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pitillogood morning01:44
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deus_exWill 2.7 (WhenItIsDone[tm]) be released in both i686 and 64bit flavors, or is 64bit postponed for later?10:00
entegood question, I'd like to know that too10:01
deus_exWhat is the status of, like i586 port?10:02
enteI personally don't own any x86_64 machines, so it doesn't matter for me, but I think now that 64 bit machines are rather widespread, we could focus on getting CRUX64 to an official state10:02
thrice`deus_ex,kinda; the 64-bit repos are done on's git repos10:03
deus_exI have a 64bit machine, and I am patiently waiting for Crux64 :)10:03
thrice`one problem is deciding if pure 64 of multi-lib is the best way10:03
tadzikyou mean or?10:06
deus_exthrice`: multi-lib is having both 32bit and 64bit libs installed side by side, right?10:06
jaegerand in the case of a source-based distribution, being able to compile both10:07
thrice`yes, 'or' sorry :)10:07
enteotoh, what advantages does having x86_64 have/10:07
thrice`I personally think starting with pure, and then maybe having some "conversion" packages available would be nice10:08
enteyou rather don't have any programs using more than 4 GB ram, am I right?10:08
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thrice`ente, it's generally faster10:08
entethrice`: well, then...10:09
tadzikusing 686 is like wasting instructions10:09
tadziklike compiling everything for i38610:09
tadzik(like debian does)10:09
entetrue again10:09
tadzikFunny that ubuntu does it too10:10
entetadzik: I hope you have -msse2 and -march set in your pkgmk.conf :P10:10
tadzikI wonder who on earth with a cpu older than Pentium Pro would use modern ubuntu10:10
tadzikente: march=native, yes10:10
tadzikdoesn't it include sse2 somehow?10:10
entehm, probably10:11
tadzikthat'd make sense10:11
enteotherwise I'd point and laugh at you :P10:11
entefor the wasting instructions comment10:11
tadzikwell, that's be stupid I guess :P(10:12
enteyes :D10:12
entebut thanks. didn't know native10:13
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tadzikI could even use sse4.110:14
tadzikI wonder if native knows this10:14
tadziklooks like it turns it on10:15
tadzikhaha, what a game of words10:16
enteI have some old pentium 410:16
tadzik<march-native> sse4.1 turns me on!10:16
tadzikbah, another way around ;)10:16
entetadzik: so, native turns sse4.1 on?10:16
tadzikente: depends on your cpy10:16
tadziklook at grep sse /proc/cpuinfo10:17
tadzikit probably takes info from ther10:17
entewell, I guessed so since the gcc manpage says that native is the best optimization level for the architecture of the compiling machine10:17
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entesse2, as already said :)10:17
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frinnstdamn, lots of stuff broke with python 2.714:44
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entefrinnst: what do you expect? :)14:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: qemu-kvm: 0.12.3 -> 0.12.415:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dsniff: make it compile again15:53
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thrice`sounds nice :p16:15
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entesomeone could maybe also bump the version of lua from 5.0.2 to 5.0.416:23
teK_now dsniff works on x86_64, too.16:24
teK_someone? Tilman? ;)16:24
enteyes :D16:24
enteit's released since 22 Aug 2008 according to their website :D16:26
entetheir makefile is more than strange though16:28
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tilmanteK_: oh, thanks16:40
teK_ln -s teK/credits ente/credits16:42
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enteI already tried porting it to 5.1.4 but I somehow failed17:18
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