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jaegerlowellgrippo: did you do those mounts before or after running setup?00:11
jaegeryou should only mount the main partitions first, then run setup, and mount dev, proc, tmp, etc. after00:12
lowellgrippoHi jaeger. Thanks for responding. My root partition is at /dev/sda1. So I mount sda1 to /mnt... do the install and then create those mountpoints and mount them inpreparation for chroot?00:19
lowellgrippoI've been using CRUX on my home PC for years but am experimenting with 2.6 on Asus EEE.00:23
lowellgrippoCRUX seems a natural choice for the EEE PC if not completely enamored with Xandros.00:24
jaegeryou wouldn't need to create them yourself00:35
jaegerif you mount /dev/sda1 to /mnt and then run setup, they will be created as part of the setup process00:35
jaegerthen you can mount dev, proc, sys, tmp, whatever00:35
jaegerI usually run crux on my eeepc, works well00:37
lowellgrippoBeen running 2.5 on one in a business situation for over a year. 2.6 has been more challenging. I'm in radio and using them for recording/downloading sound files and as a Shoutcast server.00:42
lowellgrippoThis may be why I've always had problems when trying to run passwd after chrooting.00:43
lowellgrippoLove CRUX though. I'm a moderator at am always spreading the word.00:46
jaegerglad you like it00:47
jaegerMust sleep, have a good night00:54
lowellgrippoThank you very much! That cleard up a lot for me! Sometimes the simple things are made hard by our perception... :)00:55
jaegerglad to help :)00:55
lowellgrippoInstalling 2.6 on EEE 701. for my son.00:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wireshark: updated to
tadzikdoes it link with --as-needed this time?10:31
frinnstlets try10:39
tadzikfrinnst: nope10:44
Rotwangwho cares? ;D10:46
frinnstum, no10:47
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spaceninjais there a fix to the wireshark problem? It just stops recieving packages13:34
tadzikjust like 1.2.7 I guess13:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: popt: 1.15 -> 1.1616:11
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