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spaceninjaanyone that knows a good mixed font pack in the repos' that I can use with gimp for example?11:26
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* ente just made an aiccu port12:41
entehow many packages do I need to be called a ports collection? :)12:41
entewho is in charge of the portdb again?12:43
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teK_tbh: I don't know. nipuL_ (although he seems to be on hiatus) I think *was* in charge of it.12:51
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enteteK_: that alias does not exist anymore12:59
enteI got a bounce timeout after a couple of days I think :)12:59
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teK_I'm quite sure this address works13:08
teK_you can direct your mail to one of those people:13:08
teK_contrib-admin:  viper, lucas, tilman, sepen13:08
teK_in reverse order of preference13:08
teK_Jose V Beneyto, sepen at crux dot nu e.g.13:09
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enteoh, ok13:13
entethe address works, the error I got was because it could not be sent to sepen13:14
enteon the other hand, nothing has happened since then, and it was almost 3 weeks ago I think13:15
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spacenin1ahas anyone had any success installing avidemux?16:06
spacenin1a my error16:06
pitillospacenin1a: have you tried to bump the version up (2.5.2)16:25
spacenin1ayes, the script doesn't work then16:30
spacenin1aand  ecarux's port doesn't work either16:30
pitillojust fix the Pkgfile with the notes it tells you16:32
pitilloand feel free to report it to the maintainer (if you provide patches I think he'll feel better too)16:33
spacenin1ayep I will, need it badly, I'll fix it tomorrow. ZzZ time, gnight16:36
pitillosame here, have a good night :)16:36
spacenin1apitillo: cool thanks16:37
pitillomust be cleaned and tested, but it's a good start point I think16:37
pitillotime to rest a bit here too, good night16:37
spacenin1ayep gn16:38
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