IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-05-25

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pitillogood morning01:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: golang: removed05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: di: updated to 4.2405:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ati: removed05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: flock: updated to 2.5.605:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: inadyn-mt: updated 02.18.2405:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.6.1105:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: subversion-python: updated to 1.6.1105:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: svn2cl: updated to 0.1205:09
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linopolusI have a problem with 3  port updates:07:19
linopoluscore        gcc                 4.4.4-1   4.4.1-107:19
linopolusxorg        xorg-server         1.8.1-1   1.6.3-107:19
linopolusxorg        xorg-xf86-video-nv  2.1.17-1  2.1.14-107:19
linopolus xorg-xf86-video-nv07:21
linopolusI think that this are syntax errors in the header?07:22
linopolus xorg-server07:27
linopolusalso syntax?07:27
linopolus gcc. thats a download error, I'll try again07:29
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linopolusIf I need a patch for a port, where should it be?07:48
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thrice`curious, does 'prt-get depends xorg-server'  show any missing deps ?07:50
pitillolinopolus: prt-get update -fr xorg-libxres && prt-get update xorg-server (have you tried rebuilding libxres?)08:00
entelinopolus: the gcc thing is the cranky redhat server08:05
entelinopolus: you could try putting08:06
enteinto /etc/pkgmk.conf08:06
entealso works nicely around these broken mirrors for me08:06
linopolusfor sf I made an entry in /etc/hosts08:08
linopolusso. gpodder port + depends ready, testing :)08:09
linopolusbuilds :)08:10
linopolusI should start to use screens in tmux, it's getting confusing :D08:13
entelinopolus: hm?08:13
linopolusso many windows in tmux :D08:13
ente:new-session :P08:13
linopolussplitted :D08:19
linopolusnow I can chat and work at the same time :D08:19
linopolushm no08:19
linopoluspretty shit. with screen I can have one screen attached 2 times and view different windows. with tmux not08:20
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linopolus Can anybody test if it works?08:57
pitillolinopolus: it seems to work09:04
linopolusemail sent!09:07
tadzikgot anything interesting in there?09:07
linopolusa podcast client09:08
linopolusand musca09:09
* ente adds linoports09:12
ente <- btw, I also have one :D09:13
linopolusI know09:13
tadzikente: why yet another ncmpcpp?09:13
tadzikand xclip?09:13
entedidn't see the other one09:13
linopolusbtw xorg-server is built now.09:13
* ente purges09:14
tadzikah, it's maybe because cruxpl was down for some time (:09:14
tadzikmy bad09:14
linopolusthx @ pitillo09:14
linopolusthere's a polish community site but not a german one? :o09:14
pitillolinopolus: you are welcome09:14
tadziklinopolus: hi-ha :)09:15
tadzikbtw, I'm not sure if there's a site09:15
linopolusmaybe in a half year, when I have a vserver…09:15
thrice`that's because crux is lead by Germans already :p09:15
tadzik :D09:19
linopoluslooks not like crux :D09:19
ente :P09:19
ente=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.09:23
entehmmm :)09:23
tadzikno way :)09:23
tadzikoh, and you'll have to update md5sum yourself09:24
tadzikfrom the obvious reason09:24
entetadzik: there is no LATEST anymore09:24
ente <- look for yourself09:24
tadzikI've updated it like yesterday09:24
tadzikyou're right09:24
enteok. wtf09:24
enteuse date? :P09:25
linopolusis there a chromium daily port?09:25
linopolusI searched yesterday, but found nothing09:25
tadziknah, I'll just use a plain ol' version :)09:25
entenow there is a latest again09:26
tadziksome movements on their build server probably09:27
tadzikanyway, as I say, pkgmk -um relies on you :)09:28
entetadzik: latest is a  bad version number though...09:29
tadzikwell, otherwise it'd be always outdated09:29
tadzikso I choose this way09:29
enteyeah. ok :D09:30
enteit wants to create symlinks in /usr/share/chromium09:31
tadzikdoes it?09:31
entethat's rather interesting since I actually would like to run it as user09:31
tadzikit messes with $PKG only09:31
tadzikI'm building ports with fakeroot too09:31
enteno, I mean if I invoke /usr/bin/chromium09:32
tadzikthat's weird really09:32
enteindeed :)09:32
tadzikby the way, you're missing nss09:32
tadzikaren't you?09:32
tadzikanyway, it shouldn't be like ths09:33
tadzikmaybe they've messed with chrome-wrapper or something09:34
tadzikwill update in a sec09:34
enteno, I have nss installed...09:34
tadzikhow about running sh -c /usr/share/chromium/chrome-wrapper?09:35
tadzikloos like it makes symlinks only if you're missing some libs09:36
enteI'm not missing anything09:36
tadzikhang on a sec09:37
tadzikI'll update my chromium and see if it does something nasty09:37
enteshould we think about bumping opt/lua 5.1.2 -> 5.1.4?09:47
thrice`perhaps if you pester tilman enough :>09:49
enteI think I already pestered tilman enough :D09:49
enteI don't want to be a pain in the ass09:50
thrice`i'm sure if you did a git checkout of opt.git, updated, and made a nice git format-patch, it'd make him happier ;)09:50
entehmm :)09:51
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sepenlinopolus, ping10:00
sepenlinopolus, I received your mail about a new port repository, thanks for contribute, I'll try to get it working for tonight10:01
sepen*at night10:01
sepenalso I'll review contents before adding it so do not sing victory :D10:02
linopolusI checked, too so I'm shure you can't find things not working :p10:03
thrice`thta's what you think ;)10:04
sepenlinopolus, is not a valid URL10:08
enteyuck, lua build system is awful :D10:08
linopolusI should add rsync://?10:09
sepenlinopolus, read the registering page Root URL (e.g.
sepenlinopolus, rsync? ok10:10
tadzikente: chromium runs just fine for me10:12
tadzikjust updated10:12
sepenit was google-chrome on my repo10:13
tadzikit's chromium in mine10:13
sepenchromium is the opensource comunity10:13
sepengoogle-chrome is the browser from this comunity10:13
tadzikchromium is a browser without google branding all around10:14
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sepenhi jue10:14
tadzikente: what is ldd /usr/share/chromium/chrome showing?10:17
entethere's stuff which is not found10:19
enteoh, it's linked against gconf10:19
* ente uninstalls10:20
entegconf is a must NOT have10:20
sepentadzik, did you see my perl trick for google-chrome?10:22
sepenmaybe its similar10:22
Zabasomebody should get to patch chromium to not use gconf/dbus10:22
Zabait doesn't use that for a lot of things, so should be qutie easy10:23
Zabaquite, even10:23
tadziksepen: nah10:23
tadzikchrome-wrapper just works, no need to sed/perl/whatever the binary10:23
ZabaIIRC, it just uses gconf as one possible source of proxy configuration10:23
Zabaso it's likely isolated to, like, one source and one header file, or something10:24
Zababut the giant C++ code base and a weird buildsystem have always scared me off10:25
sepentadzik, I'm developing extensions for google-chrome so I'm sure it worked fine here ;D10:25
tadziksure it does :) Yet it's not needed imho10:26
linopolusZaba: the problem is, that nobody wants to build chromium itself(it takes around 4h here ^^), so everybody uses the daily builds, and patching them is not trivial :)10:26
ZabaI used to start chromium with an empty .c file compiled into a .so and called after libgconf-wossname and some other libs like the dbus one, and it worked.  But that's been a while ago.10:27
Zabaand I *mean* a while10:27
sepenlinopolus, could you recode your files to ASCII and fixed some maintainer lines?10:30
linopolusthe ü is not good?10:30
sepen$ grep -i maintainer musca/Pkgfile10:32
sepen# Maintainer:10:32
linopolusok sry only checked if it runs after building :)10:33
linopolushow do I recode it to ascii? shouldn't UTF8 be compatible, so I only need to eliminate all non Ascii chars?10:33
sepenlinopolus, and Pkgfiles should be coded in ascii10:33
tadziklinopolus: I hate this too10:35
sepenthis would help -> $ sudo prt-get depinst recode; man recode10:35
Zabaor use iconv, which you likely already have10:36
sepeniirc Viper had the same problem in the past10:36
linopolusin arch every PKGBUILD is unicode :)10:36
sepenwell it was just a note10:37
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juelinopolus: in CRUX every Pkgfile has to be ASCII :)10:39
entesucks :P10:41
* ente is glad his name is encodable in plain ASCII ;>10:42
jueente: forcing everyone to use UTF8 sucks ;)10:45
enteI don't see any advantages of different encodings10:46
thrice`ascii will work everywhere :)10:46
entepeople should stop using anything besides UTF-810:47
enteit is discrimination against >50% of all languages10:47
tadzikI doubt that it's only >5010:48
joacimyeah, and crux should stop removing locales10:48
entenothing against removing locales10:48
thrice`I think provide en_US by default at least :>10:48
entejoacim: english ASCII can be perfectly embedded into uft810:49
enteso what's the problem?10:49
joacimI like the idea that every Pkgfile have to be ASCII, not everyone can use UTF8 on their system/network due to some legacy stuff they for some reason need to do something very important10:50
enteany examples?10:51
enteimo everything should be converted to UTF-8 ASAP10:51
linopolusI'd like to write my name in the Pkgfile like I spell it :) __with__ ü10:52
ente__with__ __python__10:52
entebtw, Müller is short for Mülleimer *hide* :D10:53
linopolusbtf, ente is the word for shit in my new language10:56
linopolusand n0nsense is a synonym10:56
entelino means molester and polus means child :>10:58
linopolusby the fuck10:59
linopolus*linopolus just thought about it*10:59
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tadzikhmm. You guys came from Arch, right? Is it getting worse and worse, or what made you come here?11:51
tadzikwhat's happening over there?11:52
enteoh, and I realised pacman is a piece of crap while reading it's sourcecode11:52
entelibrary fuckups, mostly11:52
entepacman is linked against openssl 0.9.8, but they put 1.0.0 in the repos11:52
enteand packages are often not very well-tested when they come from testing in one of the critical repos11:52
entemeaning: they overwrite stuff in /etc11:52
thrice`'if it builds, push it?'11:53
enteand pacman can only disable that for single files11:53
enteyeah, like that I guess11:53
entealthough they need approval of 3 devs11:53
enteto come from testing to core or extra, but that still doesn't mean things are fucked up11:53
enteand it gets more and more ubuntu-esque while sacrificing it's holy KISS attempt11:54
entearch could be a good distro if it followed it's philosophy11:54
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jseOuch. Three devs required, ok, sounds like a great idea but if everyone is a classic yes-person, run for your life.11:55
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bdfyFalcon| Hi!11:55
entejse: yes, plus they are driven by "zomg, package has been in testing for 3 days now, MUST APPROVE QUICKLY NOW!!! BLEEEEDING EDGE!!!" mentality11:57
jseThe polar opposite of debian for instance ;>11:58
tadzikeh, I hate it11:58
tadzik2 bluez in ports, all outdatd11:58
tadzikbdfy: your geeqie is 1) outdated 2) duplicating the cruxpl one11:59
frinnstpersonal repos are free-for-all12:01
frinnstanything goes :)12:01
entesame for rlwrap12:01
tadzikyeah, but duplicates are a pain in you-know-where anyway12:01
enteduplicating jue12:01
frinnstwhy? do you subscribe to all repos?12:01
tadzikanyway, how about updating bluez for 2.7? contrib one is old12:01
tadzikno. They're painful when you're looking for something12:02
tadzikso you just check every single one and choose the least outdated12:02
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tadzikoh, bdfy, your weechat's also outdated!12:03
frinnstwell, true. but sometimes they are configured differently. or deliberately kept back at a cetrain version for whatever strange reason the maintainer have12:03
tadzikwell, for the different configuration case I think it's madness to publish it to your public repo12:04
tadzikI want my mutt without pop, so I keep it in my /ports/local, not polluting portdb and making mess there12:04
tadzik(besides, I still think dialog based configurator would be a nice thing to attach to ports like this)12:05
tadzik(like 'make config' in BSDs)12:05
enteisn't CRUX supposed to be KISS?12:08
enteI think about hacking something like that together though12:09
frinnsthmm, 2TB drives are pretty cheap now12:10
jsetadzik: it's a decent idea because some ports have plenty of features which a certain set of users wants or doesn't.12:12
tadzikjse: shame I don't know how to implement it :)12:12
jseNothing is stopping you from implementing the idea. Getting support from the devs is another matter altogether ;)12:12
enteI know how12:13
jsegentoo? /me ducks.12:13
enteadding possible options with a description as a comment and make the frontend parse the comment and alter the port12:13
enteusing dialog(1) and sed -i to enable stuff12:13
ente./configure --foo \12:14
ente  --bar12:14
ente# --blub : moep12:14
enteor something :P12:14
enteyou could as well just go and use gentoo :)12:16
jsefootprints can differ based on what you enable, or you could simply do the hardcore thing and coldly ignore them ;)12:16
enteyes, but footprints can differ even if you don't disable anything12:17
entefor instance python enables Tk depending on if it is available or not12:17
enteand I did install it, but whoever made the footprint didn't :P12:17
jseI thought there was a patch somewhere which changed the behavior of pkgmk to only complain if something was missing from the footprint.12:20
juejse: next version of pkgutils will have a --ignore-new option12:21
tadzikhey, is there anyone who does not ignore footprints?12:35
tadzikIt must be helllike12:35
* thrice` does not ignore them :(12:35
frinnsti dont. and im on x86_6412:35
tadzikI'm still waiting for skype to support x6412:36
frinnstoh, i just lied. "prt-get" is currently an alias for "prt-get -if" :)12:36
juehmm, blindly ignoring all kind of foootprint errors seems to be a bit insane12:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libpth: port taken from Simon12:54
frinnstbut when im using prt-get i (hopefully) know what im doing :)12:55
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tadzikthis not warning about new ones sounds sane12:59
tilmanente: did you want us to add a repo?12:59
tilmanente: just saw somebody else added it13:02
tilmanwho added ente's repo? (
thrice`sepen i think13:02
thrice`mm, rolling release crux eh?  eenteresting13:03
tilmandunno, just logged in13:03
tilmanwait what?13:03
thrice`a post on the ML :>13:04
tadzikwell, one can just pkgadd all the core packages from the new release and rebuild 'em if he likes, no?13:04
thrice`of course :>  neat idea though13:05
thrice`in a 'why not?' kind of regard13:05
tilmanwhich mail is that?13:05
thrice`I guess releases help trim packages and such, and are a good thing13:06
teK_it sucks if you don't have remote access to the machine. period.13:07
thrice`and impliment not-so-fun migrations of software updates13:07
tilmanthrice`: ah okay13:07
tilmanthrice`: i wanted to kill that thread because the OP's idea was so silly ;D13:07
tilmancrux has always had semi-rolling releases btw13:07
* teK_ imagines a wheel cut in its half13:08
tilmani'm imagining a wheel that has a slight bump at one degree position13:08
tilmanmy point is: we update *lots* of shit all the time13:08
juebut some updates cannot be done in sane manner without binary packages13:09
juee.g. the gmp update13:10
tilmanmight if you quote that in my response?13:10
tilmanmmh, oh well13:10
teK_you still can/should roll those ISOs13:10
thrice`yeah, I think we have the best of both worlds13:11
teK_rolling releases++13:11
tilmanteK_: what's your proposal?13:11
thrice`though, I do like eg. gentoo's 'install once, and you're done' policy13:11
tilmanrebooting to test new udev13:12
teK_a official guide to upgrade the installation from ISO (read: tested)13:12
linopolusguide? what guide? are there any guides?13:13
linopolusshort: the docs are a pain :)13:13
teK_handbook != pain13:13
linopolusthe handbook is good, :)13:14
tilmanteK_: i thought you thought that upgrade-via-iso is the opposite of a rolling release13:14
linopolusbut eg see the Pkgfile making guide.13:14
linopolusIt's a bunch oft question marks :)13:14
linopolusfor me13:14
teK_I simply do not want to have to boot from the ISO and do things13:14
tilmanokay, i get it13:15
teK_that's rolling for me :)13:15
tilmanfor most people, the "rolling" thing refers to: prt-get sysup13:15
thrice`me too, pkgadd -u is nice.  might not be possible for 2.7 though ?13:15
tadziklinopolus: is it?13:16
teK_tilman: I think this'd be kinda hackish / more difficult to realize (compared to the current strategy)13:16
juethrice`: you mean pkgadding the packages from the ISO?13:16
linopolustadzik: i did understand it cause I knew how to make PKGBUILDS for arch, otherwise I had had to ask ^^13:17
thrice`jue, right, isn't openssl going to cause damage or so?13:17
tadziklinopolus: the simplicity of writing Pkgfiles was what amazed me when I was back on gentoo :)13:17
teK_tadzik: it comes at a certain price13:17
linopolusI never understand how to write ebuilds…13:17
juethrice`: no, tilman removed the dep to openssl ;)13:17
tilmanare you talking about xorg-server?13:18
tilmanwhat openssl dependency?13:18
thrice`libarchive i thought, I see it now13:18
tilmanaaah, right13:19
tilmani remember13:19
thrice`sorry, my fault :>  that will help indeed13:20
tilmanwould anyone volunteer to test udev before i commit it? it worked for me (incl firmware loading :D)13:22
tadzikteK_: of course. But it works well and is simple13:25
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tadzikoh wow13:36
tadzikandroid was actually running with this previous one?13:36
treachpitillo: what's wrong with vbox 3.2? ;)13:36
thrice`meaning the device never gets memtested?13:38
thrice`eek, oops.  ok, what does that do, then? :p13:39
teK_The memset() function shall copy c (converted to an unsigned char) into each of the first n bytes of the object pointed to by s.13:39
linopolusah äh… yes, of course :)13:40
tilmanthe android one always set the memory to zero13:40
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thrice`the devices wouldn't even power on then,  would they?13:41
tilmanmemset isn't used to reset the devices's whole ram13:41
thrice`ooh, I re-read teK_'s explanation - I see ow13:42
tilmanthrice`: when you allocate a bunch of bytes using malloc, that memory isn't initialized for you. it might still contain values that some other process put in there13:42
pitillotreach: hello, I tried it (and sepen was working on that version) and there is a problem with pam13:42
teK_THIS IS C(eeeeee)13:42
pitillotreach: if you have something there follow the thread13:43
teK_tilman: testing udev13:43
linopolusruby > java, C++ > C. got it? :)13:43
teK_linopolus: +113:43
treachpitillo: no, sorry, I was just curious why you were still messing with the 3.1 stuff.13:43
linopolusente: I'm right, right?13:43
teK_btw: what about adding to pkgadd.conf to ignore updates for it?13:46;13:46
teK_or is it already in it?13:46
pitillotreach: because I couldn't build 3.1.6 and 3.1.8 and poked sepen and told me he was working on 3.2.0 (3.1.8 builded fine for him)13:46
treachpitillo: okay.13:47
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teK_% udevd --version                                                                                                                                                                                                             :(13:48
teK_those STUPID sick FUCKS called GNU Nazis:13:49
teK_% udevd -v13:49
teK_udevd: invalid option -- 'v'13:49
tilmancalling random crap nazi is childish, inconsiderate, offending and probably other things13:49
tilmanthanks for testing though13:50
tadzikis againt gnu philosophy to support this short options?13:50
treachtry "authoritarian totalitarians" instead. :>13:50
teK_swearing is okay if it's politically correct? *g*13:50
tilmando i have to blame seinfeld for this?13:50
tilman(soup nazi...)13:50
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: udev: updated to 156.13:51
tilmanoh, fedora 1313:52
treachsorry, it's a reflex. :p13:53
ente[20:46] < treach>;13:53
linopolusfedora sucks cause rpm sucks13:53
entelinopolus: yes, pretty much everything is > java13:54
enteI'd love to write ruby instead13:54
linopolusand the second statement? *hide*13:54
treachrpm have nothing to do with it, it works just as well as any other binary packages.13:54
linopolusrpm is sooooo slooooow :(13:55
tilmandpkg is sloooooow, too13:55
linopolusbut not as slow as rpm13:55
entecrux ports are so faaaaaaaaaaaaast13:55
treachlinopolus: how about you getting a clue what you're talking about before mouthing off?13:56
enteI'm always amazed about dep resolution being so quick13:56
tilmandpkg offers infinitely more features than pkgutils13:56
linopolustreach: that's a big problem, I agree!13:56
entelinopolus: C++ > C, yes. in any way. bigger, rather hard to be linked statically, uglier (C isn't beautiful either)13:57
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enteI think both C and C++ have their niche13:57
teK_well if the niche has the size of a fairly large city: yes13:58
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* treach thinks, with his admittedly small amount of experience that C++ is what you make of it, and that it's not like all C code is the pinnacle of readability either.13:59
linopolusC is as pretty as the embedded ruby code :D14:00
enteyes, but C++ is rather cumbersome and hard to parse14:00
tilmantoo bad rails spoiled ruby14:01
linopolusrails is great14:01
tilmanand brought in all those apple fanboys *shivers*14:01
entea friend of mine told me that it takes him 7 minutes to parse a single C++ file14:01
tilmanthat statement doesn't make sense to me14:01
Rotwangit takes second for my g++14:01
treachente: heard of the "obfuscated c code contest"? :>14:02
linopolusI can put the cpomplete  Qt code in one file, and it takes me much longer :)14:02
entetreach: sure :>14:02
enteRotwang: depends on the complexity of the code.14:03
Rotwangente: really?14:03
Rotwangdidn't know that14:03
entelinopolus: it was more like... complexity of the syntax.14:03
linopolusof course14:03
enteyou can do funny things with C++ though14:03
tadzikit's like s/// to me :)14:06
Rotwanghaha Unix ftw14:09
ente  Concurrent Euclid14:10
ente    You shoot yourself in somebody else's foot.14:10
RotwangWindows95    d:\setup14:12
treachluckily zsh won't let you do the unix version without confirmation. :>14:12
treachI think bash is fixed now, but used to go up via .. too if you did that (!)14:13
Rotwanghow fixed?14:14
treachRotwang: if you dare you can try if it works.. I *think* it didn't work anymore last time I tried it in a vm.14:14
Rotwangbash doesnt ask you silly questions like "do you want ro remove /?"14:14
tadzikhah, vm is a good place for base14:15
tadzik* bash14:15
Rotwangtreach: but what youre talking about?14:15
Rotwangrm * ?14:15
treachthat would mean ../* too in the past.14:15
treach(Yep, I got bitten by that.)14:15
Rotwangim looking for some stuff on mathematical recursion14:18
Rotwangunfortunatelly can't find anything interesting on google :C14:18
Rotwangbut in general14:20
tadzikI had some nice classes about recrsion recently14:22
tadziknot as trivial as I thought it'd be14:22
Rotwangdiscrete mathematics is weird14:22
teK_math is14:22
Rotwangmath is14:25
tadzikmuscle pain is14:25
Rotwangnvm, forget my last line [;14:25
tilmannot sure what you're after...14:26
tadzikjust complaining at nothing in particular14:26
tilmani meant Rotwang's quest for recursion inf14:27
Rotwangstuff like:
tadzikoh gosh14:28
treachhint: tinyurl. :>14:28
tilmani hear is all the rage now14:28
tilmanpeople even use it where thye wouldn't have to!14:28
* treach eyes with some suspicion. "Hey, it's even got a "Pro" section."14:30
treachlol, integrates with twitter and facebook. why am I not surprised. :D14:32
tilmani'm trying to cross-compile gcc (somewhat manually)14:32
tilmanFUN FUN FUN14:32
teK_I tried this once or twice, too...14:34
treachthe joys of embedded development \o/14:34
Rotwangguys from #math sent me to google -__-14:34
tilmanpitillo came up with a working script to build a cross compiler + glibc but i'd love to have proper crux packages for it14:34
Rotwangbut most stuff about recursion on google I found is about recursion in programming :c14:35
teK_what are you trying to do?14:35
treachcreate a loop that looks for info about recursion, apparently. :>14:36
tilmanRotwang: try "sequence", "series" and "progression"14:36
teK_and the obvious: to understand recursion, you have to understand recursion.14:37
Rotwang(21:37:25) Quendus: Rotwang: try searching for "recurrence relation"14:39
Rotwangthat helped [;14:39
entemath is
Rotwangnot funny :vc14:40
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frinnstzomg. new release of ffmpeg14:45
*** llanero has quit IRC14:52
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pitillotilman: yeah, sepen and me are working on it, cross compiled ports work fine (there are some). A good point to learn a bit more and really interesting15:23
tilmani'm talking about ports for the cross compiler itself15:24
*** tnut1 has joined #crux15:24
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pitilloah sorry, I understood another thing. That's another thing, but sepen is really busy with a project and we couldn't go ahead with that too15:26
tilmanthat's fine, i'm not blaming you :)15:26
pitilloatm making more tests, and with your help I think we'll improve it15:27
pitilloyeah I know tilman :)15:27
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trisquelLucid on g4 cube?23:09
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