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pitillogood morning01:03
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prologicso you guys played with any alternative init ?01:22
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pitillohere I don't01:23
tilmanno. don't see the point01:23
tilmani start very few daemons, and crux still boots ridiculously fast even with oooold init :P01:23
prologicyeah I agree01:24
prologicbut still :)01:24
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enteI might have already asked is, but is pkg-get dead?09:12
prologicI don't think so'09:16
prologicit works09:16
prologicdoes it's job09:16
prologichowever - there are very few binary repositories09:16
prologicas folks have different setups, machines, etc09:16
prologicso it's not really possible to maintain a central useful reposotiry09:16
prologicit's more useful to maintain a clsuter of crux machines for example09:17
prologica student lab where all machines are identical09:17
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thrice`is 'glitz' used by anything, or does cairo do all of its dirty work?09:43
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thrice`     :O:O11:29
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