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pitillogood morning01:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: dhcpcd: update to 5.2.305:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: iproute2: update 2.6.3405:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: prt-get: update to 5.1805:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: xz: update to 4.999.9beta-124-gb637-105:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: virtualbox: fixed 1.3.8 compilation (thanks James and Victor)05:17
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thrice`prt-get update \o/07:32
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linopolusthrice`: another idea?08:13
linopolus@all: moin :)08:13
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linopolusthrice`: the problem is definitely evdev related. I haven't /dev/input/eventX08:51
linopolusbut it's in kernel08:52
linopolusand not module, so it's loaded08:52
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linopolushi jdolan09:01
linopolusdo you have knowledge about evdev?09:03
jdolani was a maintainer for CRUX in 2005 :)09:04
jdolanfor some reason i'm still op'ed here.09:04
linopoluskick someone without a reason and I'm shure someone will deop you :D09:05
jdolanwhat if i kick jaeger ?09:09
jdolansee that would be funny09:09
jdolansome CRUX history; jaeger and i both attended CRUXCon 2004 and 200509:10
jdolan(i actually hosted CRUXCon 2005)09:10
jdolanand jaeger slept on my couch for a week.09:10
jdolanpli, jaeger, jdolan09:13
jdolan(pli is the guy who started CRUX)09:13
linopolusI wished I could see this photo..09:13
jdolanoh you can't?  stupid fb.09:13
linopolusbut the xorg-server downgrade is still not finished :D09:13
linopolusöh still don't know how to view imgs with framebuffer :D09:14
jdolanoh, lol.09:14
linopolusbuilding it third time :D09:15
linopolusfirst forgot -im, then I forgot -if ^^09:15
linopolushm would be sensefull if I install the mouse and keyboard driver, too ^^09:18
linopolusa food chain: small fish -> midlle big fish -> big fish -> BP09:32
teK_linopolus: have you tried fim?09:40
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Zabalinopolus, fbi from fbida can let you view images on fb09:53
teK_fim is based on fbi, iirc.09:54
Zabaseems to be so09:54
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linopolusteK_: I'd like more to see evdev running :D10:08
linopolusbut I'll keep fim in mind ^^10:08
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spaceninjaI think something is wrong with prt-get when it's about to "pkgadd" the compiled package10:32
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thrice`with the new package, or?10:38
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spaceninjathink so11:13
thrice`spaceninja, what are you seeing, exactly?  have you run rejmerge too?11:21
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spaceninjaI get this when I for example install lua
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spaceninja/usr/ports/opt/lua/lua#5.1.2-1.pkg.tar.gz exist, and I can manually install it with pkgadd11:32
spaceninjaand I've just runned rejmerge, maybe I should restart the computer?11:33
thrice`sorry, i haven't been home yet to attempt updating prt-get :(11:38
spaceninjaok, I'll watch some ghost in the shell meawhile :)11:40
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pedjaI reverted prt-get to 5.16, and that pkgadd error goes away.13:22
RotwangI've personally freezed system updates atm13:26
Rotwangno time to play around13:26
thrice`guess I will hold off on the prt-get update too13:34
Rotwangcould someone tell me what letter this is?13:38
Rotwangjust looked it up in unicode table [;13:39
Rotwangfrinnst: thx13:39
frinnstunicode ftw13:40
RotwangteK_: wow!13:42
Rotwangvery nice, thanks13:42
teK_you're welcome13:42
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: prt-get: default to gz compression.14:34
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linopolusIs there completion for the Zsh? I've seen bash-completion-crux but not for zsh14:56
teK_a friend of mine wrote one for prt-get14:58
linopolusfucking -.-14:58
tilmanzsh has tab completino for lots of programs built in14:58
tilmanno separate package needed14:58
linopolusIO error. not only is bad -.-14:58
teK_not for prt-get.14:58
* linopolus extends his /etc/hosts entry…14:59
teK_yeah and while you're at it punch theofflineimap devs for not mentioning the current stable version of their program on the website..15:02
linopolusofflineimap sucks :(15:03
teK_setting it up right now15:03
enteis there a package filling /etc/ssl up?15:03
enteca-certificates etc?15:04
tilmanmy /etc/ssl is tiny15:04
teK_ pkginfo -o /etc/ssl ; sudo grep -I certificates /etc/**/*15:05
tadzikteK_: got this completion somewhere?15:05
teK_I can ask him15:05
tadzikI'd be glad15:05
entebtw, is flaveur semi-official?15:10
Rotwangente: why do you think so? [; flaveur is 3rd party repo15:11
enteI don't know15:12
teK_why does offlineimap suck, linopolus15:25
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spaceninjahi, got another problem. I ran rejmerge and just updated everything, but now my fonts are not working in x, tried to reinstall the vera font, didn't work, is there anything else I can do?15:59
spaceninjasomething about pango, I'll try recompiling it16:10
spaceninjaxorg error output
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entewhat about symlinking /usr/share/man to /usr/man?19:25
enteinstead of migrating?19:25
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llaneroente: yea lfs does that21:10
entellanero: nah, I was talking about making /usr/share/man a symlink to /usr/man instead of switching to /usr/share/man for 2.721:12
llaneroente: i know21:12
thrice`slackware does this too21:12
llaneroente: lfs does that too instead of "repackaging"21:13
llaneroits source based so doesnt really apply21:13
llaneroie refactoring Pkgfiles to use /usr/share/man ....21:13
enteyup, slackware is the reason I asked :P21:13
enteI'm setting it up on my netbook right now21:13
entechoice is somewhat limited if you want a KISS distro21:13
entealthough slackware seems a bit dirty21:14
entecompared to crux21:14
llaneromeh crux and slackware dont have declarative makefiles...21:14
llaneroif you want to see simple look at a openbsd makefile21:14
llaneroPROG=ls \n <include>21:15
llanerothats it21:15
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enteI know21:17
entellanero: you can use pkgsrc on slackware21:17
enteI didn't bother trying it yet though21:18
llaneroente: yes it works21:19
llaneroente: i have it in arch21:20
llaneroente: messed me up the 1st time because the man pages get added automatically to mandb :)21:20
llanerosince it was in ~ it overrid the gnu man pages21:20
entellanero: you have it on arch? awesome!21:22
enteI should do that21:22
enteon my server21:22
entesince pacman sucks ass21:22
thrice`you run arch on a server?21:22
entewhat else am I supposed to use?21:23
llaneroente: just download it and cd ./bootstrap; ./bootstrap21:23
entellanero: :)21:24
llaneroinstalls netbsd make (bmake)21:24
entethrice`: I actually thought arch was an acceptable distro when I did it21:24
enteI didn't know what to use21:24
entearch is a good compromise between KISS and the number of packages it offers and maintainability (I think upgrading slackware for instance will be a lot harder)21:25
entebut yes, too unstable for servers21:25
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llanerothe only distros with nice declarative makefiles are gobolinux and draco21:34
llaneroand they both suck for other reasons21:34
llanerotbh slackware's makepkg is horrible21:34
llaneropatrick is such a hack that he didnt merge tukaani makepkg21:34
llanerothrice`: vim `type -p makepkg`21:41
thrice`i'm very familiar with makepkg on slackware21:41
llanerothrice`: cat $package | $packagecompression -dc | dd 2> $TMP/tmpsize$$ | $TAR tf - 1> $TMP/tmplist$$ 2> /dev/null21:44
llanerono patrick: $packagecompression -dc < $package | dd 2> $TMP/tmpsize$$ | $TAR tf - 1> $TMP/tmplist$$ 2> /dev/null21:44
llanerouseless use of cat21:45
llanerowhy didnt he merge tukaani pkgtools21:45
thrice`because he didn't want to?  it's his distro21:45
llanerobut his code sucks21:45
thrice`yes, your'e right; you are much wiser than the one of the first linux distribution developers21:46
thrice`installpkg  works just perfectly21:46
llanerothen why is he using cat there21:46
llanerofirst sign that the guy writing doesnt know how things work21:46
thrice`have you used slackware?  it's one of the most stable and robust distros available21:46
llaneroi rather look at the source and laugh my ass off21:47
thrice`'doesn't know how things work" is about as retarded a statement as you could invent21:47
llanerosomeone posts that on freebsd mailing list21:48
llaneroand they get banned21:48
llaneroor they should21:48
thrice`it's quote obvious you are an arch user ;)21:49
llanerobut i post code21:49
llaneroyou say but but ... hes the first :p21:49
thrice`ok, and what does your code improve?21:50
thrice`a millisecond response to package installation?21:50
llanerothats not all...21:52
llanerohave you seen tukaani makepkg?21:52
thrice`and you really should drop your cocky / "I know more than everyone" attitude, it's quite boring21:52
llaneromeh youre getting ofended in behalf of #slack so i quit :p21:53
thrice`the only thing the tukanni project touched in makepkg was permission setting21:53
thrice`I've only used slackware for 7 years though, so you probably know more from reading a few flame posts or so21:54 623:24
linopolusCan anyone tell me how to build policykit? It wants to load a file which returns 40423:39
linopolusthe file is downloaded in the Makefile, not via source=()23:39
tilmanyuck :)23:39
llanerolol :)23:44
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