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tilmangood, cause i didn't really get the question :>00:45
trisquellucid is ubuntu 10.0400:46
trisquelturns out it needed video=ofonly on boot line00:46
trisquelnow to tweak xorg for 1024x76800:47
pitillogood morning01:03
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entetweaking ubuntu is a pain in the ass01:52
* ente is glad he was allowed to install freebsd on the new mailserver01:52
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thrice`    :O06:59
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* frinnst clones the git repo08:39
thrice`not sure if it works, 2.12 isn't due for another month or something09:00
frinnstnope, black screen and no keyboard input :)09:11
thrice`hm, wonder how he did those tests then ;)09:12
frinnstim sure you CAN get it to work09:12
frinnstbut im lazy :)09:12
frinnsttime to test build5 of ffox 3.6.409:13
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linopolusanyone running xorg-server 1.8?12:59
enteI was, but it sucked so I switched back13:05
thrice`I am at home, linopolus - works well :)(13:06
entealthough I might think about it again in combination with nouveau13:06
linopolusneither X -configure nor a minimal config does help. It doesn't recognize my mouse and keyboard13:06
enteI hate the idea of throwing my old graphics card away, just because it is old13:06
entelinopolus: same for me13:07
entelinopolus: another reason why I switched back13:07
linopolusnvidia driver and this stuff worked well with the older versions13:07
ente1.7.x worked ootb13:07
* ente is lazy13:07
linopolusand no xorg.conf says can't load driver nv13:07
entemhi_: :>13:07
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linopolusI'll downgrade, too :(13:08
linopolusany libs I have to downgrade?13:09
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thrice`linopolus, mouse and keyboard will work by themselves without a xorg.conf - it uses udev + the evdev driver13:10
linopolusAnd how do I downgrade, anyway13:10
linopolusevdev? doesn't know if it's installed :D13:11
thrice`so, you should just add an /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-nvidia.conf  or something for your nvidia card13:11
linopolusin which just the device section is?13:11
thrice`I think so (but don't use nvidia, so can't name specifics :( )  Just something to tell X to use the nvidia driver13:12
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linopolusyeah. I used such a xorg.conf with HAL, so I have one already :)13:12
linopoluskbd and mouse doesn't work.13:14
linopolusI'll try to uninstall the drivers :D13:14
thrice`is evdev installed + recompiled for 1.8 ?13:14
linopolushm not recompiled.13:15
thrice`so, no xorg.conf + 1.8 + evdev  should work out of the box13:15
linopolusmy gentoo time was too long ago..13:15
thrice`:>  drivers require rebuilding for major x-server version bumps13:15
thrice`should say something about ABI mis-match or so in the logs13:16
linopolusI know.13:16
linopolusor better: I knew :)13:16
thrice`I'd at least try that before down-grading.  x-server 1.8 is actually pretty cool13:17
linopolushm didn't help :(13:17
thrice`are you in a place to pastebin (contrib/wgetpaste might help) your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?13:17
linopolusI'll use my own pastebin + client :D13:19
linopolusI can recommend it to everyone!!!13:19
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thrice`mm, that's odd :(  do you have a /usr/share/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf ?13:23
frinnstwow, how did you manage that?13:23
thrice` /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/13:23
linopolusah /usr/share/foo. sry read /etc/foo :D13:24
linopoluslet me look13:24
linopolusI have this file :D13:24
frinnst.. is evdev installed and enabled in the kernel?13:24
thrice`might be kernel related13:24
linopolusah fu.13:24
linopolusI said: my gentoo time is long time ago13:24
linopolusi had this problem.13:25
linopoluswith the kernel13:25
* linopolus loves / in menuconfig13:25
linopolusbtw how do I update the kernel? prt-get sysup doesn't load the new sources :)13:26
thrice`no, a port for the kernel is lame :p  we just do it on our own13:26
frinnstCONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV needs to be set13:27
linopolusI know13:27
linopolusthrice`: ok, so just download the sources on
thrice`sure :)13:27
thrice`the installer plopped some sources in /usr/src/ for use during install13:28
linopolusI know :D13:28
frinnstyou can use ketchup for managing kernel sources13:28
frinnstalthough i have no idea how it works since ive never used it13:28
frinnstketchup is in contrib13:29
linopolusI like it how gentoo it does. emerge $foo-sources downloads it to /usr/src, symlinks(if USE is set) /usr/src/linux to the new sources, and you can do :)13:29
* linopolus reboots..13:29
thrice`I prefer to do it at my leisure in ~ :)13:30
frinnstme too13:30
frinnstalthough i still use /usr/src for some reason13:31
frinnstits in my spine :)13:31
frinnstbtw, has anybody tried nouveau?13:32
linopolusit's nice, but I can't use it cause of games :)13:33
linopolusand that time I used KDE :D13:33
linopolusI recompiled kernel with evdev, but /dev/input/eventFOO isn't there. Do I need to update udev too?13:33
thrice`bbl, time for meetings :(   good luck13:34
frinnstno input stuff in dmesg?13:37
frinnstis the module loaded?13:37
linopolusonly stuff that devices are found, and I compiled it without module.13:40
linopolusstatically or however to call it13:40
frinnstwhats the hardware thats not working? keyboard and mouse?13:41
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linopolusstandard PS/2 kbd, and usb/wireless mouse13:42
* linopolus back soon13:42
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* linopolus back13:50
linopolusanother idea?13:51
linopolusthe problem is evdev, not Xorg, as we see.13:51
linopolusI'll try updating udev, and then downgrade13:53
linopolusso. how do I downgrade? ^^13:58
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linopolushm I guess I know14:01
linopolusI have to dl the port from git?14:01
linopolus(or svn or whatever)14:01
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linopolusanyboy still here? *hide*14:29
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