :>12:28
thrice`is openjdk and "icedtea" the same?12:28
tilmanicedtea is apparently an autotools-environment for building openjdk12:29
tilmansounds great in principle. but it requires gcj afaik12:29
tilmani think i'll run off buying some beer first12:29
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marco82Hi all. I'm currently trying to install some ports which depends on sourceforge and everything fails downloading with 404. Have the guys from SF changed anything in the download URIs? :(12:50
tadzik212.219.56.167  dl.sourceforge.net12:51
tadzikis in my /etc/hosts12:51
marco82ok works. Thank you12:52
marco82It's a little pain with these dynamic SF IPs12:53
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tadzikThis is perl 5, version 12, subversion 0 (v5.12.0) built for linux13:10
tadzikHi ha :)13:10
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tadziklooks like everything works, I'm rebuilding my local::lib now13:18
thrice`I hope some 2.7 goodies will become available soon :>13:19
tadzikI couldn't wait :>13:22
frinnsttilman: good call on the beer13:25
frinnsti thought about trying openjdk too. let me know if you make a port of it13:26
tilmanfucking unlikely13:26
frinnstdamn, i thought someone else would do the hard work13:26
tilmanwould be great though if we would have openjdk in opt13:27
tilmanit requires cups, ant (o_O), lesstif, more motif-shit headers13:27
tilman(i'm refering to openjdk6 fwiw)13:27
tilmanshit seems to build now13:29
tilmanafter getting rid of -Werror in a couple of makefiles13:29
frinnst-Werror is aweesome in releases13:29
tilmanespecially with g++ where shit changes significantly with every minor release13:30
tilmani didn't beer btw. didn't have the one i wanted :(13:32
frinnstjust had beer + kebab13:33
frinnstfuck im tired now13:33
tilmani had kebab for lunch ;)13:33
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tilmanfrinnst: i recently learned that "Datanord" (o with diaresis) is a swedish word \:D/13:33
tilmanerr. not sure diaresis is the right term13:34
frinnst= nerd :)13:36
frinnstive been called that a few times ;o13:36
mhi_This conversation reminds me of continuing my anti-nerd website.13:43
frinnstim getting old.. sciatica + carpal tunnel13:45
jaegertilman: is that anything related to technoviking? :D13:45
mhi_Or better.. the social downfall of full-time nerds.13:45
frinnstjaeger: lol13:45
tilmanfrinnst: crap, sorry to hear that :|13:51
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tilmangreat, now the javax.rmi.CORBA package cannot be found13:56
j^2yall miss me? :)13:56
tilmanhey j213:56
j^2how's life tilman?13:57
tilmanpretty good. you?13:57
j^2meh, time for me to get back in the swing of things :) that's why i'm back :)13:57
jaegerwelcome back13:58
j^2jaeger: actaully i'm gonna pm you in a sec13:58
j^2got a quetion :)13:58
thrice`wtf is .CORBA ?13:58
tilmanRPC shit13:59
jaegerj^2: I'll be going to a meeting soon, just so you know13:59
tilmani think?13:59
thrice`wow, arch linux has a monster build script for openjdk14:01
thrice`I can't find another script on any other distro that is readable14:02
tilmanthat guy says to use openjdk to build openjdk14:02
tilmani have the plain jdk atm14:02
thrice`wtf? :p14:02
tilmannot wtf14:03
tilmanwe're using gcc to build gcc, too :]14:03
mhi_self-hosting compiles for the win!14:05
thrice`I guess, I still say semi-wtf14:05
tilmanis there no openjdk build in tar.gz form?14:05
tilmanwhere do i download this?
tadziksays their PKGBUILD14:15
* thrice` shrugs14:15
tilmanfound it14:15
tadzikah, this14:15
tilmani need a binary package14:15
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tilmanpackage javax.transaction.xa does not exist14:21
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tilmanthat thing exists in .../java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/rt.jar14:30
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enteyuck, java14:34
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enteit's a trick!14:34
entethey say icedtea, and it's java behind that name14:35
entethat's horrible marketing strategy14:35
enteit's like selling poo as gold14:35
sinistrehey, it's not mono. :p14:35
enteit's JAVA!!14:35
entethat's even worse14:35
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tilmanwhat a fn joke14:42
tilmanback to javax.rmi not being found14:44
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jamesmillsheya all. so I just upgraded to 2.6 and my keyboard/mouse both don't work in X - how do I fix this ? (I was already using ev* in 2.5)14:47
thrice`updating means you must recompile the input drivers - did you do this?14:47
thrice`er, updating major versions of x-server  to be precise14:48
tilmanor even just minor versions, to be more precise :D14:48
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tilmanwhat does Xorg.log say about this?14:49
tilmanwhat does it say about evdev?14:52
tilmando you have evdev support in the kernel?14:53
jamesmillsI do14:53
jamesmillsit was working before I did the 2.6 upgrade via cd14:53
jamesmillsI haven't recompiled anything yet14:53
jamesmillsshould I be recompiling: xorg-xf86-input-evdev ?14:54
thrice`did it not update the stuff from xorg/ ?14:56
tilmanjamesmills: can't hurt. worth a try14:56
jamesmillsI always get this problem :)14:56
jamesmillsupgrade, X breaks14:56
thrice`did you by chance have hal installed before you updated?14:57
jamesmillshave to twiddle, tweak, recompile, etc14:57
thrice`I guess your old x-server was aware of hal, and the new one not?14:57
tilmangood idea14:57
jamesmillsI am using hal14:57
jamesmillsor at least I was14:57
thrice`exactly :>14:57
jamesmillsinputs are still as dead as a door nail14:57
jamesmillsrecompiling xorg-xf86-input-evdev did nothing14:57
thrice`your x-server does not know about hal if you used the version on the CD14:58
thrice`so, if hal is installed, x-server is the one needing rebuilding14:58
tilmando you have a xorg.conf?14:58
tilmanif so, try moving it away14:58
jamesmillsI'll recompile the x server :)14:58
jamesmills*fingers crossed* - thank god I have a MacBook too :)14:59
jamesmillshmm I dunno if this is a bug with the slim rc script, but /etc/rc.d/slim restart fails miserably complaining that another X instnace is running!15:04
jamesmillshmm have to recompile xorg-libxcb too -- missing .so files15:08
thrice`ooh, I forgot about that :>15:08
jamesmillsyeah nps :)15:08
thrice`well, I think the whole xcb thing was kind of a mess15:09
jamesmillswas wondering why I could now type and login (from slim)15:09
jamesmillsbut it went back to the login screen :)15:09
thrice`hold on one sec15:09
thrice`the .la files contain alot of false-positives15:09
thrice`try this sed trick:15:10
jamesmillsstill can't find libxcb-xlib15:10
thrice`see ^^15:10
jamesmillsthere's no other solution other than this "dirty hack" ? :)15:12
jamesmillscompiz is actually complaining about not being able to load libxcb-xlib15:13
thrice`you can use the revdep tool, but will report alot of things that really don't requrie rebuilding.  you can of course rebuild all of them if you'd like15:13
jamesmillsnormally I just rebuild things as I need to15:13
jamesmillsI'm guessing compiz needs rebuilding here15:14
thrice`the list is quite large for this one in particular15:14
thrice`and, the hack isn't really dirty - it's what would happen if you rebuilt them anyway.  of course, up to you :)15:14
jamesmillswho maintains compiz now ?15:15
jaegerjamesmills: wondered if you were ever coming back15:18
jamesmillsI'm always around :) haven't you noticed ?15:18
jaegeryou've been fairly quiet15:19
jamesmillsI just haven't been actively contributing much to crux lately as I've been  bsuy with my own project(s) - namely circuits a python event-driven framework15:19
Rotwangsth like twisted?15:20
jamesmillsnot at all, no15:20
jamesmillssome prefer it over twisted :)15:20
jamesmillslibtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/' or unhandled argument `/usr/lib/' <-- what the ? I can't even compile things on 2.6 ?15:25
jamesmillsis there something I'm missing - some libtool change ?15:26
thrice`did you use the 2.6 libtool ?15:27
thrice`really, removing the xlib references in .la files will save you a big headache15:27
jamesmillsI'm doing so :)15:28
jamesmillsbut I just want to understand why this error is occuring when trying to compile compiz15:28
jamesmillsis there some other underlying dependency that's referencing this non-existant lib ?15:28
thrice`the xlib library was removed from  alot of .la files reference it, but don't really link to it, is what I understand15:29
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jamesmillsah ic15:30
jamesmillswell that makes some kind of sense :)15:30
jamesmillswhat's an .la file anyway ?15:30
jamesmillsnever really seen or had much to do with them15:30
thrice`so, removing the reference will save alot of headache; revdep will catch the stuff that really linked to it15:30
jamesmillsyeah I'm running the little sed snippet15:31
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j^2back :)15:34
jamesmillsI better be able to recompile compiz now after doing the sed trick15:39
jamesmillscompiz still obviously complains about the missing libxcv-xlib15:39
jamesmillsshould xorg-libxcb and xorg-xcb-* even be installed at all ?15:40
thrice`does revdep  want to rebuild anything ?15:40
jamesmillsprobably lots of things :)15:41
jamesmillsI'm just trying to get X working + compiz atm15:41
jamesmillsworry about other things later15:41
thrice`IF compiz actually linked against xlib, it'll need rebuilding; the sed trick just killed alot of the false-positives15:42
jamesmillsk compiz compiled ok now15:42
jamesmillsafter cleaning up the .la files15:42
jamesmillsyeah like I said before though, compiz would refuse to recompile before the sed trick15:43
jamesmillsnow it's xfce4-session's turn15:43
jamesmillsUbuntu users have it easy :)15:44
thrice`well, dropping that library kinda sucked15:52
jamesmillsxorg should drop a lot of things ihmo :)15:57
jamesmillsit's too complicated for what it is :)15:57
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jamesmillsoh well time to put my washing on16:01
jamesmillsand go out for a coffee :)16:01
jamesmillsrevdep is taking too long for me to care about right now :)16:01
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jaegerpatience? no way!16:10
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jaegerAnyone know what's taking control of ALT+1 in xfce? I haven't found it in the keybindings, panel settings, etc. yet18:49
jaegerI use alt+1 in irssi but xfce is eating it18:54
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nthwyattjaeger: alt+1 switches to tab #1 in xfce Terminal20:20
jaegernthwyatt: thanks, disabled those20:21
jaegerI looked in the keyboard preferences and window manager preferences, didn't think to check terminal preferences20:22
nthwyattI was guessing irssi is term based20:23
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