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pitillogood morning00:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: kexec-tools: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.105:51
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thrice`hurray lennart :
Zaba;a=tree <-- all this code, running as _pid_ _1_?10:35
Zabawhat the fuck is he smoking?10:35
Zabahave people forgotten that the kernel dies a bloody death when PID 1 dies, and the more code you have, the higher is the chance of a blatant bug...10:36
thrice`lol, I like that his page comes up "audio terrorist" in FF10:37
Zabait should be like.. hmm... /bin/init should be a program that starts /etc/rc and then does while (1) { pause(); }.10:38
Zaba/etc/rc starts $service_supervisor_of_choice on each service in /etc/something, and does some further initialization like setting up the hostname and network interfaces.10:38
thrice`gentoo does something like that I think, with openrc10:39
Zabagentoo still uses sysvinit10:39
thrice`is what gentoo uses for its unstable branch10:39
Zabawhich is an abomination; but somehow, everything people come up with as a replacement is _worse_10:39
Zabathrice`, I have a gentoo on my workstation, running with baselayout-2 and openrc.10:40
ZabaIt does not replace sysvinit with anything.  Nor does it introduce service supervision.10:40
thrice`oh, OK - I thought /sbin/init came from it10:40
teK_where's the advantage?10:41
Zabaadvantage to what?10:41
thrice`I think crux still boots faster :>10:42
ZabaIt's basically a rewrite of baselayout-1's /etc/init.d/* part without most of the crappiess.10:42
Zabait's nothing new, per se.10:42
thrice`it's in C, right?  that's new10:42
ZabaNothing *essentially* new :P10:43
Zabait's a technical improvement, but it's compatible with old scripts.10:44
thrice`and yet gentoo stable and unstable have had 2 completely separate init systems for years :p10:45
thrice`which is quite silly10:45
Zabagentoo is quite silly.10:45
Zabaperl 5.10 still ~arch? It's *how many* years old?10:45
Zabaand now there's 5.12.  Wonder when it comes out of perl-experimental..10:46
Zabawhich is a misnomer.. should be perl-not-yet-rotten10:46
tadzikExperience says: in like 2 years time10:46
thrice`I try to like and get into gentoo, but such things bother me.  being forced to run ~arch just for reasonably up-to-date things sucks even more, because they rev stuff to hell10:47
tadzikI had gentoo like this december/january for a little while10:48
tadzikthe most pissing of thing was probably portage mangling my kernel10:48
tadzikSince I saw Crux' approach I do10:49
tadziks/do/don't want any other/10:49
ZabaI run gentoo on my workstation since like 200610:50
Zabaso far, I haven't been ever motivated enough to change it to anything10:50
thrice`don't worry, we'll convert you sooner or later ;)10:50
ZabaI have crux on my laptop10:50
Zabawell, frankly, if somebody asked me to recommend a distro, I'd just shrug10:51
thrice`"try all 100 of them yourself" Lp10:51
Zabawell, if the somebody was clueless, i'd recommend ubuntu10:51
Zabathey'd either switch (back) to windows eventually, or find a better distro10:51
Zabait's natural10:51
Zabaif they were less clueless.. hm.. then they would probably have already made the choice for themselves and wouldn't ask me.10:52
Zabaoh fuck, so the distro I recommend is ubuntu? I should probably be ashamed.10:52
Zabagiven that I have never used it myself10:52
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spaceninjaDoes anyone else encounter some wierd output when you start booting the crux 2.6 iso cd? It's like 100 lines of sector code stuff I think11:08
spaceninjaI don't know if it's suppose to be that way or if something is wrong with my cd11:09
jaegerI've seen that a couple times but not sure what the cause is... definitely not every CD I've burned so I guess a bad burn or media11:13
spaceninjahehe I tried the new ubuntu, but I went back to crux. I must find a solid file manager, maybe thunar :P11:26
Zaba_spaceninja, ls/cp/mv/rm/ln :p11:30
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spaceninjabut I want a tree view :)11:32
Zaba_what for? Extra distraction?11:32
spaceninjawhen I move around photos from my camera into some dirs11:33
Zaba_hm.. tab completion of the shell, perhaps11:33
spaceninjabut I want to see a thumbnail11:34
spaceninjathat's the only reason I need a file manager11:34
Zaba_what do you need them for? :P11:34
spaceninjaha ha11:35
Zaba_but well, you can have them, with feh or imagemgick + shell loop11:35
spaceninjahmm, maybe11:36
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tilmanspaceninja: wtf is oknytt? i see there's an article in the swedish wp, but i cannot read it11:45
spaceninjaI don't have X yet, I'm stuck compiling gcc. Is it a magazine or a website? :)11:47
tilmanno. nevermind11:47
spaceninjahehe ok, but I have to check it out now :p11:48
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tilmansinistre: first sentence of "oknytt is the name of a collection of small supernatural beings in scandinavian folksomething" ?12:05
tilmanluxh: right. but i got the rest right?12:08
luxhmaybe "collected name" of small...12:11
luxhhow do you say that?12:11
tilmancollective name?12:11
tilmanheh, that was my first guess12:11
tilmanbut it seemed a bit wrong12:11
sinistreluxh: "collected name" would be "insamlade namnet" :D12:12
tilmanmy copy of Ronja Rovardotter arrived yesterday. and even the very first sentence is giving me troble :P12:12
luxhbra svenskat med insamlade namnet!12:12
sinistreRumpnissar ftw12:12
luxhmany years since i read that12:12
tilmansinistre: rumpnissarna are the very reason why i bought it :D12:12
frinnsthvofor gör di på dette viset?12:13
tilmansinistre: my coworker was quoting the rumpnissarna from the movie last week12:13
tilmanthe "varfor det?" part i think12:13
joacimI had the movie on vhs12:14
joacimworn out the tape the first day12:14
* sinistre has the book, somewhere12:14
spaceninjahappy spring? cya afk12:15
sinistretoday's kids. all nintendo, and no reading. *tsk* :>12:19
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thrice`hi jue15:00
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thrice`omg, no alpine port??20:40
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