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tilmanthrice`: thanks00:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cairo: removed glitz support.00:58
pitillogood morning01:04
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thrice`vielen dank tilman :>06:47
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RotwangI've got evdev installed, hal running, but without allowemoptyinput in xorg.conf it doesnt work06:58
thrice`Rotwang, if you've updated to 1.8.1, hal isn't used any more06:58
Rotwangso what is used?06:59
Rotwangthats good06:59
thrice`the file in /usr/share/xorg.conf.d/, called 10-evdev.conf, will do it.  maybe try to remove your xorg.conf first ?06:59
Rotwangsurprisingly I've got udev ;D06:59
Rotwangthrice`: I removed it, and my inputs doesn't work [;06:59
tadzikI didn't change a thing and everything works for me07:00
tadzikI didn't have hal though, ever07:00
tadzikwell, not on crux07:00
Rotwangbesides there is no /usr/share/xorg.conf.d/07:00
Rotwangthere is /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d tho07:00
thrice`Rotwang, sorry, /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/07:01
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thrice`so, that file without any xorg.conf, and with evdev installed, should mostly make your mouse and keyboard work on their own07:03
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RotwangI need to google some more ;f07:06
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thrice`you've removed the /etc/X11/xorg.conf  and still nothing?  does your log show anything fun?07:12
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thrice`mm, is it too early to hack the handbook for 2.7?  and remove some older items / comments08:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: truecrypt: Fixed compilation with Linux 2.6.3410:25
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tadzikhmm, why do we compile Perl without threads support?11:56
Rotwangperl threads aren't very good12:00
Rotwangbut I'm in favour of perl with threads12:00
tadzikwell, but they aren't breaking anything just because they're supported12:00
tadzikwe keep objc in gcc, don't we?12:00
RotwangI once asked about it afaik12:01
Rotwangno reply though12:01
thrice`I'd open a feature request, perhaps jue will comment :)12:01
tilmantadzik: objc support has zero chance to break gcc. unfair comparison ;)12:01
tilman(i don't know about perl)12:01
Rotwang-Duseithreads is what we need12:03
tadzikbah, I don't remember neither my login nor the password for bugzilla12:04
tadzikcrap. Rotwang, might posting?12:05
Rotwangwork can wait [;12:09
tilmanfrinnst: what's the news on the guruplug?12:09
tilmanmine should be shipping now \:D/12:09
tadzikwhat the heck is that?12:10
thrice`Rotwang, you're the helpdesk, they wait on YOU12:10
tilmantadzik: does depinst take multiple arguments?12:11
tadzikdoesn't it?12:11
tilmani don't remember12:11
tadzikwell, I think so12:11
Rotwangtadzik: all these packages are installed12:11
tadzikah. prt-get thinks so12:12
thrice`but they aren't?12:12
thrice`might still be in your package db12:12
tadzikwell, there was a Perl rebuild12:12
thrice`try update -fr  or so12:12
tilmancould use a better error message then12:12
tilmankill *.la for 2.7?12:14
tilmancan't remove glitz just yet because of this crap12:15
thrice`sed magic to .la files for glitz? :)12:15
thrice`I used a nasty script for libpng 1.412:15
tilmancould start by removing *.la in core12:16
thrice`tilman, the nice part is that most of what linked to glitz will require rebuilding for the libjpeg + libpng update anyway12:16
tilmanah, mmh12:17
thrice`I tried something like this:
thrice`I think that was the latest12:18
tilmangngngngngn mime types suck at slackadelic.com12:18
thrice`sorry, not my server :>  I'm just a poor user12:18
tilmanthrice`: it's nice that it's fixable by script magic, but i _hate_ having to do this12:18
thrice`tilman, it's not, really - almost everything needed rebuilding12:19
thrice`thankfully, the gtk+ stack will be done already, which makes it easier, because until those are done, things will just magically fail12:19
tadzikRotwang: why usethreads not useithreads? Methinks you mentioned ithreads before12:20
tadzik(I dunno the difference though)12:20
tilmanRotwang: we have perl 5.12 on the 2.7 todo list ( -- did anything change wrt perl and threading support in 5.12?12:20
tadziktilman: there is alredy 5.12.112:21
tadzik(by the way)12:21
tilmanit's on the list ;)12:21
tadzikah, I see12:21
tadzikyet, it's alredy there :)12:21
Rotwangthey are called ithreads12:21
Rotwangin perl but configure mentions threads12:22
Rotwangso this should work12:22
tadzikI put -Duseithreads in my Pkgfile and it works12:23
tadzikbut as I said, I don't know the difference, if it's ok I'm ok too12:23
tadzikperlthrtut mentions useithreads12:24
thrice`tilman,    is pretty nasty12:24
tilmanbecause of the symlink fun?12:25
thrice`and general ugly naming, I suppose12:25
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thrice`I think they swapped the names between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1, screwing people up yet again.  1.4.2 is probably OK now12:31
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thrice`is there anything else needing testing for 2.7?  or some grunt work to be done or so? :)13:32
thrice`the todo seems mostly defined and complete-ish, outside of of a new branch + port updates13:33
teK_some S-ATA Drivers should be added to the setup-ISO13:46
teK_I'll report back as soon as I got feedback from some (laptop using) friends13:46
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thrice`using the iso is for sissies14:15
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juethrice`: not at the moment, next we need a decision wrt gcc/lto14:54
thrice`LTO is the gold-linker stuff?14:58
tilmanLTO is the stuff dependending (also) on gold15:03
tilmanwell. depending* :]15:03
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thrice`I thought that was still risky in 2.20.x ?  or maybe that's just FUD15:07
thrice`gentoo seems to discourage using it quite yet in their builds.  they have a tracking bug for GOLD related bugs, which doesn't seem too lengthy; then again, if it's not widely being used15:12
tilmansomeone test 2.6.34, so i don't have to. thanks15:13
thrice`20:44    thrice`| Linux thinkpad 2.6.34 #1 SMP Sun May 16 20:41:37 EDT 2010 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux   \o/15:13
tilmanearly frigging bird15:14
thrice`pretty short oldconfig15:14
* tilman gone15:14
Rotwangdid anyone ever made "ghost" on his pc?15:18
RotwangIt's great idea of doing backups15:19
Rotwangif you follow what I'm saying [;15:19
Rotwangill just dl g4l and look into it15:25
thrice`norton's Ghost, or?15:25
Rotwangyou boot your machine with pxe and then clone teh hard drive15:26
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frinnstRotwang: tits^Wport or gtfo15:59
RotwangI have no tits :c16:00
frinnstoh, its an iso-image16:01
treachRotwang: why use ghost when there's clonezilla? :>16:03
Rotwangill play with it tomorrow16:07
treachsure, just fyi. there are a lot of horrible ghost stories out there, I'd avoid it if I were you. :>16:08
treachRotwang: there's partimage too, btw16:10
Rotwangok, i will16:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: django: updated to 1.1.216:33
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