IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2010-05-22

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tilmanso, which linux filesystem for an SD card? are there ones that deal nicely with the built-in wear leveling of the cards?17:54
treachI thought the firmware dealt with that17:56
jaegerno idea here, haven't done the research on that yet17:57
treach(other than in special cases, like SD cards found in embedded devices etc)17:57
jaegerI run ext2 on the SD in my netbook just because it seemed like a good lightweight choice17:57
frinnstsomething like ext2 probably17:57
treachtilman: I don't think you have to deal with that crap, but turn off journaling. :P17:57
tilmani've read that the firmware is targetted at FAT18:03
tilmanie it is worthless/craptastic with everything else18:03
tilmanyeah, ext2 was the fs of choice in the past i think. i wondered whether btrfs or nilfs might work better :)18:04
tilmani guess i'll go with ext2 and see  whether it breaks horribly18:04
tilmanhave an 512mb card here... if that one dies i'll live :)18:05
treachat least size shouldn't be a problem then. :>18:16
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