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spaceninjatilman: it wasn't openbox, I tried pekwm, had the same problem03:59
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spaceninjawith the mouse04:04
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* frinnst is connected through the guruplug as a wireless ap09:39
thrice`mm, based on noone having an alpine port, does that mean it sucks? :>10:19
jaegerI used to use it and liked it a lot10:20
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frinnstapt-get causes the guruplug to reboot10:40
frinnstno, not apt-get10:41
frinnstseems to randomly reboot10:41
tilmanthe german reseller is now shipping teh devices, too10:42
tilmanshould have mine in a week i guess10:42
frinnstcompletely froze again10:51
frinnsteven the reset button didnt work10:51
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frinnstrandom reboot10:55
frinnstmanaged one command10:55
thrice`bad kernel, or?10:56
thrice`it contains debian now?10:57
frinnstseems to get stuck just after bluetooth init quite a bit10:57
thrice`or lenny10:57
frinnstdont know, havent been able to check yet10:57
frinnstthink its lenny10:57
thrice`which was 2.6.26 or something10:57
thrice`you could try slackware or something on there10:57
frinnstits 2.6.3 something10:57
frinnst3x that is10:58
frinnstLinux kernel version:
frinnstfrom the config i downloaded10:58
frinnstoh well. to tired to play with it now10:58
treachsounds more like bad hw. :/10:59
frinnstseems like attaching a cat5 cable causes the reboots :)11:18
tilmani think i saw this mentioned in the forums11:18
frinnstthat link just points to the main forum11:19
tilmanthe thread is called "GuruPlug server plus REBOOT!!!"11:21
treachepic fail at c&p. :P11:21
tilmanepic fail at frinnst's browser perhaps11:21
treachyeah, I didn't mean you11:21
tilmanah, c&p on the other side11:22
treachyep :)11:22
tilmanif this is a hardware defect than i'll be mad11:22
frinnstoh rait, fucking irssi script cropped the link11:25
frinnstonly saw the sessid part, not the topic :>11:26
treachhm, just getting some randomnuclear device (atom based hodgepodge) instead looks increasingly attractive. :p11:27
thrice`but not as cool :>11:27
tilmanfrinnst: the thing came with what distro...?11:27
frinnstnah. im sure building your own kernel and install a sane rootfs distro will solve it11:28
frinnsta fucked up version of debian :)11:28
frinnstthe ubuntu dist shipped with the sheeva sucked also11:28
tilmanlet's see whether the debian guy has an image for guruplug, too11:28
treachu-buntu, to go with the u-boot, right? :>11:28
thrice`slackware-arm will probably run too11:29
frinnstbtw. you get NO documentation with the guruplug11:29
frinnstthe root-pw is still nosoup4u though11:29
tilmanwait, you had to guess the root pw?11:29
frinnstpretty much11:29
treach"if you can't guess the rootpw, you're not entitled to use this device" :D11:30
thrice`"please return for a full refund, with a note admitting that you're a sissy"11:30
tilman the sheevaplug dist should work on the guru, too, right?11:30
treachthrice`: :D11:30
frinnsttilman: yeah probably11:31
frinnstits basically the same hardware so11:31
tilmanso, what kind of system do you want to put on it? crux-arm, debian or what?11:31
frinnstill probably run debian on it. having it act as a wireless ap, dns-server etc11:31
frinnstill put crux on the old sheeva11:32
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joacimgod damn xorg... more keyboard layout issues11:38
joacimthey return every time I install a new server11:38
frinnsti have something like this in my xorg.conf
frinnst/etc/X11/xorg.conf should never be overwritten when upgrading xorg-server11:42
joacimit wasnt11:42
joacimI'll fix this later tonight when I'm drunk.11:51
Rotwanggood idea11:52
joacimMy xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log11:55
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joacimI get the correct keyboard layout if I enable AllowEmptyInput, but combinations like shift+pageup prints garbage in xterm11:56
joacimI do not have HAL installed11:56
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telitiHi. One question. When do you plan to launch your next release?12:04
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tadzikI think it's "when it's done"12:14
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telititadzik:thx :-)12:22
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jseHaha. Documentation is for wusses. Good going, sheeva plug.13:50
jsejoacim: yep. each upgrade is another round of russian roulette. Place your bets and guess what will break next.13:53
treachisn't that why one is supposed to use some well tested dist, like.. fedora or *buntu? :>14:16
Rotwangor crux arm!14:17
Rotwangtreach: what happened to your old/new nick?14:17
treachwho knows. :p14:17
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prologic_Would someone mind testing my httpup repo ?15:20
tadzikI think a link would be nice15:20
prologic_appreciate it15:21
prologic_just looking to see if it works and there are no 404's or errors15:21
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prologicyay nay ?15:31
treacheveryone is meditating the guruplug unpluggedness. :p15:34
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frinnstwhat a nice guy, offering discounts just like that16:53
thrice`damn, nice!16:54
jseHow thoughtful. Tis a rarity to see such generosity ;)17:42
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joacimfrinnst: It worked, beer helped me make sense of it all19:45
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frinnstit usually does20:05
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