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pitillogood morning01:04
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frinnstanybody got a pkg of thunderbird around?05:33
prologicwhat's wrong with mutt / :)05:34
frinnsti use mutt, but need to test some things with thunderbird05:35
frinnstand it takes forever to compile on an atom cpu D;05:35
tadzikmutt looks nerdy and ugly :) yet there is no other keyboard friendly email client05:36
RyoSyou mean that mutt is the only usable mail reader? i agree, sir.06:00
enteI don't use mutt..06:06
enteI switched to nmh06:06
tadzikPlan9ers ;)06:08
enteI'm not a plan9er :P06:11
entealthough plan9 is kind of cool and I want to check it out06:11
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pedjaIs xfce repo4 an official part of Crux?08:42
pedjaI guess not, since no bugs can be assigned for it at bug tracker08:42
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tadzikjust (black)mail the maintainer08:44
pedjasepen is the maintainer, and I haven't seen him around for some time08:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: jdk: updated to 1.6.0_2009:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox-java-plugin: updated to 1.6.0_2009:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xterm: updated to 25809:08
pedjathat was fast :)09:08
thrice`must have been a good blackmail ;)09:09
pedjaI opened a bug for jdk on bugtracker 20min ago :)09:10
pedjaI have yet to send sepen blackmail for xfce4-settings not bulding with09:11
pedjaalong with the patch09:11
* pedja sends mail09:16
pedjayay, gmail has changed ssl certificate09:17
pedjaself signed....they can't afford to get it signed by some CA?09:19
pedjatough times...09:19
tadzikhmm, maybe make sure these are the certs you are looking for09:20
pedjaI use IMAP for gmail, from Claws mail09:23
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tadzikthat doesn't really matter09:23
pedjai know.09:25
pedjanow, how do I check if cert is valid?09:25
tadzikmy fetchmail does not complain09:27
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pedjaif digicert is to be believed, everything is cool :)09:55
pedjaapart from "09:56
pedjaCertificate does not match name"09:56
entethen somebody might be doing something nasty :P10:08
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: xfce4-settings: fixed for libxklavier5. also fixed typo (thanks Pedja)10:54
* Rotwang came back from czech rep.12:19
Rotwangbought some beer12:19
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rauzczech beer is nice :D12:21
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Rotwanglast time i was in czech rep. I had to pass a border check12:24
Rotwangnow there is none12:24
Rotwangwhich is cool12:24
Rotwangno borders ++12:25
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: xfce4-settings: fixed previous commit12:30
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rauzlast time i was in czech rep. i was on a czech tek :D12:39
teK_whait.. what?12:40
rauzin 200612:41
rauzi think it was 2006 ...12:41
Rotwangwhat is a czech tek?12:43
teK_i'm a german tek12:43
rauzit is/was a big tekno festival12:44
RotwangteK_: are you a big german techno fetival?12:46
teK_not that I'd know12:46
jaegerhe's really techoviking!12:48
jaegerer, techno12:48
* jaeger fails12:48
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rauzhaha the technoviking :D12:49
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jaegerAnyone running their main computer from SSD in here?12:51
jaeger(not counting EeePCs)12:51
enteI have a non counting eeepc here :)12:52
entebut with hdd12:52
tilmanjaeger: frinnst did, i think12:58
* jaeger pokes frinnst 13:00
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* frinnst slaps jaeger 15:39
sinistre"God preserve us from the wrath of the technovikings" :>15:42
sinistrenot sure how much better the "techtonic  knights" would be. :p15:44
tilmansinistre: wtf is wrong with you people and how you pronounce 'o'15:46
tilmanthere's like 5 different sounds15:46
sinistrethere is? I was only aware of like two...15:46
tilmanone of them being 'u'. like in 'ost'15:46
luxhgerman u = swedis o15:46
sinistre"ost" is definitely "o".15:46
tilmanhang on15:47
luxhgerman o = swedish å15:47
sinistreunless you're encountering someone with a weird dialect15:47
tilmanno, i got this from my dictionary15:47
sinistreit's fricking wrong.15:47
tilmanaccording to the dictionary, these four 'o's are pronounced differently15:48
sinistreo is pronounced as "å" in "son", and "boll"15:48
sinistreit's "o" in ko, and ost.15:48
luxhshorter on boll, and ost15:48
tilmanhytter med naven!15:48
joacimold norse have more o's =)15:48
tilmansinistre: sorry for the swearing then :D15:50
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sinistreluxh: you're drunk. You don't put "åst" on your sandwich. :D15:50
sinistretilman: I can fully understand it, no problem.15:51
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sinistreI have no idea frankly what the rule is for when o is pronounced as o or å..15:51
sinistretoo bad gdb doesn't take swedish. :P15:51
tilmanto be fair, we have the same issue in german ;)15:51
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jaegerfrinnst: so mean :P15:56
luxhsinistre: no the o is "shorter" in ost than ko16:09
sinistretilman: Ok, I did a little bit of thinking, and I can come up with four different pronounciations, which is basically o and å, with a long or a short sound. Usually it's a short sound if you have double consonant after it, like nn or rr or ss.16:09
sinistreyeah, long respective short wowel sound.16:09
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sinistretilman: of course you already knew about the double consonants, just putting it down for consistency.16:10
luxhi think best is to speak/listen to it16:12
luxhfind some songs and sing them :P16:12
* sinistre is reminded of some argentinian guy who apparently learned swedish by listening to marie fredriksson. :D16:13
luxhnow sleep. god natt!16:13
sinistregn, whimp. :P16:14
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