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pitillogood morning00:58
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RotwangA new operator, ... , nicknamed the Yada Yada operator, has been added.05:22
Rotwangperl 5.1205:23
prologicgood lord05:25
prologicwhat is it ?05:25
Zabait's a placeholder for code05:29
Rotwangeg. sub dupa { ... }05:30
mhiFunny Perl delta files for the win.05:48
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Rotwanghow do i register a handler to a protocol like sip08:08
Rotwangsay I've got a link sip://78563822008:08
RotwangIf i click it firefox gives me an answer08:09
RotwangFirefox doesn't know how to open this address, because08:09
Rotwang│the protocol (sip) isn't associated with any program.08:09 doesnt work08:09
Rotwangany suggestions?08:09
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tadzikpkgadd: could not read chromium#latest-1.pkg.tar.gz: Success09:34
tadziksooo, error or success?09:34
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thrice`problems with 'latest' maybe?09:53
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tilmanfrinnst: reading the forum re. guruplug is kind of scary11:11
tilmanfrinnst: lots of reports about stability issues. i _hope_ all of these are the 2nd-NIC-doesnt-like-gigabit-ethernet problem11:11
tilmanalso: mine has arrived at my coworker's today. getting it tomorrow \\o o// \o/11:12
tilmanfrinnst: (copy the whole url this time)11:21
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pitillothe question is if it's related to software or hardware... the last post on that thread seems to be close to software11:35
pitillobut is so bad that they ship them with that error with that software11:36
tilmanyes, quite a bad QA job11:36
tilmanpitillo: i could live with only having 100mbit ethernet11:36
tilmanif it was _fully_ broken hardware-wise, that would be really sucky ;)11:36
pitilloseems so, I can't belive they have tested those units and they have't seen that error...11:37
pitillowell, I would like to use one of them like a server/router, replacing my actual box...11:37
tilmanditto. wlan router + various services ;]11:38
pitilloI need both really for that purpose11:38
pitilloyeah, wired and wifi... I always forgot the wifi...11:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: openbox: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dosbox: updated to 0.74.11:40
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pitilloand there are comments about being a hot device too... bad experiences atm12:01
pitilloreaded the full thread12:01
pitillohello jue12:01
tilmanhi jue12:02
tilmanpitillo: yeah, the temperature thing bothers me, too. we'll see ;D12:02
pitillolot of things in not many space12:02
pitilloI hope it will be fixed, if ethernets problem are related to the drivers just an update12:04
thrice`hi jue12:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.41.1212:13
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* Rotwang is looking for a camera (usb) that will work w/ linux12:24
tilmancanon ixus12:25
tilmanaka powershot iirc12:25
tilmandoesn't talk the massmedia protocol, but gphoto works nicely12:26
jueindeed, my canon g10 works nice as well12:26
juewith gphoto12:27
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RotwangI meant video camera like12:36
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tilmanfrinnst: :x13:16
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thrice`you've got a 60% chance? :p13:17
thrice`"Higher voltage.  Loud boom."  :D13:19
tilmanfrinnst needs to get back to the keyboard and tell me it's okay13:22
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frinnstmy sheeva runs just fine14:52
frinnstmy guru on the other hand..14:52
frinnstday off tomorrow, plan to play with it then14:53
tilmanwhat's up with it?14:56
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frinnstkeeps rebooting :)15:03
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enteroboting? :P15:04
frinnstyes, when you attach a cat5 to one of the nics15:05
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tilmanfrinnst: see the urls i pasted.15:08
tilmanfrinnst: did you try disabling auto-negotiation and fixing it to 10/100 mbit/s?15:09
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tilmanfrinnst: my coworker's running it attached to a non-gigabit switch and it's working fine15:26
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frinnstno, i havent really tried anything16:02
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