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pitillogood morning00:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dash: -> 0.5.603:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mercurial: 1.5.2 -> 1.5.303:45
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-siliconmotion: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-geode: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-input-vmmouse: updated to
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thrice`mm, I had a nice "No Kernel Modesetting found" last night after bumping :(  KMS is definitely there, though06:53
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pitillothrice`: must be used (forced) kernel mode settings with intel drivers? (I got problems enabling it, but haven't tested with the bump)06:57
thrice`I've been using KMS very successfully for months now (and am quite positive about it working).06:58
tilmani'm afraid the latest intel driver doesn't support UMS (ie non-kms)06:58
pitillowell, I'll check again with the last bump (old intel card 855GM if I don't remember bad)06:59
thrice`tilman, right, which I've been using fine for awhile now :p06:59
tilmanthrice`: and the new server broke it?06:59
thrice`"unsure" :)07:00
thrice`will try again tonight with $beer and such07:00
pitillothank you for clarify that tilman07:00
thrice`but it spat back "no dri, no dri2, no KMS, eating your computer!!"07:00
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tilmanpitillo: does the kernel's help says that 855gm is supported?07:07
pitillotilman: I think so, I must review kernel version (I don't remember atm which one I was using, reading atm and with .33 there is support for 855gm if I don't understand it bad)07:08
tilmanaccording to Kconfig, there are two drivers that support 855gm:07:10
tilmanfirst is DRM_I83007:11
tilmansecond is DRM_I91507:11
tilmanonly DRM_I915 supports the KMS stuff etc07:11
tilmanso enable DRM_I915 and disable DRM_I83007:11
pitilloI remember in my case only worked the i91507:11
tilmanalso enable DRM_I815_KMS07:11
pitilloyes, that's the config I used some weeks ago, I will remake tests this afternoon with your tips07:11
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pitilloI will try to share my experience this afternoon, like thrice` said, $beer and stuff it's needed here too07:14
tilmanokay, let me know how it goes07:17
pitillotilman: yes of course, thank you very much :)07:20
tilmanwhat login manager is everyone using?07:29
tilmanslightly annoyed at slim:
thrice`don't crux guys maintain slim yet? :)07:39
luxhi login to console and type startx07:39
teK_luxh: this shows the console for a brief moment, too07:40
luxhtilman could just close his eyes for 2 seconds when quitting and the problem would go away :p07:41
teK_improving the behaviour won't hurt, either.07:42
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tilmanthrice`: some japanese guy maintains slim upstream these days. a debian developer. :)08:34
tilmanluxh: startx is a bad idea... anyone can just ctrl-alt-f1 and mess with your system08:35
teK_beware (ZSHism): startx='xinit -- /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp &! exit '08:36
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-fbdev: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-util-macros: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-nv: updated to
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spacenin1adoes anyone else experience problems with the scroll on openbox when you scroll between desktops?09:28
spacenin1ait jumps 2 or 3, back and forth with one "scroll"09:29
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spacenin1aoh no, I get this when I try to start x (EE) module ABI major version (6) doesn't match the server's version (7)10:20
Rotwangrecompile teh driver10:21
tilmanboth video and input driver10:24
tilmanspacenin1a: re. scrolling: this happens when you more than 1 keybinding/mousebinding for the scroll action10:34
spacenin1ayes x is working, but the scroll is still wierd, I got both xorg-xf86-input-mouse and evdev installed10:35
tilmancheck your config10:35
tilmanyou can use evdev for the mouse, too10:35
pitillohello again tilman, enabling kms I got black screen when the module is loaded (2.6.33 with 915) I remember now why I didn't enable KMS, atm making some test10:36
tilmanany hints in dmesg>10:36
pitilloummm black screen due a kernel panic10:37
spacenin1athis is my xorg.conf, it looks ok
tilmanopenbox config!10:38
pitilloI will try with a newer kernel and look if the error persist10:38
pitillonothing related to xorg, but thank you anyway, I will tell if I get something10:39
tilmanpitillo: kernel panic is always a bug -- maybe already knows about it. if it doesn't, you should file a bug10:40
pitilloI will try to read about at bugzilla (plenty of info about 855GM always)10:41
pitilloand a good point to look for info about how to dump the kernel errors (a bit more research at kernel debug level...)10:41
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pitilloit's working fine now with
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Rotwangis anyone aware of software that uses ldap?12:35
tilmanRotwang: kde addressbook ;]12:38
Rotwangi've heard ldap is similar to MS domain12:39
Rotwangactive directory, no?12:39
treachRotwang: ;)12:39
tilmanRotwang: active directory implements the ldap protocol12:40
jaegerI use ldapsearch frequently at work to get AD info :)12:41
jaegerfaster than logging into the AD server12:41
enteldapsearch -x >:D12:43
entewhich reminds me that I should finally continue setting up that freebsd box since otherwise jens is going to install ubuntu which would be a real pain in the ass12:44
* frinnst has a guruplug+ \p/13:18
Rotwangdoes it have vga output?13:18
frinnstno, ofcourse not13:18
frinnstguruplug display has hdmi output13:19
frinnsti bought a 8gb sd-card for use with the guruplug13:19
frinnstnow i notice it only has a microsd slot13:19
treachfrinnst: you can send it to me, if you think it's useless =)13:20
frinnsti guess i can use it in the sheevaplug :)13:21
treachI meant the guruplug. :p13:21
tilmanfrinnst: ffs, why do you have yours yet13:21
frinnstbecause i didnt order from a 3rd person :)13:22
thrice`crux-arm? :>13:29
frinnstthats my plan for the sheeva13:29
frinnstBtrfs May Be The Default File-System In Ubuntu 10.1013:33
frinnstsounds sensible13:33
tadziksounds even funnier than ext413:33
treach[citation needed]13:33
treachotoh, we're talking about ubuntu, sooooo...13:34
frinnstext4 is probably pretty stable now that its been neutered13:34
thrice`but was more fun to run when it deleted stuff on its own ;)13:35
frinnst yes very.......13:35
frinnstconfigfiles in my homedir dissapered randomly :)13:36
luxhwhat's the fuzz about these guruplugs?13:39
luxheveryone seems to want one13:40
frinnstawesome bit of kit13:41
treachit's a low power device you can use for almost anything, what's not to like about that?13:41
treachyour own mail/web/file/print server, and all in a small package you can hide in a cupboard, if you like.13:43
luxhlike a soekris?13:46
joacimoh. I need one of those13:46
treachluxh: yeah, but it's better speced, like esata etc13:47
luxhsounds nice13:48
joacimsmaller footprint too it seems13:48
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jaegeryay, xorg-server 1.8 works with VirtualBox again14:09
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