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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: extremetuxracer: new port02:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: extremetuxracer: fix the url02:55
dru1dSorry not here ;]02:57
dru1dAny have crux on software raid? (mirroring)02:58
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entedejavu sans mono looks weird in my terminals on crux, any hints how I can make it look like it looked in arch?04:42
tilmanwe don't use arch04:54
tilmanso we need a screenshot04:54
tilmanat least04:54
entewell, it looked pretty much the same everywhere but on crux04:54
entewait, I'll search a screenshot04:54
prologicente, there's a reason for that04:55
prologicwe the crux community don't generally believe in applying patches (unless necessary or it fixes something) or modifying the source in any way shape or form (much) :)04:56
prologicit's likely archlinux has a different theme, some patched config/sources/whatever :)04:56
enteyes, I know... I think it's rather some weird font.conf04:56
enteI appreciate crux being vanilla04:56
prologicmy suggestion is to take the archlinux package's PKGBUILD04:56
prologicand convert it to a crux Pkgfile and port04:56
prologicand rebuild it yourself :)04:56
prologicincluding the deps that the archlinux package depends on04:57
entesure, that's what I do for most stuff04:57
entebut fonts are configured using some xml fuckup :/04:57
enteI don't think it's dejavu's fault but rather some config file04:58
tilmanhold on04:58
tilmanprologic might refer to the bytecode interpreter in freetype04:58
prologicout of my league :)04:59
prologicyou're the xorg expert tilman  :)04:59
tilmanit's not xorg, it's freetype04:59
enteoh, they have a bytecode interpreter?! what the fuck?!05:00
tilmanente: ^^^ try the freetype port from rho's repo. he enables the bti apparently05:00
tilman(bump version to 2.3.12 before!)05:00
tilmanente: it's just a guess05:00
tilmani'm using bitstream vera, and it looks good imo05:01
entetilman: dejavu on arch installs fontconfig file in /etc/fonts/conf.avail05:01
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entewhich actually comes from the package. wtf.05:05
enteit is included in the original source tarball, crux just seems not to install it05:05
tilmani seem to maintain dejava05:06
entewait, I fix it05:06
tilmanthese config snippets only become active when you symlink them in the conf.d directory05:07
enteI think that's what arch does in the install file05:10
tilmanwell, it's easy to try out05:10
enteno, it is exactly what they do :D05:11
entethat's their abs "port"05:12
entecan't we just make the symlinks inside the build()?05:15
tilmando the symlinks fix your uglyness problem?05:23
entehm.. not yet but I didn't run all that fc-cache stuff05:25
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entesomehow not. wtf now05:29
tilmanfreetype bytecode interpreter...05:29
enteI ran mkfontscale in the wrong path05:30
tilmanmkfontscale isn't needed these days05:30
tilmaniirc it is only used by serverside font rendering05:31
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tilmanbut freetype is used for client side rendering05:31
enteoh, ok05:31
enteI fucking hate this font crap, can't it be easier?05:32
tilmanwtf is the fucking problem05:33
tilmanswearing without giving the fucking details doesn't help05:33
enteI don't understand the whole way this works, that's all05:33
entelooks messy to me, sorry if it isn't05:34
tilman_what_ exactly don't you understand05:34
enteI also don't get why all fonts are in /usr/share/fonts/TTF and dejavu is in /usr/share/fonts/dejavu05:34
tilmansloppy work on our side05:34
tilmanlet's fix it for 2.705:34
tilmanvera is in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/TTF eg05:35
enteshould we make /usr/lib/X11/fonts/TTF the path for all fonts then?05:36
tilmanx itself is moving away from /usr/lib/X11/fonts05:36
tilmanto /usr/share/fonts05:36
enteah, okay05:36
tilmanwhich makes sense, because TTFs aren't arch-dependent05:36
tilmanso they aren't /lib material05:36
entewhat about manpages? /usr/share/man?05:38
enteI'll upgrade my ports in that case05:38
tilmannot yet05:38
tilman look at the numbers05:39
tilmanthere was a bug in your shell code05:39
tilmancheck whether the new symlinks in /etc/fonts/conf.d are actually pointing at the right files05:40
tilmanif you built from the Pkgfile that you pasted, they are wrong :p05:40
enteshit :D05:41
tilmanwhat's the deal with dejavu? looks exactly like vera05:41
entedoes it?05:41
tilmanwhat's your real name and email address?05:42
tadziktilman: are you using vera right now?05:42
tilmanwill commit your changes05:42
enteAlthough Vera itself covers only common punctuation and the Latin alphabet with some diacritics, its license allows others to make and distribute derivative works with some restrictions, and the DejaVu fonts project is expanding it with additional glyphs and styles.05:42
tilmantadzik: yes05:42
enteaccording to wikipedia05:42
tadziktilman: ąęśćóżź -- how does it look like?05:42
enteit's right dejavu has good unicode support05:42
tilmantadzik: i'm not using vera in terminals. + this irssi doesn't do utf805:42
entetilman: Moritz Wilhelmy, moritz plus crux at wzff dot de05:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: x11-fonts-dejavu: install and enable fontconfig snippets.05:45
tilmantadzik: got a webpage that has polish text where i can see the difference between vera and dejavu?05:45
tadziktilman: sure05:46
tilmandoes dejavu show _all_ characters in the Litery diakrytyzowane section?05:47
tilmanfor you i mean05:47
tilmani still have some of them "boxes" :)05:47
tadzikone moment05:48
tadzikI don't have such section05:48
tadzikah, this05:48
tilmanat the bottom, below Alfabet łaciński05:49
tilmanalfabet lacinski05:49
tadzikwell, some boxes there are05:49
tilmananyway, the page renders exactly the same as with vera05:49
tilmani can see no difference05:49
tilmanmy boxes look differently05:54
tilmanthey have the number of the codepoint in them05:54
entecool, I know both behaviours :D05:55
enteI think it still doesn't look the same..05:56
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entetilman: another thing...05:59
tilmanoh god05:59
entewhy don't we use \n instead of " " in prt-get quickdep05:59
entewould make it easier to grep -v ^gnome-05:59
tadzikthat's what depends is for06:00
tadzikquickdep is, well, for quickdep06:00
entefor instance if you want to ignore gnome deps prt-get install `prt-get quickdep foo | grep -v ^gnome-`06:00
enteI like dependencies, but I prefer a way to override them if they seem stupid without having to edit the ports06:01
entejust wondering in this case06:01
entesorry for bothering you :D06:04
enteanother questions, how should I call Tcl/Tk packages? tkimg? tk-img?06:09
tadzikwhy to call them?06:09
tadzikah, like p5-?06:09
tadzikmaybe just tcl-something?06:10
enteI want to package the Img package for Tcl/Tk06:10
tilmani think you're the first to package tcl stuff06:10
enteI wonder if there are any conventions on this06:10
entebtw, fix proposal for prt-get in this case by a friend of mine06:10
ente[13:09] < d0k> separator = isatty() ? ' ' : '\n';06:11
pedjaHas anyone built nvidia binary driver with kernel 2.6.34?06:11
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tilmanhi kmandla06:32
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claretilman: I have finally got X-windows in a machine using intel driver, this has been months.. and the clue was x-server 1.6 not 1.706:42
tilmanhi clare06:45
tilmanclare: can you paste your kernel config?06:45
claretilman: what happened was that I have been messing about for ages and tried lots of kernels and I started getting all these files together to put them on a website,06:47
clarebecause nothing at all made any sense. Then finally in despair I thought I will just try crux 2.6 original and it worked straight away;  So i have been fixing my ports etc so that06:49
clareports update will not change anything there. Probably by the time I have caught up with everything else you will have 2.7 ready.06:49
clareI used a recent kernel.06:50
tilmanclare: i'm wondering whether you enabled kernel support for the new intel driver (kernel mode setting, KMS)06:51
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claretilman: those windows are so new i dont have any browser in the machine yet. but this is about KMS06:58
clare#  grep KMS 20100516b06:59
clare# CONFIG_DRM_I915_KMS is not set06:59
tilmanchange it to: CONFIG_DRM_I915_KMS=y07:01
clareI had trouble with the kernel settings as they didnt always show in the make screens.07:01
clareI am pretty sure i tried to fix that 2nd one.07:02
tilmanyou could try to:07:02
tilman* change the kernel as suggested07:02
tilman* update xf86-video-intel07:02
tilman* dont upgrade xorg-server07:03
clareTHis is all backwards. I didnt touch the kernel today, just copied over what I had done  before into a  new 2.6 crux partition.07:04
clareIn a day or two, after i deal with Monday and Tuesday i might be keen enough to try again.  First i am going to repeat today's effort on the machine at work so I can get something done with it.07:05
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tilmanmoving pictures without flash07:49
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frinnstyes, witchcraft08:10
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thrice`   :O08:27
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thrice`mm, does google's pacman use flash?  how ironic :p09:14
tadzik1does it?09:19
thrice`for sound, I think09:20
enteI think it's plain js? o.O09:31
* frinnst used to have a hurd partition09:38
tilmanfirst not totally broken boot of crux on the guruplug09:53
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ente <- don't we already have that?10:18
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tilmanno, but thanks for the indirect reminder10:27
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tilmanwho's maintaining the port db atm?10:32
tilmanteK_: was it you who was helping out with ports db maintenance?10:32
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entewhat is that job about?10:35
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enteI think the md5sum for the sources of opt/lame changed10:58
tilmanif it did, please notify jue about it11:07
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tilmanbonus points if you send him a patch :)11:07
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entepatch? pkgmk -um :P11:08
enteno, it's a failure in my distfiles mirror11:10
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linopolusI just installed crux, with, and installed nvidia via prt-get depinst nvidia, set up the xorg.conf but X says that the nvidia module can't be loaded, cause it's not found14:09
dru1dI reboot the system, and X -configure.14:10
dru1dAll is ok after reboot.14:10
linopolusI rebooted already14:11
dru1dMhm, that help me.14:13
linopoluswith X -configure or without xorg.conf it uses the nv driver without 2d and 3d accerlation14:14
treachlinopolus: have you made doubleplus sure the driver got properly installed?14:15
linopolusI just typed prt-get nvidia and there was no error and it printed installed successfully14:15
tadzikwhat if you try 'modprobe nvidia'?14:16
tilmando we have nouveau in crux?14:16
tadzikdoesn't seem so14:16
Rotwanglinopolus: prt-get nvidia would probably return an error [;14:16
linopoluspgrep nvidia doesn't print anything14:16
tadzikno suprise14:16
linopolusso it's not properly installed?14:16
tadzikit's not a process14:17
tadzikhow about modprobe nvidia?14:17
linopolusmodule nvidia not found14:17
tilmanRotwang: aren't you in wroclaw?14:17
tadziksee :)14:17
Rotwangtilman: yes, I am14:17
tadzikoh, Rotwang. Mind updating ncdu?14:17
RotwangMy street is not flooded tho14:17
linopolusah rivafb activated.14:18
tilmanRotwang: ... k14:18
tilmanwait waht?14:18
tilmanyou shouldn't enable the framebuffer thing with the proprietary nvidia driver14:18
linopolusI know14:19
linopolusi thought I haven't14:19
linopolusI thought that prt-get didn't throw any error, too. I must be a little confused today :D14:19
Rotwangtadzik: I've got few ports awaiting in queque to update [;14:20
Rotwangncdu is one of them14:20
Rotwangqueue* [;14:21
tadzikisn't this word funny? :)14:21
Rotwanga "queue"?14:22
Rotwanghopefuly this time there won't be any water shortages like 13 years ago14:24
linopolusworks :)14:24
Rotwangcalled "great flood"14:24
tilmani have beer shortage :(14:28
Rotwangthats worse [;14:29
dru1dRotwang: Im in the Crisis Group \o/14:32
treachquickly then, get tilman more beer. :>14:35
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tilmanis it just me or are tcp_wrappers kind of useless when we have proper firewalls?14:49
linopolusI just generated the locale, but where do I set it?14:50
tilmanassuming you're using bash :)14:51
linopolusuntil I install zsh, I do :D14:52
treachtilman: not really surprising since tcpwrappers are ancient. :p14:52
entelolopolus <314:52
tilmani guess they are nice when you're _not_ using iptables14:54
treachwell, there *was* no iptables/ipchains back then. :>14:54
tilmanyeah, i know14:55
tilmani mean it's to be able to only allow incoming ssh connections from specific hosts when you have no real firewall (ie iptables) running14:55
treachyes, or subnets etc.14:56
treachbut once you start using iptables and friends it's just another cause of errors. :/14:56
treach... at least IMO, maybe someone else have use for it. Usually the only time I see it is when I wonder why ssh won't work, only to realize that hostdeny is set to everyone and everything. :>14:58
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tilmantreach: yes, exactly. i fought tftpd for hours until i realized i had to put the name 'in.tftpd' in hosts.allow instead of tftpd (ie daemon name vs protocol name)15:00
jseTime to consider removing it then?15:01
* treach won't shed any tears but bets it would still cause an uproar. :>15:03
jseI don't think it would be overly missed because it's likelier to create an initial problem than solve anything.15:07
jse(at least if reading manuals is not high on your lists :>)15:07
thrice`lol, revert 'revert' in core_x86_64.git  :p15:07
* thrice` slaps frinnst 15:07
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tilmandunno, as i just said it has its uses...15:08
tilmansorry for butchering the language here15:08
thrice`we do have to patch it quite a bit :(15:09
thrice`'gcc-3.4.patch'  :o15:10
* thrice` votes axe!!15:14
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tilmanprologic: do you remember what caused you to stop trying to make our rc scripts dash-compatible?15:18
tilmanprologic: iirc you hit some major problem, but i don't remember which one15:18
thrice`will we get some new pkgutils release? :)15:22
tilmanplaying with guruplug interferes with me pushing out patches though15:24
treachno gigabit problems? :p15:24
thrice`oh, I thought all patches were pushed :)15:24
tilmanany rp-pppoe users in here btw? i suspect ppp itself can speak pppoe these days. who knows about this?15:24
tilmantreach: i hooked it up to an 10/100mbit switch15:25
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teK_tilman: no, not really15:31
thrice`is nipuL_ gone? :(15:32
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teK_on hiatus, iirc.15:32
tilmanprobably busy with his studies (hope so :)15:33
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thrice`in the event one has a nipuL_ port that could benefit from a bump (maybe for 2.7), would it be OK to open a bug + patch for someone to push? :)15:55
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thrice`ok, wasn't sure if it'd be helpful, or annoying :)15:56
teK_yes and no15:56
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teK_anyone willing to give (esp. downloading) contrib/fortune a try?16:22
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frinnstteK_: ahh, sourceforge16:32
frinnstresults in a 404 for me16:32
frinnstfor fortune_big.zip16:33
thrice`same :(16:40
tilmanppp contains pppoe-stuff since 200116:44
tilmanSwitch to using RoaringPenguin-based PPPOE plugin"16:44
teK_thx for testing16:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: fortune: replace broken mirror16:45
thrice`mm, does libnotify do anything for FF outside of gnome ?16:50
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treachisn't that what pop up the notifications about updated plugins etc?16:51
thrice`not sure, since we --disable installer/updater16:52
frinnstlet me know if you manage to build without it :)16:53
thrice`looks like --disable-libnotify to mozconfig might work16:54
thrice`i'm trying to find more about what it actually does16:54
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teK_@seen sepen17:32
clbteK_: sepen was last seen in #crux 1 week, 3 days, 4 hours, 20 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <sepen> bbl17:32
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linopolusteK_: thanks :)22:50
linopolusfor fortune22:50
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