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entewhat about adding a git-driver to /etc/ports/drivers?08:43
entemaybe it would be nice to have a repository for the ports tree.. so you can go back to older revisions and see what's gone wrong and son on08:43
enteas additional feature for 2.7 for instance08:44
enteif anybody cares :)08:44
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thrice`I like the idea too, but I don't know if it was ever finished ?08:47
enteI don't know anything about it, I didn't even know somebody had the idea before08:48
enteI was just brainstorming a bit :)08:48
enteshouldn't be too hard though08:48
enteah, nice08:53
tilmani didn't really see the advantage08:56
tilmani already have the git repositories cloned in ~ somewhere, so i don't want another huge clone in /usr/ports08:56
thrice`maybe for people to stick ports on gitosis or so08:57
thrice`er, gitorious08:58
enteI'd like to provide the option to pull ports over git as option to syncing via rsynv09:02
entemakes sending me diffs easier I think, and easier for me to push commits around..09:03
enteplus, you have the history09:03
entethe repo will be accessible through rsync too, since not everybody wants to access it per git, and I understand that09:04
entesolely to have the choice ;)09:04
thrice`you should be able to do that already:
enteyou can't pull /usr/ports/whatever using ports(8) with that.09:04
thrice`nope, just plain git09:05
tilmanthe git driver has been published on the list09:05
tilmanfeel free to use it ;)09:05
enteI'll notify you if I have any upgrades :P09:05
tilmanyou mean patches?09:07
tilmanserious question09:07
tilmanthrice`: did you test the compresion mode thing yet?09:08
thrice`no, but I just read the ML actually :)09:08
thrice`nice, pidgin 2.7.0 + --disable-gstreamer  doesn't build09:16
luxhupstream error?09:17
thrice`  is nice too :p09:19
luxhteh pidgin09:21
* ente is a happy non-pidgin user09:25
thrice`I think I'll do the same :>09:40
entethrice`: start right away with minbif09:50
entebitlbee sucks and makes it almost impossible to switch to something else later09:50
enteanother option would be gajim + transports, which can be pretty good if you never started using bitlbee09:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: bmon: update url10:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: glibmm: 2.22.1 -> 2.22.210:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: cairomm: 1.8.0 -> 1.8.410:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pangomm: 2.26.0 -> 2.26.210:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: glibmm: 2.22.2 -> 2.24.210:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gtkmm: 2.18.2 -> 2.20.310:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: deco: 1.6.1 ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ddrescue: 1.11 -> 1.1210:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: help2man: 1.37.1 -> 1.38.210:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gst-plugins-good: 0.10.21 -> 0.10.2210:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: taglib: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.310:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: glade3: 3.7.0 -> 3.7.111:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: postgresql: 8.4.3 -> 8.4.411:08
entelooks like somebody forgot to push :D11:13
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thrice`tilman, since most will use evdev with 1.8.x and the default rules, what do you think of removing the dependency in x-server for xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} ?12:11
tilmanthere might still be unfortunate users out there for whom evdev isn't good enough/supporting their hw :[12:13
ZabaI'm an unfortunate user who doesn't yet understand what the heck evdev's all about.12:14
thrice`guess so :O12:14
ZabaIn fact, I don't think I need it or anything.12:15
thrice`less packages :)12:16
ZabaDo one thing and do it well ;P12:16
thrice`argh, most reliable SF mirror?12:19
Zaba'reliable' and 'SF' don't mix, from my experiences12:20
treachheanet usually works for me.12:23
thrice`do you have it's address / IP off-hand?12:23
thrice`I've tried 3 now that all are dead12:23
thrice`oh, heanet is the
thrice`that's not working here, though I can ping it OK12:28
treachok. at least it's not dead then. :P12:28
treachI haven't tested it recently though, I guess they could have fallen to the standard sf level since the last time I tried.12:29
thrice`ok, nevermind.  pebkac12:29
thrice`tilman, =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/acpid#2.0.5-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded12:43
thrice`interesting error though o_O12:44
thrice`pkgadd: could not read /usr/ports/packages/acpid#2.0.5-1.pkg.tar.xz    too12:44
Rotwangim looking for some good linux music editing software12:47
treachrosegarden is pretty popular iirc12:48
treachardour is another name that springs to mind12:49
Rotwangtreach: thx12:49
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tilmanthrice`: as i wrote, you need to rebuild pkgadd from master. the one in ports can only read gz13:11
tilmanhi jue13:11
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: bash: update to 4.1.713:15
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: inetutils: update to 1.813:15
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thrice`tilman, sorry, my fault; I only had applied jue's patch to it13:35
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thrice`omg,  is s l o w  :D  stop ze torrents for a few minutes plz frinnst :D16:06
thrice`or, perhaps it's the guru's kernel  :p16:06
treachthrice`: I got the impression he got the guruplug unplugged edition. :>16:10
thrice`i'm only managing 100 k/s-ish :(16:10
treachbetter get your 28.8 out then. :>16:11
* treach still remembers the days when 28.8 was like.. awsome!16:12
thrice`hehe, I never lived through those times, I don't think16:12
Rotwang28.8 luxury16:13
Rotwangi used to connect with 56k modem16:14
treach56k wasn't that great, people were already beginning to get broadband connections when it was released.16:15
treach28.8 was the shit, double the speed from the old crappy 14.4s..16:16
treachit almost did close the gap to the lucky bastards who could afford ISDN though.16:17
jaegerI had a 1200/300 baud modem once with the 1200 setting broken16:25
treachhah, I bet that was fun. :D16:25
jaegerit was at the time16:26
thrice`anyone good with acpid?  closing my lid + opening it results in 2 acpid events, so my LID rule happens twice.  this results in my lappy calling pm-suspend twice :p16:33
prologicanyone here tried BFS on their kernel and desktop ?16:33
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thrice`prologic, nope, I thought that fad kinda died?  2.6.32.x+ had some nice scheduler improvements anyway16:54
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prologicI'm not sure sure it's died to be honest17:00
prologicbeen reading up on it for some trange reason17:00
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* thrice` attempts libpng + libjpeg17:31
jaegerit's a trap!17:34
* treach pictures jaeger with a fishface. :p17:42
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thrice`tilman, what do you think of building cairo without glitz?  isn't it mostly a dead-experiment these days?18:01
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thrice`hurray, glitz free, and jpeg-v8 + libpng 1.4.218:13
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thrice`Linux thinkpad 2.6.34 #1 SMP Sun May 16 20:41:37 EDT 2010 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux   \o/19:44
* thrice` -> sleep19:44
jaegerthat's wordy19:46
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