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pitillogood morning01:10
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tadzikah, I missed jue14:27
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Kyle__Hi.  I just installed Crux for the first time in several years.  I seem to be having lilo issues.  I can boot my install using the CD via CRUX root=/dev/sda1 fine, but lilo keeps on complaining that No filesystem could mount root.17:26
teK_newer kernels display available partitions17:29
teK_did you include the S-ATA/IDE support required? what about the FS support?17:29
Kyle__teK_: XFS is the required fs, I'm fairly sure I included the s-ata/ide support.  I get the same results with the kernel off of the install cd, as I do with mine.17:33
teK_what does it exactly say? unknown-fs?17:34
Kyle__Errr, I didn't include anything from "Advanced partition selection"  Do I need to include anything from there?17:34
Kyle__teK_: I dont' think it said that, I think it was more like, no partition found.17:34
Kyle__(I booted off the CD again to edit lilo.conf/the kernel)17:35
teK_advanced partition? nope17:36
Kyle__OK, didn't think so.  Ooh.  Hu.17:37
prologiccorrect lilo config, partition bootable, fs driver included, disk driver included17:37
Kyle__I don't think you can have the sata drivers as a module when you boot from sata... Heh, that's probably the problem.17:38
prologicit must be included17:38
prologichit Y instead of M17:38
Kyle__Yea.  Thankfully it's quick to build the replacement.17:38
thrice`Kyle__, = Kyle_S ?17:38
Kyle__thrice`: Why yes, it is.17:39
Kyle__Well, at least that was my nic a long long time ago.17:39
Kyle__Someone elese registered it now..17:39
prologicI remember Kyle_S too :)17:40
prologicwb buddy17:40
Kyle__Been a very long time, I know.17:40
thrice`I used to be a slackware user a long while ago too (still use it, I guess), but you were the person to teach me about crux awhile back :>17:41
Kyle__thrice`: And now I've headed back to it, as I need to roll a special purpose distro for the first time in many many years!17:43
Kyle__I remember.17:43
thrice`fun :>17:44
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Kyle__And hopefully fruitfull.  I cleveryly pitched the idea at the start of my new job, and now, umm, well it's the focus of it.17:45
prologicwhat are your goals ?17:45
prologicand nice con btw :)17:45
prologicwish I could do that in a job interview :)17:45
Kyle__Right now I've got two PC labs, they ran XP pro up until I started.  I hate XP (and windows in general, though Iknow how to use /admin it).  I wanted to replace them with linux labs, but some users won't be comfortable with it.17:46
Kyle__So the PCS will run linux, and be used as virtualization stations.17:47
prologicnot happy because of the ui ?17:47
prologicor not happy not being able to run windows apps ?17:48
Kyle__People who don't know/want linux, can happily play with a VM of windows...that forgets everything each boot, so it won't get hosed up.17:48
Kyle__prologic: Both.  Well, mostly because they're affraid of change / heard windows was the future in 1995.17:48
prologicwindows is the past17:48
prologicbut anyway17:48
prologicyou've heard of xpde right ?17:48
prologicand ofc there's wine17:48
Kyle__prologic: is that the custom kernel+userspace that boots up into wine?17:49
prologicno no17:49
prologicxpde is an xp look-alike desktop environment17:49
prologicfor those that fear change :)17:50
Kyle__Ah.  Ehh, this way works better.  I give them exactly what they want, and the VMs will effecively be read-only (though they'll get read write on their personal files), so my lab can never become a virus-haven.17:50
prologicsounds good17:51
Kyle__Sweet, I _do_ remember my ports commands!17:51
prologicusing virtualbox or vmware ?17:51
Kyle__prologic: We have a license for VMWare (I work at auniversity), and I'm goign to make a POC with both...but I'm leaning towards virtualbox.  For one thing you can teleport any VBox vms.  For VMWare you need expensive server versions for that.17:52
prologicI have no experience with commercial versions of vmware17:52
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prologicbut certainly vmware workstation and server products (the freely available ones)17:53
prologicand virtualbox is great - my preferred choice these days17:53
Kyle__prologic: I've got experience with both.  Frankly, I think VMWare is goign to be nearly dead in 5 years.  Too much free stuff is as good or better, in performance, ease of use, user experience, etc.17:54
prologicoh I couldn't agree more17:55
prologicand vmware uses oss anyway17:55
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prologicthey were just one of the first really to go commercial with virtualization17:56
Kyle__prologic: At my last job we actually stuck with VMWare-server, not ESX, but server.  We tried ESX, used it for awhile in parallel, and well.... It didnt' provide much speed improvement over their free-sever, and it was painfully harder to manage vs a lean CentOS box+VMWare-server.  So their own free, sits-on-top-of-linux version was a better fit for a 500M$/year company than their enterprise version.17:57
Kyle__That's a big problem for them.17:57
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thrice`you use crux on those workstations, Kyle__ ?17:58
thrice`er, the lab mentioned above17:58
prologicKyle__, yeah I couldn't agree more17:58
prologicI don't even think Sun make much money off vmware these days tbh17:58
Kyle__thrice`: here?  Maybe.  I'm designing it now.  I've got until late July to have a working-but ugly, and late August to polish it up.17:59
Kyle__For the summer classes I just installed ubuntu, because it's frankly the prettiest, most pointy-clicky desktop you can put a windows user infront of.18:00
prologicI'd go with crux dude :)18:00
prologicand just pkgsync everything you need across all workstations18:00
thrice`oh, nice18:00
prologicit could be setup in a matter of minutes once you have an ideal workstation environment setup and built18:00
prologicyou know ... it's only gnome and pretty custom themes that make ubuntu pretty :)18:01
Kyle__prologic: I may well do that. pkgsync is new to me (remember, it's been 4+years!)18:01
prologic+ some custom apps18:01
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prologicactually I take that back18:01
prologicthere is pkg-get I know18:01
Kyle__prologic: I think it's more that they have nearly frickin everything in apt.  Not built like I want it, not the latest greatest, but they have it.  They's alot of power to it.18:01
prologicgod damn18:02
prologicwhere the hell is pkg-get18:02
prologicwell yes debian/ubuntu do have over 13,000 packages of utter crap :)18:03
prologicbut who's counting :)18:03
prologicteK_, no there's a prt-get counterpart that works with binary packages18:03
prologicgood for clusters/labs18:03
Kyle__Very neat.18:03
Kyle__OK, I've gotta go guys.  It's past 6 which means I can leave :)18:03
prologicpkgsync is there18:04
prologicno idea what the hell happened to pkg-get though18:04
prologicunless my memory is just shot18:04
Kyle__Drat.  It's been too long since I've used irssi... can't recall how to save a log anymore.18:04
prologic/log save ?18:05
prologicjust guessing :018:05
prologicx-Chat ftw :)18:05
teK_help log suggests: no.18:06
Kyle__Lemmei go see what I've saved in my attempts sofar...18:06
teK_loggin in irssi is strange.18:06
thrice` /rawlog save log18:06
thrice`i think :)18:06
prologicI was close :)18:06
Kyle__Sweet, that did it.18:06
Kyle__Thanks thrice` .18:07
prologicscreen ftw :)18:07
Kyle__I managed to open a log, but it didn't have the history.  Aweseome.18:07
Kyle__Right.  Later all18:07
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* prologic is planning on building a 12-16 node cluster with crux running on all nodes (including the controlling node)18:38
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