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pitillogood morning01:03
luxhguten morgen01:07
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frinnstfucking debian crap05:58
frinnstrather, fucking guruplug05:58
frinnstnot enough packages installed to use the wireless as a client05:59
frinnstas soon as i connect a cat5 it reboots05:59
jseThat's the price you tend to pay when you're an early adopter.05:59
jseIt's also a strike against the manufacturer for apparently failing to properly test their products before launching them.06:00
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jseHopefully they are learning from their current mistakes. Another set of showstoppers are not going to help their reputation :p06:04
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tadzikwhy am I Tadeusz So?nierz in flyspray?10:22
enteschei? encoding :)10:50
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tilmanfrinnst: did you try the miitool thing to prevent it from trying 1gbit/s?11:41
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treachwow ->
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tilmantreach: is that what came out of google buying VP3?12:36
treachvp8: yeah apparently12:36
tilmanWebM files consist of video streams compressed with the VP8 video codec12:36
treach"Dear MPGEG-LA; Please go fuck yourself."12:37
jseDisrespectfully yours, Google Inc. :>12:38
treacheh, "MPEG-LA"12:38
jaegerSo we can finally give up on hoping flash will play fullscreen video at full speed :)13:10
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frinnstqueue the lawyers13:35
jaegerIt's probably too much to ask for that webm will play fullscreen video at full speed, too13:36
jseRemember, there are other more urging matters and priorities. Think about how much everyone else will laugh if the kernel doesn't support 16,384 cpu's.13:37
jaegerI'm starting to feel inadequate with only 16 cores in this machine13:38
tilmani have two cores here you insensitive clod13:38
thrice`I wonder how fast that could kick out a crux iso :>13:39
jaegerI should try it13:39
jseHopefully you got a good excuse in case someone barges in and asks what's going on :p13:44
jseY'know, the usual computer voodoo, moving along, moving along. :>13:44
jaegernobody would ask, most likely13:45
jaegerI've got things building quite often13:45
jseBusiness as usual, nice.13:47
thrice`is there some plan to maybe punch out more-official-ish 64-bit stuff too for 2.7?13:49
tilmanwe didn't touch this topic13:50
jaegerI'd still love to see us start an official multilib13:50
tilmanit sucks that we have to make a decision wrt multilib or no multilib13:50
thrice`or, pure64 + multilib replacements13:50
tilmanmakes the damn matter so much more complicated13:51
jaegeryeah =/ but it would be nice to officially support13:52
tadzikwhy multilib, why not pure64?13:52
thrice`even if it used the overlay solution, and was very 'do it yourself'13:52
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jaegerI use wine enough that I need multilib... not everyone would14:00
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tilmanfrinnst: apparently the reboot problem is known at GST16:16
treachheat issue, uh.16:18
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frinnstthe reboots stopped when i connected it to a 100mbit switch instead of my trusty old 1gbit16:23
tilmantold you so!16:23
tilmangood to hear though :)16:23
tilmanfrinnst: so, on the guru we cannot reflash u-boot, right?16:24
tilmanbecause if that fails the thing is bricked16:24
tilmani have the jtag-board, but no other jtag-equipment that *might* be used to reflash things at a lower level16:24
frinnstyou should be able to reflash with a jtag board, just like with the sheeva16:27
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tilmanfrinnst: mmh.16:28
tilmanwill see16:28
tilmannow sleep.16:28
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