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linopolusHow does prt-get resolve the dependencies?00:03
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linopolusIs it possible to set version to LATEST or similar things for devel packages?00:25
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pitillogood morning01:02
linopolusmoin pitillo01:03
prologictilman, I hit no major problem at all actually01:13
prologicI just lost the damn work :/01:13
prologicand I can't get virtualbox compiled :(01:13
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linopolusHow do I generate the .footprint?01:26
frinnstits automagically created if its missing01:29
frinnstyou can update it with pkgmk -uf01:29
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linopolusDoes anyone have a chromium port/package ?01:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: imagemagick: update to 6.6.1-1003:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lvm2: update to 1.02.6603:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.4703:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: whois: update to 5.0.503:07
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: iptables: update to 1.4.803:07
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.4803:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: udev: whitespace fix.03:47
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: pkg-config: updated to 0.24.03:47
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tilmanyou set LANG? in CRUX? a system that says has no NLS support?06:03
linopolusset it to en_US.utf8 ^^06:03
linopolusso it's en, if set or not06:03
tilmani think setting LC_CTYPE will suffice06:04
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linopolus I have a problem. imlib2 doesn't want to build :(09:46
thrice`do you have xorg installed yet?  looks like a missing header09:47
linopolusyes xorg is installed09:48
thrice`i'm at work, and not on CRUX currently, but looks like a missing dep possibly; does 'prt-get fsearch shape.h'  return anything ?09:48
RotwangFound in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-libxcb:09:49
RotwangFound in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-libxext:09:49
linopolusboth xorg related matches are installed according to isinst09:51
Rotwanglinopolus: show us the logs09:51
thrice`they are above ;)09:52
linopolushm must shut down: thunderstorm…09:53
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Rotwangmake sure there is10:21
Rotwangdoes it exist?10:22
Rotwanglinopolus: ^10:22
linopolusso rebuild?10:23
Rotwangthat means something is not installed [;10:23
Rotwangmake sure xorg-libxext10:23
Rotwangis installed10:23
thrice`and up-to-date.  some headers might have changed packages10:24
thrice`prt-get diff  is your friend there :)10:24
linopolusI'm rebuilding it :)10:24
linopolusdidn't make a complete prt-get sysup til now. tonight it will be. don't want to rebuild gcc while using the PC :D10:25
linopolusseems to work now10:26
thrice`you can also 'prt-get lock gcc'  for awhile ;)10:29
thrice`I think I still have it locked for the 4.4.4 update10:29
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linopolusthats also a possibility…10:30
linopolusimlib2 built10:31
linopolusbut now tint2 don't wants :D10:31
linopolusI think I'll sysup first10:31
linopolushow can I see what needs to be updated?10:32
linopolusports -d?10:32
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linopolus2.7 needs to come :D such a huge amount of updates since 2.6…10:34
thrice`:)  jaeger makes some updated isos on occassion, too10:34
thrice`usually a new release revolves around a toolchain update, eg gcc 4.5 is now out, so it's about time :)10:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: asterisk: Workaround for bug in which asterisk doesn't change startup dir.10:39
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RotwangI lold12:09
prologicseen that12:49
prologicit's funny :)12:49
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linopolusprt-get: updating /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-libxxf86dga13:32
linopolus=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:13:32
linopolusMISSING   368837d3d7a4d3b4f70be48383e3544e  libXxf86dga-1.1.1.tar.bz213:32
linopolusNEW       73a3e2ba15433f79a6badf85223786f4  libXxf86dga-1.1.1.tar.bz213:32
linopolusmaybe the maintainer had something ddone wrong?13:32
tadzikmaybe wget have done something wrong?13:33
thrice`or they changed tarballs secretly :(13:33
linopolushm thats possible, too :D13:33
linopolusI'll download it again :D13:33
enteor your distfiles mirror did?13:33
thrice`you can try to -im  to see if it builds, or re-download13:33
thrice`linopolus, you seem to be catching on pretty quick :)13:34
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linopolusthrice`: ok you was right… :)13:45
thrice`corrupt download, or new tarball?13:50
linopolusno idea :)13:51
linopoluscorrupt download13:51
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entetilman: Dejavu still looks different14:04
entenow I finally have a screenshot since X works again14:05
enteit used to look like this:
entesorry for bothering you again, but the way it looks un crux is ugly :/14:12
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linopolusit's the other way round :D the way it looks in crux is much nicer I guess :)14:13
thrice`you didn't used a patched cairo or something in arch?14:14
* ente wonders what cairo is14:15
linopolusente: it's just my taste. (like ruby ;)14:15
linopoluscairo is a graphics lib14:15
entelinopolus: I consider it ugly14:16
entelinopolus: the letters are much bigger14:16
* thrice` waits14:16
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thrice`I think your first screenshot looks nice too, fwiw14:16
entethe letters are bigger and I wonder why14:17
entethey look a bit rounder and clearer in the second one14:17
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thrice`wow, the timeline is packed with action today \o/14:18
entemeh, adjusting the Fontpath in /etc/X11/xorg.conf didn't help14:19
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linopoluslast time I had such a problem, I changed the font( terminus -> dejavu sans mono ) :D14:20
entethis is supposed to be dejavu sans mono14:21
enteas you can see, the font is not blurred14:22
enteand much smaller14:22
entemy eyes are good14:22
enteand I hate blurred fonts14:22
enteI just want things to look normal14:22
thrice`I still use terminus, I hate to admit :(14:23
jseente: fonts in xorg ftw... They never seem to look the same going from system to system.14:24
entejse: weird thing is, they look the same on arch and ubuntu14:24
entethrice`: I used to use proggyfonts, but they lack unicode14:24
thrice`I use a quite invasive patch on cairo, myself :(14:25
thrice`from ubuntu iirc14:25
entedoes urxvt even make use of cairo?14:27
thrice`   specifically14:27
tadzikente: I don't think so14:27
entewhich means it can't be cairo in this case14:27
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entebytecode.patch  freetype-2.2.1-enable-valid.patch  freetype-2.2.1-memcpy-fix.patch  freetype-2.3.0-enable-spr.patch  freetype2.install  PKGBUILD14:31
* ente copies the arch patches14:31
* thrice` twitches14:32
tadzikwhat is the arch philosophy again? "Vanilla packages, no patches"?14:34
tadzikI remember when they refused to patch openssl due to that14:34
entewasn't that the slackware philosophy?14:37
entetadzik: what were they supposed to patch at openssl?14:37
tadzikente: to fix some mcabber issues, iirc14:38
entefreetype-2.2.1-memcpy-fix.patch <- that actually sounds like something you want :D14:38
linopolusarch wants bugs to be fixed in upstream, but not like a philosophy. the arch philosophy was KISS ^^14:39
thrice`freetype is now MANY version beyond 2.2.1 - if it were wanted, surely it'd be applied by now? ;)14:39
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jsethrice`: it's historic patch, man!14:41
jse+ a14:41
entewhy is it there then14:41
entearch is so bleeeeeeeding edge focused14:41
treachmaybe sidoux is a better choice then. :p14:41
jseHeh. They also stick to their design and packaging philosophies ;)14:41
thrice`perhaps the arch dev couldn't figure out vim to change it14:41
enteI'm glad I'm switching away from arch14:42
thrice`never used it myself, only heard of a few complaints about their devs :(  seems like a nice idea for a distro though14:42
treachevery now and then discontent ex-archers tend to pop in here.. :>14:43
linopolusI'm ex-archer, too(since yesterday :D)14:44
tadziktreach: true :)14:44
thrice`later linopolus :>14:44
tilmanit's night, not neight14:44
treachwe used to get a lot of ex-slackware people, now it's arch. "the times are a-changing", I guess. :/14:46
thrice`I was a slackware user before crux.  I remember that my only challenge was learning to compile a kernel :(14:47
entewhy can't that font shit be easier? I don't even know where to look14:48
enteany hints?14:49
entefreetype doesn't seem the right place14:49
thrice`and you don't have any ~/.fonts.conf  or ~/.fontconfig  cuasing havoc?14:49
entetriple checked14:49
tilmanwhat's the problem now?14:50
entetilman: still the same, dejavu looks ugly :P14:50
ente[21:05] < ente>
ente[21:06] < ente> it used to look like this:
enteI made X work again and took screenshots14:50
tilmandejavu in a terminal o_O14:51
enteyes, what else?14:51
tilmanthe one i use14:51
tilmanente: the first shot looks better imo14:52
treachterminus ftw!14:52
tilmanthe second is blurry as hell14:52
thrice`we said the same ;)14:52
linopolusme too14:52
tilmanente: did you tell fontconfig to _not_ use hinting for small point sizes?14:52
tilmanthis looks like 8pt14:52
enteit's 10pt14:52
entethe second one looks smaller though14:53
enteI don't even know how to tell fontconfig anything :/14:53
tilmanln -s font.avail/blah font.d14:53
entefonts under X11 look like a whole single big mess14:53
enteyes, these are present14:54
enteI also changed to the bytecode version14:54
tilmanwell, i'm sorry14:54
tilmani'm not a font blurrification expert14:54
tilmantry smooth, it's awesome14:55
treachno, awesome isn't smooth. :p14:55
enteI need a font that doesn't give me headache14:55
enteand dejavu sans mono does in this config14:55
treachffs, get on with the program and just use terminus or some other font that is designed to look at all day, and doesn't look like crap.14:56
enteI used to use proggyfonts, but they don't have many unicode characters which makes everything look.... interesting if you have unicode14:56
thrice`mm, smooth looks nice14:56
enteyes, proggyclean14:56
entethanks for the tip with smooth though14:56
tilmanthrice`: ... and you can even use it with fontconfig these days14:56
tilmanno server side font rendering needed for pcfs anymore14:57
thrice`mm, jue has a port too ;)14:58
tilmanhis seems saner14:58
enteand I *hope* it's not me this time15:01
thrice`I wish I had learned to program.  I can't even follow what the prt-get commits do15:04
tilmanit's not too late15:05
tilmanalso: c++ is messed up15:05
thrice`even my girlfriend knows basic these days :(15:06
tilman10 PRINT HAHA15:06
tilman20 GOTO 1015:06
entedoesn't line 10 miss some ""?15:06
thrice`and since, visual basic :)  so, 'click on 20' ? :)15:06
tilmannot in tilmanbasic15:06
enteyuck, basic15:07
tilmanthrice`: go learn python15:07
tilmanor, while you're unspoiled:
thrice`I think C might actually have some job enhancements for me, but not sure a scripting language would15:08
tilmana scripting language might better suited to wet your appetite and get you started15:08
tadziktilman: looks a bit like why's guide to ruby15:10
* treach thinks the language itself is a minor point. Tying the damned thing together is the problem.15:10
tilmanalso first FAQ item15:10
thrice`I think the only time I would use such a tool, is for designing some controls platform, and writing code to plop it onto a circuit board too15:11
thrice`mm, i'll just stick to things that move15:11
treachtilman: also, IMO c++ isn't that bad,
enteoh yes15:13
enteand I have a project deadline in a week >.<15:13
thrice`CRUX's fonts is your current roadblock ? :)15:13
thrice` are*15:13
enteyes, somehow15:13
teK_Haskell is not awesome :x15:14
enteI need a way to write code without headache15:14
entefont is one thing, java is another15:14
enteI can't work around java though :/15:14
tilmancan clang compile the kernel yet? :p15:22
thrice`clang/llvm's goal is to replace gcc, or?15:24
thrice`sorry, 'an alternative to'15:24
tilmanon mac os :p15:24
thrice`and bsd, no?15:24
tilmani meant the people being payed to work on it15:25
tilmanbut they aren't all from apple i think15:25
thrice`oh, I see15:26
tilmanlooks retty good15:26
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Guest39975I need helo17:11
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jaegerand patience17:12
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jaegerGuest39975: give more info about the problem17:13
Guest39975I was wondering if there was anybody...17:13
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Guest39975Well, I just installed CRUX 2.5 . When I boot, I get this error : "Kernel Panic : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on17:14
Guest39975I recompiled to kernel 3 times, but I could never get this error disapear.17:14
jaegerUsually that messages means your filesystem or disk controller driver didn't get built into the kernel or were built as modules17:14
Guest39975Thus, I have few questions...17:14
Guest39975that's what I think too... I must select the wrong options...17:15
jaegermake sure they're builtin <*> instead of modules <M>17:15
Guest39975My proccessor is AMD Athlon II X4 630 Quad-Core. In the make menuconfig, what is the type?17:15
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Guest39975I did check for M and *...17:16
Guest39975Ok, I think i checked this one.17:17
jaegeranother helpful thing is that you can run 'lspci -k' and look at the lines that say either "Kernel driver in use" or "Kernel modules"17:17
jaegerto get a good idea of what kernel selections you need17:18
Guest39975Then, what folder should I choose at this line : cp arch/xyz/boot/bzImage17:18
Guest39975Is it i386? x86?17:18
jaegeri386 and x86 should be the same these days17:19
jaegerit would only matter if you were on 64-bit, you'd use x86_64 instead17:19
Guest39975I am 64-bit (on Windows), but I have to download the 64-bit iso.17:19
jaegerIf you're using the regular CRUX ISO, it's 32-bit17:20
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Guest39975Is there a difference between 2.5 and 2.6? I mean, would changing to 2.6 solve my problem? I guess not.17:21
jaegerThere are differences but in this case the problem isn't with the release, it's a kernel configuration17:21
Guest39975Also, for the filesystem type, can I only select the filesystem I'm using (ext3) ?17:22
jaegerUsually, yes. If you know you won't need to access other filesystems17:23
Guest39975Okay. Is ext4 available on 2.6?17:23
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jaegerIt might be, I don't remember which kernel version ext4 was added in17:24
Guest39975I printed the 2.5 CRUX manual (about 6 months ago) and it doesn't talk about ext4... Was wondering if ext4 was available as stable and not experimental in 2.617:25
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jaegerWell, you could compile a newer kernel source than what comes with 2.6 if you need to17:26
jaegeror 2.5, for that matter17:26
jaegerNot sure about the fs tools, though17:26
Guest39975Yep, ext4 was added in 2.6 (I looked in the manual)17:26
Guest39975Oh, before I forget! Could lilo be the cause?17:27
Guest39975I mean i am using an external drive to install CR<3X..17:27
Guest39975The drive letter is usually /dev/sdbx on CRUX, but for lilo, is it sdb? (on archlinux, was sdf...) . Is there a generic way of describing disk (like uiid)?17:28
jaegerYou're installing to the external drive?17:29
Guest39975Yes. Windows is internal, linux external17:30
jaegerIt will depend on what other support you put in the kernel. If other disk devices show up before it to the kernel, it could be labeled later than sdb, etc.17:30
jaegerI've got to go for now, will be back in a few hours. Hopefully you get it sorted out17:30
Guest39975Thanks for everything.17:31
Guest39975is there anybody else in the IRC?17:31
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prologicI haven't been following conversation though17:37
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